My Sister’s Summer Hair Cut — Part II ….. Jennifer and her Daughter …..

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My Sister’s Summer Hair Cut

Part II ….. Jennifer and her daughter

By JimB (C)opyright March 1998

“Mom!” Denice, Jennifer’s daughter who was fifteen, called out.

“What,” Jennifer sang out as she walked into her bedroom.

“All I asked you to do, was to put your dad’s pants and shirts in the closet.”

“I just came across the folder and saw this pitcher,” Denice said to her mom and showed her a photo.

“Who is girl?”

Jennifer shook her head and smiled.

She closed her eyes for a minute thinking about that day her mom brought her and her brother to Reggie’s Barber Shop for a hair cut.

“That would be your mom!” Jennifer told Denice.

“That would be the day your grandmother brought your Uncle Randy and me to Reggie’s Barber Shop for a hair cut.”

“But, mom she …..

“You look like you do not have any hair,” Denice said.

“Isn’t that were we go for our hair cuts!”

“Yep!” Jennifer said with a smile.

“Your Uncle Randy got a flattop and I walked out with my head shaved.

“I really like that hair cut.”

“You mean you liked your head shaved!” Denice asked with a questioning look.

“Yes, I liked it a lot,” Jennifer told her as she closed her eyes thinking back to that day again.

“I know what you are saying, thinking.

“Why would a thirteen year old girl get her head shave.

“That day we walked into the Reggie’s Barber Shop Miss Francine, Reggie’s mother, had a young boy in her barber chair and asked his mother how she wanted his hair cut.

“He walked out with a Crew Cut.

“I heard your grandmother say how nice his hair cut was and asked her if she was thinking about getting one.

“But, she told me, I was going to get the Crew Cut.”

“Even a Crew Cut sounds weird for a girl,” Denice said as she reached for her should length hair.

“Back then women were getting short hair cuts.

“Shorter than their mothers, even their grandmothers,” Jennifer said, looking at her daughter.

“But, you got your head shaved!” Denice said pointing to the photo.

“How did …..

“Why did you get your head shaved?”

“Simple!” Jennifer told her daughter.

“You sit in the barber chair and let the barber, Miss Francine in this case, cut all you hair off and shave your head.”

“How long did you keep your head shaved?” Denice asked.

“What granddad say!”

“Three years,” she said.

“Your grandfather just shook is head and asked you grandmother how it happen.”

“Three years!” Denice said.

“What did Uncle Randy say!

“Your friends?”

“Your Uncle Randy was …..,” Jennifer told her.

“Was eleven and didn’t say much.

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t give a damn what my friends said.

“I ever ran my fingers over my shaved head and told them, “get one and you will know.”

“How about dad?” Denice then asked.

“Did he know you shaved your head?

“Not until he saw the photos,” Jennifer replied pointing to the photo.

“He shook his head and said, “What did I get when I met and married you.

“I replied, “me”.

“Just “me”.

“Of course, he wanted to know why, how long, and how did it feel.”

“What did you tell him!” Denise asked.

“That was eighteen years ago,” Jennifer told her.

“And, I haven’t answered his questions.”

She got up and walked to the window.

“Hummm, a sunny June day!” she said.

She walked to her dresser and looked at her self in the mirror, as she ran her fingers through her should lenght hair.

“Why don’t we go and get your dad’s questions answered,” she told Denice as she walked the bedroom door and opened it.

“I got to see this,” Denice said and followed her mother.

“Your not thinking about asking Miss Francine to …..!”.

When they arrived at the Reggie’s Barber sShop, Miss Francine had a little boy in her barber chair.

“It will look great on him,” Miss Francine was telling his mother.

“Besides …..

“Boys his age are getting them.”

She looked at mom and me when we walked in.


“Have two ahead of you two,” she said as we sat in the waiting chairs.

“Maybe you should consider getting one, your self,” she said to his mother as she stepped back to the waiting chair in front of her barber chair.

“You don’t mean I should get a Crew Cut!” his mother said as she sat in the waiting chair.

Miss Francine smile holding her clippers up, “Maybe a little shorter!”

Miss Francine had her clippers, with the quarter inch attachment, and slowly moved it over his head.

The little boy sat there shaking, kicking, the cape sending hair to the floor.

She was lowering the barber chair, as his mother walked to the barber chair and moved her fingers over his Crew Cut.

As he stepped from the barber chair, his mother told him, “Sit in the waiting chair and behave your self.”

Miss Francine smiled as she shook her cape.

“Nice warm June day!” she told her as she caped her.

“YES,” she said.

“A nice short hair cut would be good.”

Miss Francine showed her the clippers, she used on her son.

“Maybe shorter!” Miss Francine said, asked.

“Maybe shorter sound great,” she told Miss Francine.

She removed the quarter inch attachment and showed her the attachmentless clippers, “Any think shorter ….”

“Maybe my next visit,” his mother said.

We sat watching Miss Francine move the attachmentless clippers over and over the lady’s head.

Denice looked at her mother.  She was reading a magazine, not watching what Miss Francine was doing.

Denice looked back at the barber chair.

Miss Francine was spreading a large towel over her shoulders.

There was a winding sound, Miss Francine was flowing shaving lather in her left hand.

Stepping to the right side of her barber chair she began spreading the lather along her hairline.

With her straight razor stopped and sharp, she began shaving a little line along her hair line.

As she stepped from the barber chair, she said, “YES …..

“My next visit a lot shorter.”

“Shorter …..?” Miss Francine said as she held her straight razor so lady could see it.

“Yes,” she told Miss Francine as she and her son walked out the barber shop.

Mom put the magazine down and walked to the barber chair, as Miss Francine shook the hair from her cap.

Sitting in the barber chair, she said to Miss Francine, “Eric saw the photos of my hair cut, years before we met and got married.

“That was eighteen years ago,” Jennifer told her.

“He shook his head and said, “What did I get when I met and married you.

“And, I haven’t answered his questions.

“UNTIL today!”

I looked at my mother. “She is going to ….!?

Miss Francine was showing her the attachmentless clippers.

She smiled, crossed her legs, and looked in the mirror over the waiting chair.

Miss Francine moved the attachmentless clippers to mom’s head and slowly move it back over the right side of her head.

I thought, “Maybe she is going to just have Miss Francine cut her hair, like the lady before her.”

I watched as Miss Francine moved the attachmentless clippers over, over, over, and over mom’s head until she had the same hair cut as the lady before.

“Well?” Miss Francine asked mom.

“DAMN Francine,” mom said as she turned her head and looked at her.

“I want to answer Eric’s question today.

“And, this is not the answer I want show him.”

The cape was removed and Miss Francine was spreading a large towel over mom’s should.

I heard a winding sound, like the winding sound the lady before mom heard.

“Maybe she’s going to shave mom’s hair line,” I thought to my self.

But, when I looked up, she was showing mom her left hand with a lot of shaving lather.

“That’s the answer,” mom began saying.

“I want to give Eric when we get home.”

Miss Francine began lathering mom’s head.  Completely lathered.

I could not believe mom was going let Miss Francine shave her head.

“Maybe Miss Francine was joking with mom,” I thought to myself.

But, Miss Francine was standing on the right side of her barber chair, with her straight razor she stropped it.

Mom just smile as she watched her do it.

“This will answered Eric’s question?” Miss Francine told mom as she raised the straight razor to mom’s head and began shaving the right side of her head.

“Yes, it will,” mom told her and turned her head towards me.

“You think your dad will get his questions answered,” mom said.

“Might want me to keep this hair cut longer than the four years, I kept it years ago.

“Before we met and got married.

“And, had you and Eric, Jr.”

I could not believe what I was watching.

What was dad going to say, when got home!

Was he going to ask mom to keep her hair cut!”

Was he going to laugh at her and think she was crazy.

What was grandmother going to think, say.

But, here she was.

Here I was watching my mother getting her hair cut.

Here I was watching my mother getting her head shaved.

“Would she say THE HELL with it,” I thought to my self.

Since, we left home I started thinking, “Maybe a few inches for the summer.

“It will grow back over the summer.”

Standing on the left side of her barber chair, Miss Francine looked at mom in the mirror, over the waiting chairs where I was sitting.

Then, she held up her straight razor and pointed to me.

I froze and shook my head “NO”, and told her, “NO way in HELL.”

“Watch your mouth young lady,” mom told me and winked.

Mom uncrossed her legs and crossed them.

Was mom enjoying her hair cut.  Her head shaving.

I could not believe what I head, when mom told Miss Francine, “Eyebrows this time.”

What did she mean by, “Eyebrows this time.”

Miss Francine turned mom’s head to her.

Then, she move the straight razor over mom’s eyebrows.

“I hope Eric like this look,” she told Miss Francine.

“What do you think?” mom asked me with a smile.

I wanted to ask her “WHY”.

I wanted to ask her “why” she got this hair cut.

I wanted to ask her “why” she got her head shaved.

I watched as Miss Francine wiped the excess shaving lather from moms head.

She winked at me with a smile.

Miss Francine lowered her barber chair, “Does this answer Eric’s question/”

Mom smiled and stepped for her barber chair.

“Maybe a few inches?” mom said to me as she pointed to Miss Francine’s barber chair.

“Yes,” I told her as I got up and walked, slowly, to Miss Francine’s barber chair.

“Didn’t I hear that comment years ago!” Miss Francine said as I sat in her barber chair.

Mom looked at me, in Miss Francine’s barber chair,

“Don’t forget the eyebrows.”

What did she mean by, “Don’t forget the eyebrows.”

I was only getting a few inches cut off.  Maybe a little above my shoulders.

As Miss Francine combed my hair from a center part, I began to wonder.

I was feeling relaxed, as mom said when we talked about the hair cut she got before she and dad met and got married.

Miss Francine placed her scissors a little about my should and stated to cut.

She stopped and looked at mom, “Short enough!”

“Maybe a little higher,” mom told her.

“Ask her …..

“It is her hair cut.”

Miss Francine stepped behind her barber chair and with her finger she move my long hair backward, “Maybe this short?”

“Didn’t you do that to me back then?” she asked Miss Francine.

“No,” Miss Francine said.

“Your hair was already to this length when I took the clippers …

“The attachmentless clippers for your hair cut.”

“Right,” mom said.

“Then, you just moved the attachmentless clippers over my head and started giving me my hair cut.

“You mean like this,” Miss Francine asked her as I watched in the mirror as she moved her attachmentless clippers over my head and placed it in the middle of you fore head.

“What the HELL,” I said out loud.

“My face, too.

“Hmmm,” mom and Miss Francine said at the same time.

“Didn’t think of that.”

“You can do it for me,” mom told Miss Francine.

“When we come back next week.”

Miss Francine slowly moved the attachmentless clippers over my head.

For some strange reason, I smiled as the attachmentless clippers pushed my hair back and falling to the floor.

Was I really sitting here watching Miss Francine, my mom, give this hair cut.

Was I really sitting here wanting Miss Francine to shave my head, like she did mom.

Did I really think THE HELL with it.

I watched Miss Francine move the attachmentless clippers over, over, over, and over my head until my hair was so short you could almost see my scalp.

What was my dad going to say!

What was my grandmother going to say!

Miss Francine was spreading something over my, now almost hairless, head.

I watched as she spread a large towel over my shoulders.

I watched as she flowed shaving lather for the dispenser.

I watched as she lather my head.  It felt strange.

But, for some reason, like mom, I wanted my head lathered.

I watched as Miss Francine stropped her straight razor.

I watched, as mom watched, Miss Francine raise her straight razor to my head and began giving me my hair cut.

My head shaving.

I got a little upset when she tilted my head downward to shave the back of my head.

I wondered what Tiffany, my best girlfriend, was going to say.

I wondered what Bill, my boyfriend, was going to say.

What was my grandmother going to think, say.

Was I going to tell them, “WHAT THE HELL”.

Was I going to keep this hair cut for months.

Was I going to keep this hair cut, my head shaving, for a longer time than mom.

Miss Francine was putting the head rest in her barber chair.

With it like she wanted, she lathered my face.

I watched her strop her straight razor.

I watched as she began shaving my face.

I wonder why I said, “Shave my face, too.”

I closed my eyes.  I wondered if this was a dream.

Then, I felt the straight razor shaving my eyebrows.

It was not a dream.  It was happening.

With the barber chair up, I looked in the mirror, at mom.

My hair cut was not a dream.

My head shaving was not a dream.

My face shaving was not a dream.

My eyebrows shaving, for sure, was not a dream.

Did I care what Tiffany thought.

Did I care what Bill thought.

“Yes” I did care what my grandmother thought.

“Yes” I did care what my dad thought.

Stepping from Miss Francine’s barber chair, I said to mom,

“Remember next week when we come for our hair cut.

“Our head shaving.

“You will be getting your face shaved, too.”

Mom paid for our hair cut, our head shaving.

“I knew you would do it!” mom told me as we walked out of Reggie’s Barber Shop.

As for when we got home.

Dad looked at both of us.

“Well, I fondly got my answer to my questions,” he told mom and gave her a long kiss.

“But, I did not expect my daughter to get her hair cut.”

I smiled and walked upstairs, “I’m going to call grandmother and tell her about my hair cut.

“IF she asks me about my hair cut.

“I am just going to tell her, WHAT THE HELL.”

“What about Bill and Tiffany?” dad asked.

“By the way dad, “ I told him.

“I also got my face and eyebrows shaved.

“I’ll tell them, WHAT THE HELL.

“And, they can do what ever the want.

“I am sure I can find a boy, a man, like mom did.”

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