My sister does my wife’s and daughter’s hair

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I haven’t really known my sister. See, me and her were given up for adoption by our mother. My cards were great because I was adopted first but back then, I felt awful for being the one to leave her.

My new parents were cool but they still insisted me to not contact my sister. I can’t say if that was good thing or not.

Anyway, my childhood was average and I grew up to be an architect. I met my wife at an autumn festival and we fell in love at first sight. Her gorgeous, raven hair fell down her back freely.

We married shortly after the festival and a baby was soon to follow that. My wife named her Marie and we cherished the little one. When she was about eight, my sister started contacting me.

Her story, it’s a short story. She was adopted by a lady who worked as a nurse and a man who played classical music. The career she chose for herself was a curve ball for her parents: my sister took up hairdressing. Apparently, she always dreamed about opening up her own barbershop in Baltimore or Queens.

Back to my story, she invited me over to her place and I agreed. Her place was in a small town in Montana, a far-cry from her dream location. We talked about the usuals: life, liberty, and our own pursuits of happiness. About an hour went by before the topic of family came up. When it did, she asked to see mine.

I showed her pictures of my wife and Marie and she awed at all of the photos. She then asked me,”All that hair, it must be a pain to have on them, why don’t you bring ‘em down to the shop for a makeover: free of charge”

Words failed me and I blurted out,”I’ll have to think about it”

She gave a smile and told me to think it over as much as I liked. When I returned home, I told my wife what my sister had said. I figured she would reject the proposal but no, she was into it.

I asked her if Marie should get a makeover to and she replied it would be good for our daughter to meet her aunt, regardless of a makeover. So when we could, our family headed out west and my sister was gracious enough to house us in her own home for our stay. We wouldn’t get to the barbershop on the first day because my sister wanted to talk about possible styles.

The next day, we all headed to the shop. My sister did show us around town before we arrived at the shop however.

My sister drove us all to her shop and parked in the back of it. She unlocked the door and turned on the lights. There was only one chair and I asked my sister who was first.

Again, she smiled and said,”How about we go youngest to oldest”

Marie just watched as my sister prepared the seat for her, attaching a booster to it. My wife helped the girl up into the chair and sis pumped up the chair to her level. The hairdresser then grabbed a peach-colored cape and spread it around her niece’s tiny torso.

My sister looked at my wife,”We agreed on bob, right?”

”Yes, Laura”,my wife nodded.

I have to admit, my sister, Laura’s, skills were good. Her strokes of the scissors were precise and I could tell she worked at her craft. My daughter was bobbed in no time, her stylist wanted to do more.

”Christine”,Laura addressed my wife,”I think Marie here would look great great with an undercut”

My wife thought for a minute and replied,”I think you’re right”

Laura gave a nod and separating Marie’s hair, crown from sides, and took up her clippers. I noticed she didn’t apply a guard and wondered if that was intentional. But the result was the same, when Laura was done, Marie only had very fine stubborn on the sides of her head. To be honest, my daughter didn’t mind the drastic change nor the bangs Laura convinced my wife to give her. When all was done, my daughter was a completely different girl.

My wife adored Marie’s new haircut as Laura again prepped the chair for my wife. I looked at all the hair littered around the chair, so much of Marie’s raven locks laid on the checkered floor. After Laura swept it all up into the trash bin, she invited my darling wife to sit in her chair. Marie and I sat on the waiting bench as my sister draped Christine in a cream-colored cape. Laura started brushing through my wife’s hair and said,”I don’t know if a bob compliments your face”

My wife gave her a confused look,”How so?”

”You have a square-shaped head”,Laura informed her,”I think we should go shorter to flatter your face shape”

“What did you have in mind?”my wife asked.

”Just relax and let me work my magic”,lulled Laura.

I was intrigued and watched intently as my sister chopping off my wife’s braid, up to her shoulders. Laura separated the hair as she did with my daughter’s. And again, she picked up her clippers, and again, there was no guard applied to it. Uneasiness gripped me as my sister went up the back and sides of my wife’s head. My wife seemed to not mind what Laura was doing, I couldn’t understand why. My sister finished buzzing my wife’s head and started to spread shaving cream on the stubble. This was odd for me, I never thought my wife would look so hot with no hair on the back or sides of her head. Laura then unclipped the hair that was secured away and she turned on her clippers again.

My mind feared the worst and I was slightly proved right. The hairdresser began gliding the clippers on top of a comb to take off a lot of hair. Christine should have said something, in my opinion, but she was just enthralled by the cutting. Her sister-in-law gave her a style that compliment her features but not in the way she expected. I couldn’t really understand her point of view when she told that. In the end, my wife stared at herself with a flattop haircut. She thanked the hairdresser and Laura released her from the chair.

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