My second and third Shampoo and Set

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Over the next 2 months we seemed very busy with stuff and there was no chance for me to indulge my passion with another salon visit.  One evening I was feeling particularly tired and said to Jenny, we need a holiday.   She agreed and suggested we get away somewhere up north, 2 days later and she had booked a B & B for the week after next.  She then suggested “why don’t you book in with Sharon for a cut on the Friday evening before we go on holiday” and I duly rang Sharon for and booked in.

All week I kept thinking I should have asked for another set but knew I would have to go home on the bus with this wavy style and of course did not want to be seen in public.   I also thought that going away on holiday with curls might draw some looks in a small village.  I tried to put the idea out of my mind but I so wanted to enjoy that wonderful experience again.   Arriving at 5pm, the salon was empty and after I took my seat Sharon suggested cutting in a few layers but keeping most of the length.  She asked if I would like it washed and I smiled and said yes please.   It felt more like a wonderful head massage than a wash so I was very relaxed by the time I returned to the chair.  After cutting for about 30 minutes Sharon put down her scissors and asked if I would like my hair blow dried.   Here was my chance to ask for a set but I timidly said “yes please”.   She then said “Jenny called me today and mentioned you are going away on holiday tomorrow and that you might like another set”.   My face reddened with embarrassment and I guess Jenny had anticipated my reluctance as Sharon then said “Jenny also said she will pick you up afterwards”.     My desires overruled my caution and I stuttered slightly as I said “yes please”.    Sharon asked  “Would you like something a bit different this time, it’s always nice to go on holiday with a new look”.   I felt a bit more adventurous now and I said “I’m happy with whatever you decide”.    She explained that the layers she cut in would help my hair hold the set and give it more volume.  “I’ll use smaller rollers and a different setting pattern this time to give you a style that is quite popular at the moment.  I assumed that “popular” meant she was giving this style to a number of her female clients.  25 minutes later and a cute pink hair net was again being tied over my rollers.  The dryer was pulled down and I dwelled in the sheer bliss of it all for 45 mins.   As she untied my hairnet Sharon said “lets turn you away from the mirror so you only see the end result, is that ok?”  I sat there quietly enjoying the feeling of rollers being removed, the comb out and delicate adjustment of my fresh curls.  I was in dream world as she put down the comb and turned my chair back to the mirror.  Sharon showed me the new curls from every angle and my smile got bigger and bigger.   No “surfer type” loose waves, this time it was small curls in a defined pattern which was a more obvious feminine style and I adored it.  She then held up her can of spray and asked if I would like the finishing touch to my new “do”?   I only ask because you looked terrified as I sprayed you last time.  I nodded and relaxed while I was enveloped in this lovely fem scent that would hold my curls in place for several days.   As I paid, I said “I love the new style and hope Jenny will too”.   Sharon responded “you have lovely hair and your face shape suits the volume and curl.  Some of my clients would be envious of your hair and it’s good to see a young man with a nice style.  Have a lovely holiday and I hope to see you again soon.   I waited outside self consciously for about 5 mins before Jen arrived in her car.   She seemed very pleased with my new “Do”.  As we approached home I asked,  “do you think this style is a bit feminine” and she replied “not at all, it suits you, as did the wavy curls before.”  At home I kept checking my hair in the mirror  and patting it lightly to feel those lovely firm curls.  Jen noticed and once said “aren’t you a happy chappie”.   

As we got ready for bed Jen said,  “I have two presents for you”, handing me a nice gift bag.  I delved inside and retrieved, first a plastic shower cap then a light blue floral silk scarf.  She said, “I thought you should have your own from now on and giggled”.  I blushed a bit but also felt like I was starting to share my passion with someone who accepted it.  I used my own scarf to protect my hair that evening, enjoying how nice it felt.

Saturday morning I got up early and made tea and toast for Jen, it felt nice walking around the house in my dressing gown with my hair wrapped in my scarf.  Showering felt special as I was wearing “my own” plastic shower cap, another aspect of my passion.  We packed (including my scarf and shower cap) and drove north to our B & B.   Of course I was nervous walking in, wondering how the owners might react to my head full of small feminine curls.  They seemed oblivious to my hair so I began to relax.  The next few days were spent idling the time away, getting up late, leisurely breakfasts, casual walks and some nice pub lunches. Each night I would wrap my headscarf over my curls so as not to disturb my “new do”.   Tuesday evening Jenny asked how I felt about my hairstyle after 4 days “out in public”.  I was feeling less self conscious about this fem style but sadly only a few loose waves remained now.   She asked if I had noticed the salon round the corner (of course I had) and perhaps I might like to book an appointment in the morning.  I was excited at the thought of getting another shampoo and set but scared of going into a new salon and so asked Jen to come with me.  No luck there,  “no one knows you here, so what are you afraid of” she said.  

Next morning I was torn between wanting the whole feminine salon experience again but afraid others would see me in rollers.  I knew I would not get another chance for some weeks so passion won out.  It was a small salon and the stylist was in her late 50’s with one lady under a dryer and another in the chair.  I asked if I could make an appointment for today and she said 3.30pm OK?   is it for a cut?  I then blushed and my voice dried up as I stumbled over the words “I’d like a shampoo and set please”  Her face changed to a sterner look but as further explanation I offered “I had it set last Friday but its lost most of the curl now”.    She nodded and said “see you at 3.30 then”.   Back in the room Jen asked “when’s the big event” and I retold the encounter which she had a chuckle at.  At 3.20 I put on my coat and opened the door of our room, Jen came over gave me a kiss and pushed something into my coat pocket.  Looking down I realised it was my blue headscarf.   “You may need to wear it when you walk back” she said and I blushed again at the thought of wearing my headscarf in public.  The salon was empty as I entered and Mrs “not so happy” came over as I removed my coat.  She pointed to the wash basin and as I sat down she put a towel on my shoulders then I was covered by a large semi transparent plastic cape.  Leaning back my hair was quickly washed and rinsed.  Once in the chair setting lotion was applied and briskly combed through.  There was no discussion on style even as the rollers were wound in. Near the end of the roller stage she asked if I had a perm before and suggested that if I did I would not need a set.  I explained somewhat meekly that I was considering a perm but getting used to the idea of curly hair.   In the mirror I watched as a fine beige hairnet was opened out above then placed at my forehead.  Mrs “not so happy” then said. “if you could tilt your head forward and hold the net at your earlobes it helps me to tie it properly.  The knot was tied with firm pressure at my neck and I was motioned to follow her to the dryer at the back of the salon.  A click of the timer and whoosh a pulse of cool air moved around my damp hair and rollers.  In a louder voice she said “it will take a minute or so to warm up and I’ve set the timer for 50 minutes”.  She then dropped a couple of woman’s magazines on the chair beside me and walked to the front counter and sat down.   About 5 minutes later the salon door opened and in walked a woman in her 40’s.   Gulp,  I was feeling rather exposed so kept my eyes down while her hair was washed and cut.   Just before she commenced blow drying the woman my drier pinged off and Mrs “not so happy” came over, lifted the hood, felt my rollers and motioned me to the chair.  I was flush from the heat of the dryer but also feeling quite embarrassed sitting next to the other client with my hair in curlers.  Mrs “not so happy” finished the blow dry and showed her the style in the mirror then they both moved to the front counter.    I heard the client say “that is a turn around, I’m having a blow dry and a young man is having a set”.   After she departed my net was untied and the rollers were quickly removed.  To my surprise she started back combing sections and the volume got bigger and bigger.  It was turning into a ball of fluff, and I was terrified how this might turn out.  In the end she smoothed it into a swept style before a long spray all over.   She announced that I was done and walked to the counter so I got up and followed, some what surprised at not being shown the end result.  I paid and she motioned for me to turn round while she unclipped the plastic cape and removed the towel.  As I put on my jacket she said “I assume you know that wind and rain will ruin your hairstyle so you will need to cover it”.  I nodded but did not think it would improve her mood if I mentioned that I had a headscarf for just that eventuality.  I left, thinking how wonderful that I’ve had my third set but a little sad that she did not seem that happy about it.  Jen could not believe how big my hair was, a “seriously teased hairdo” she said and I was feeling rather self conscious again.  She also had a giggle when I told her what the other client said.  Jen then combed it a bit to take out some of the volume.   No one at the pub appeared to notice my big fluff that evening but Mrs B & B gave me a “triple take” then a smile when we came down for breakfast on Thursday morning. 

Friday afternoon we did a long walk on the hills and about half way round it started getting windy.  With a big smirk on her face Jen pulled my scarf from her coat pocket and said “you will have to wear this or your new “Do” will be ruined.  She folded it into a triangle, laid it over my hair then knotted it under my chin, the classic way most ladies of the shampoo and set brigade did – as I knew only too well.  I protested, “what if someone sees me like this” and Jen said it’s either the headscarf or going back to Mrs “not so happy”.  Inside I was very pleased to be covering my new “do” with my fem headscarf but was also keeping a look out for other walkers.  Once off the hill the wind dropped and I removed it before we returned to the village.  Back in the B & B, Jen asked “how was that for you today?”   I squirmed a bit before admitting it was nice to be wearing a headscarf outdoors.    Jen then said “I hoped you might have worn it all the way back here”.   I blushed a little and said “I’m not that brave”  

Saturday we drove home and Monday morning I washed out what was left of my over-teased hairdo. Jen offered to blow dry my hair, brushing it into some sort of style.  Looking in the mirror I was surprised at how much volume there was and the many small flicks of curl.  I now realised what Sharon meant by her “layered cut” and wondered what people at work might say.  This new look was somewhat different to the boring straight hair I had before the holiday.  Jen said I would be fine and if anyone asked just tell them I blow-dried it for you.  Besides it will get people used to seeing you with a slightly different style.  At work one of my female colleagues complimented my new haircut and I sensed a few others were wondering about this slight change but no one said anything negative.  

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