‘My son is always right’ – Part 1

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Vidya’s gundu proposal rejected

When I was a little girl of 10, we had moved into our new house in an upcoming colony as one of the few early settlers.  A young barber, Shekhar, had also set up his barber shop nearby expecting to firm up a good clientele.  The gents in our house obviously started using his services.

Ours is a traditional family with strict parents.  Through the academic year, the hairs of my elder brother Shyam and younger brother Prem were cut very short to crew cuts – clippered bald to skin high up on back and sides and scissored short on top to about half inch length.  The two boys also liked such a crew cut.  I, of course, really loved it.  And the other rule was that at the beginning of the summer holidays and start of school about six weeks later, both the boys were shorn fully to bald with zero clippers.  Only after they completed SSLC, they were allowed to grow it long enough to comb.  Even then, they were required to maintain closely clippered back and sides, like my dad.  I always adored such a style of my dad and the two brothers.  My traditional granddad, of course, kept his head closely shaved once in a fortnight except a shikha (tuft) at the crown.

A few months after we came to our new house, I pestered my dad to take me to the barbershop to witness the haircuts of Shyam and Prem.  Initially my parents refused, but my granny intervened saying “Take her along, Dhruva (my dad’s name).  No harm in it.  After some time, she herself will refuse to go.” So, they relented and I excitedly tagged along with my dad and brothers to Shekhar’s barbershop.

Shekhar still used manual clippers at that time.  When he bent 12 year old Shyam’s head forward, asked him not to shake his head and started clicking his machine with a ‘cluk, cluk, cluk’ rhythmic sound, I was very much excited.  When the hair was peeled off to small stubble up to the middle of his head, it was a very beautiful sight for me.  More so, when the barber peeled off the remaining stubble on the back and sides with a smaller hand operated machine making the area bald.

Since then, I always enjoy witnessing a clipper haircut, that too when hair is peeled off to the skin.  Since then, I used to accompany my brothers to the barbershop most of the times.  Some three years later, as my dad became busy and Shyam was too busy in his studies and games, I was given the task of taking younger brother Prem to Shekhar for his shearing.  I really loved it.  Shekhar also became a friend.  Once, Shekhar jokingly said “Come Vidya.  Sit here.  I will give you a nice boycut and you will look very cute”.  I was about 13 at that time.  Both he and I knew it was a joke and both had giggled it off.  Neither I nor he could know at that time that it would become a reality about a decade later.

A few weeks after Prem turned 11, his summer holidays started.  Mom asked me to take him to barbershop and get his head shorn to skin with clippers.  I loved witnessing his full shearing immensely.  Even Prem liked the experience.  This was repeated six weeks later when his 6th standard classes started and he happily went to class with a fully clippered head.  Like this, it went on till Prem completed 12 and entered 7th standard with a beautiful sandpapery bald head.  Afterwards, he refused my accompaniment and I obliged reluctantly.

When I was in II PUC, my classmate Rukmini happily came to the college one day with her head fully shorn (gundu).  She had hair up to her waist before that tonsure.  Her family had a vow and all her people – grandparents, parents, herself, her younger sister, uncle, aunt, their two sons, totally 10 of them – had come back from Tirumala with smoothly shaven heads and smiling faces. What struck me was that she enjoyed her bald head immensely and she looked exquisitely beautiful with her hairless smooth dome.  I also got a desire to get a gundu like her.  I expressed my desire to mom and was promptly ticked off by her saying “haircut or gundu for females not allowed in our family” and with a warning that I should never again raise that topic.

A boycut Pavitra and giggling Vidya

I passed B.Com. and joined work under a CA as one of his assistants.  After two years of working there, I was married off to an IT Engineer, Nitin, the only child of a scientist dad Sanjeev Bharadwaj and college professor mom Sukanya Bharadwaj.  That family appeared to be as traditional as our family.  They lived in a new apartment complex just about half a km from our house.  My parents were happy since the horoscopes matched well, the boy and his parents appeared as nice people and the boy had a good IT job.  I happily accepted my parents’ choice.  My in-laws also accepted my request to continue in my job in the CA office.

And the joyous thing for me was that Nitin sported a neat machine cut hairstyle similar to Shyam.  Dad told me that he found the boy getting his brand clipper haircut in Shekhar’s shop.  Since dad knew that I loved that style and since dad of the opinion that boys getting such haircut have better discipline, he talked to the boy to get his dad’s number and that is how the alliance started taking shape culminating in accepting each other.

During our wedding reception, about a dozen colleagues of Nitin came to wish us.  I was awestruck to find that all the five females in that group sported short hairstyles – two were with boycut, one a bowl cut, another mushroom cut and the fifth one ear level inverted bob cut with the nape shorn to skin!  And the eldest of them, a 35 something Maharashtrian lady Pavitra Bongre sported a boycut similar to Shyam – neatly machined to skin on back and sides and combed on top to a short boyish style!  I suppressed a giggle with great difficulty.  Nitin introduced her as his boss and his mentor.  Keeping aside her masculine hair style, I was impressed by her behaviour as she talked very nicely, that too in fluent Kannada and appeared to be a very nice lady.

Later I came to know that she was not only Nitin’s boss but had become a family friend.  Since her family lived in the same apartment complex as Nitin’s, she used to drop in once in a while, chat with Nitin’s parents and she had become a darling of the family.  Occasionally, Nitin and his parents also visited Pavitra’s house.  Once I was also taken to their house for a traditional dinner.  I was amused seeing Pavitra’s m-i-l also in a short boycut, but refrained from showing any reaction on that.

After I entered Nitin’s house as the d-i-l, Pavitra came to our house quite frequently to strike up friendship with me.  When I called her ‘madam’, she said “No dear, call me ‘Pavitra didi’.  For Nitin, I am ‘madam’, but for you I am like an elder sister.”  Within two such meetings, she became very close to me and I started loving her like an elder sister.

Within a month of the marriage, I blended nicely into the new family.  The in-laws looked after me very well like their own daughter.  Especially, my f-i-l hugged me with tears of joy after I formally entered that house as its new daughter-in-law saying “Finally I got a daughter, dear.  You are formally our daughter-in-law, but for me you will be my daughter only.  I will always call you as Vidya putti or just ‘putti’ (a kid girl)”.  While m-i-l and Nitin called me as ‘Vidya’, he called me ‘putti’.  And he did become a father figure for me, seriously advising or correcting me when needed, but mostly pulling my leg with affection like most loving fathers, playing chess and carrom with me with mock fights.

The day after I entered my in-laws’ house, Nitin took me to buy some clothes for me.  And what did he buy?  Three sets of ‘high waist short sleeve round neck yoga sports crop top’ and two sets of jogging shoes, some hair clips.  I was wonderstruck, a bit angry and back home I asked him why I should wear such short dress.  He coolly said that from the next day I would be accompanying him for early morning jogging.  I protested to m-i-l about the short dress.  Nitin argued that many young ladies do come in such short dress and it would be good for my health to expose as much skin as possible in the early morning sun and in a week’s time I would get adjusted to it.  M-i-l said with a smile “My son is always right.  Do as he says, dear.”  And that is what happened.  The first day I felt really nervous and embarrassed to wear such short dress.  But the jogging really perked up my spirits.  And as Nitin had said, in a week’s time, I realised that such short dress was the best for a good jog and I was not alone.  Most ladies from the apartment complex came out for their morning workouts similarly dressed.

Nitin proved to be a very loving, caring and of course a highly mischievous husband.  My m-i-l taught me, with patience, things which I needed to learn.  She never raised her voice when I made mistakes.  Patiently she would correct me.  But one thing in her behaviour irritated me – she always supported her son saying ‘my son is always right’ whether it was a big or small issue, right or wrong on Nitin’s side.  But I could not give vent to my irritation too strongly, lest I blow up a developing good relationship.

Nitin wants Vidya to get a boycut

Around that time, Nitin took me to their Company party.  In the party, I got my big shock when Nitin also took drinks!  And I was astonished to see that ALL of them – gents and ladies – took drinks.  Didi (Pavitra) suggested with a smile that I could also start drinking that day which I politely refused.  I was seething with rage inside but having been brought up by my parents who taught us kids never to put up tantrums, I controlled myself.

The next morning, a Sunday, I confronted him during lunch about this ‘drink’ thing.  He was irritated and said ‘Vidya! Do not be a sissy.  A drink occasionally is the in-thing in the IT industry.  Look at our Pavitra madam and the other girls.  They all have grown up and go with the times enjoying a drink when it is apt.  In fact, it would have made my day if you had heeded to Pavitra madam and started to drink.’  I was awestruck and looked at my m-i-l questioningly.

It was a bigger shock for me when she said “He is right as always, Vidya.  Times are changing.  Your dear f-i-l also takes it.  I also take it occasionally. As long as one does not overdo it, it is good to take a little once in a while.  When he told you to start drinking, you should have happily started”.  Oh my!  Where have I come to!

I asked her with some anger “You also atte? But why?  Is it not downright bad to drink? That too being a woman and a professor?” M-i-l shot back “Oh come on, Vidya. Do not talk as if we are all drunkards.  We take a small amount occasionally to enjoy.  And what is wrong with that?”  I got a further shock when f-i-l said “Don’t worry, Sukanya.  Give her some time.  Putti is my darling daughter.  She will not let me down.  I am sure that she will come around, start drinking happily and make me proud.”  I continued the lunch with a glum face without speaking or looking at the three.

That evening I told my parents about this.  I was crestfallen when mom coolly said “After all, Nitin is an IT professional and his dad is a senior scientist.  Sukanya is a professor.  In these changing times, these things will be there.  But, otherwise he and his parents are very good, isn’t it?  So, don’t make this a big issue.   And, if they insist on you also drinking, happily go ahead but don’t become addicted.” And dad also supported mom!

Mom’s words started ringing in my mind.  It was one of the biggest shocks in my life.  I wanted to weep, shout at mom, shout at my in-laws and all that.  But I controlled myself.  For about half an hour I thought about the balance sheet in my month long married life – the happy things and lots of love on one side and now this drink thing on the other.  Finally, I thought “what the hell, in-laws want it, hubby wants it, parents don’t mind, then why bother? Otherwise, this family is very good.  Let me take the plunge and enjoy”.  But I would say yes to a drink only if they again ask me, not till then.

That night during dinner, I asked m-i-l “Atte, since how long you are drinking?”.  She said with a bright smile “Mmm, about ten years, I think.  The day I became a professor, your f-i-l forced me to drink beer in a pub.  Once some stuff entered me, I happily consumed the rest.   Since then I take drinks occasionally with him, with Nitin, with colleagues or in parties.  Ok, what have you decided?  When shall you take your first drink?” she asked with a wink.  I simply smiled and kept quiet.

Next day, my colleague Darshan came with his usual clipper cut style, quite akin to Shyam’s hairstyle, perking up my spirits.  During the dinner, I said to Nitin “My colleague Darshan also gets a similar clipper cut like you and he looks so handsome in it!”  At this my in-laws just smiled.

But Nitin said “Yes, the style is both cute and easy to carry.  That reminds me, Vidya.  It is more than a month since we got married.  I feel it is high time that you also get a boycut like Pavitra madam.  When will you do it?”  His facial expression betrayed his deep passion for that short hair style on girls.  Even my in-laws were surprised at his suggestion and m-i-l was looking at him agape for a while.

Recovering from her surprise, m-i-l asked him whether he surely liked me to be in short hair like Pavitra.  He said “Yes, amma.  It is so cute on a female’s head.  I will be really a lucky guy if Vidya also becomes a boycut girl.”  M-i-l said “But you never expressed this desire all these days!”  Nitin said “Everything has a timing, amma.  If I had raised it before, I doubt whether Vidya would have joined our family at all or even blended so well with us in such a short time.  But now, she is ours and she would not mind me saying these things.  Isn’t it, Vidya?” He was his usual gentle, reasonable yet mischievous self.

Bewildered, I looked askance at m-i-l with a questioning hand gesture.  She smiled and put her next bomb saying “Yes Vidya.  Nitin is right as usual.  If it looks so beautiful on Pavitra, you will also look beautiful with a boycut like her” and she giggled again.  To my discomfiture, f-i-l also joined in saying “Arre, Vidya putti!  Why do you look so bewildered?  If you also get a short haircut as Nitin desires, I will also feel proud about having a boycut daughter.”  Oh, my!  So these three want to see me first as a drinks girl and now as a boycut girl as well!  I said glumly “there is no way that I cut my bum long hair short” and completed the dinner without looking at any of them.

Vidya proposes a Tirumala gundu

The next evening, Didi dropped in.  She had a fresh clipper cut on Sunday and I now felt that Nitin and m-i-l were right.  The style looked very cute on her.  After her usual bubbly talk, she seriously said “Why Vidya?  You did not take drinks the other day?  You could have started.  As long as you are in limits and do not get addicted, it is really good to take it once in a while.  I hope you will not disappoint me next time.  (Taking my braid in her hand) And how long will this braid stick on to your head?  It is more than a month since your marriage.  I think it is high time that I take you to the parlour and get it chopped to a boycut like mine.”  And she giggled.

Oh, this lady is also behind my teetotalism and long hair, I thought.  Had Nitin tutored her to say this, or was it the other way around?  I asked it bluntly without becoming offensive.  She looked bewildered, shaking her head a ‘no’.  Then m-i-l explained that on Sunday, Nitin had raised the topic of my learning to take drinks and yesterday about cutting my hair short.  She and f-i-l had supported him, yet I had refused both.  Didi said “So, Vidya, when your husband and in-laws themselves want it you must do it at the earliest.  Which one you want to do first?  Get a boycut or take a peg of wine?” and giggled heartily.

F-i-l said “See, even your Didi wants you to start drinking and get a boycut.  Why don’t you happily agree to it, dear?”  M-i-l echoed the same.  My parents would not support me if I refused.  Since anyway I had decided to start drinking if they asked again, I decided to take the plunge and enjoy.  And what is great about losing my long hair compared to taking drinks?

Now, I remembered my stowed-away desire of getting a gundu in Tirumala.  Why not realise it now, I thought.  So I said with a smile “Well, if you people are so much insistent, I may go along.  But, this is a traditional family.  How come you are all suggesting drinks, short hair and all to me?” and looked at m-i-l.  She said “Yes, we are traditional all right.  But times are changing and we can go with the current trends without prejudice to tradition.  So I and your f-i-l will be very happy if you take an occasional drink like us, sport a short boy cut, wear trendy dresses as long as you don’t give up the core of our traditions.”  And with a giggle she continued “Shall we go to a parlour tomorrow evening and get your hair chopped?” and showed a scissors like movement with her left hand.

Then I explained how I desired a Tirumala gundu when I was in PU and how I was ticked off by my mom.  At the end, I said “I strongly desire that if ever this bum long hair of mine is cut, first it should be a full tonsure at Tirumala.  Since you do not mind female haircut in this family, you should not mind a religious gundu either.  I have understood how much you all desire that I take drinks in parties, keep a boycut and wear short trendy dresses.  I will do all these happily if you can fulfil this desire of mine.  In two months I will have enough hair to have a clipper boycut like Didi.” And I giggled, shyly.

The four of them looked at me agape without a word for a while.  M-i-l was the first to recover a little and she said haltingly amid giggles “Oh my! ….. You like to ….. become a baldy!….. What do you …….. say, Nitin?  Vidya, ….. what will people say….. if you go around….. with a gundu (bald) head?”  She continued to giggle shaking her head in disbelief.

Didi intervened with her own giggles “Aunty, Vidya’s idea is good.  I am sure she will look really nice with a cue ball head”.

Some more giggles followed and finally f-i-l ruled that he fully supports me if I choose to become a baldy at Tirumala.  Nitin, not very happy about a bald wife, resignedly said “If that is the price for seeing her in boy cut, let it be so.  I will have to wait some two or three months more to see her in a clipper boy cut.”  Then, m-i-l said “Since Nitin is agreeable, I have no objection.”  I eagerly asked “Shall we go to Tirumala this Saturday, then?”

Didi butted in.  “Nitin, we have a Go-Live party this Saturday.  So fix this Tirumala gundu for some other date.  But Vidya, this Saturday you must start drinking.  It will be nice to see a saree clad, traditional girl with bum long hair with a glass of whisky in her hand.”  And giggled again.  So finally it was resolved that this Saturday I would start drinking and the next Saturday we would be in Tirumala for my gundu.  All the four were really happy that I agreed for both drink and short hair.  I was super happy that I would realise my 6 year old dream of a Tirumala gundu in about 10 days, albeit with a cultural price of occasional drinking.  I hugged my f-i-l with a ‘thank you, maava’.

Pavitra’s story

That settled, I asked Pavitra “Didi, when did you start drinking and cut your hair short?”

Pavitra said “Oh that is a long story, dear.  When I got married at 24, I was also traditional like you – a teetotaller with a long braid.  But my in-laws, being fairly rich and modern, used to take a weekly drink at home.  Three days after my marriage, my bob cut m-i-l ordered me to start drinking once a week like them.  Initially I refused.  But she would not take a ‘no’.  Finally I succumbed to her diktat and took a drink reluctantly.  I liked it and during the weeklong honeymoon I happily learnt to drink every day and enjoy it immensely.

“The day after I was back from honeymoon, she disregarded all my protestations, dragged me to a parlour and got my hair chopped to a clipper boycut like what I have now.  She got her own shoulder level bob cut also reduced to a similar boycut.  And she said that never again should I grow hair long enough to touch my ears.  After two more visits to the parlour, I began to like the sensation of clippers on my nape and sides, the resulting sandpapery feel, the crisp short hair on top, the light head and easy maintenance.  The initial giggles from colleagues gradually faded.  Luckily, I became a successful IT professional and nobody minded my mod looks and behaviour.

“If my m-i-l could convert me to a happy mod girl, why not I do the same to my female colleagues, I thought.  So once I could get their confidence, I used to raise the subject with them individually.  Gradually, I broke the teetotalism of all of them one by one.  Similarly, I persuaded them to chop their hair short and I succeeded with all of them.  I persuaded most of the wives and a few moms of my male colleagues and a few m-i-ls of my married female colleague also to drink and cut their hair short.  And now it is my pleasure to see that you are also getting converted by your in-laws themselves without much of my effort.”  She giggled.

“But you could not succeed in making my m-i-l a short hair lady, I suppose” I pulled her leg a bit.  “Unfortunately, your m-i-l is dodging me.  Every time I or my m-i-l bring it up with her, she wriggles out with some excuse or the other.  I hope your conversion will at least inspire her to cut her hair short.”  Having firmly made up my mind of enjoying a changed myself, I slyly thought why not drag my m-i-l also to it?  But I kept my thoughts to myself at that time.

Vidya proposes a family gundu

After Didi left, I raised the topic again during the dinner.  I joyfully said to my m-i-l “So I will start drinking, fine.  But why not make a small difference?  Like Didi’s family, why not bring drinks into home and all the four of us can enjoy a Saturday drink almost every week.”

I could see Nitin was super joyful at my suggestion.  F-i-l also beamed from ear to ear.  But m-i-l gave an expression of shock.  After some time, I told her that anyway she drinks occasionally outside.  What is wrong if we do it at home once a week?  She appeared a bit nervous bringing the stuff inside the house.  But the three of us prevailed on her and finally she agreed.  So the next day drink bottles, bottle openers and cups appeared in our house.  We started my ‘conversion’ at 7 pm in the presence of a beaming Didi.  She taught me how to enjoy a drink responsibly.  That day I started with beer, took wine on Thursday, rum on Friday.  M-i-l and f-i-l were very happy that I became a drinks lady.  In the Saturday party of Nitin’s company, I was the only female wearing a saree and having a long braid.  I happily took whiskey in the party while at home, f-i-l and m-i-l also took whiskey.  I was now very happy that I became a drinks girl.

We had booked our Tirumala journey for Saturday, a week hence.  In the Sunday lunch, I said “atte, you have resisted cutting your hair all these years.  Why don’t you cross this barrier and become a baldy this Saturday with me?  And it will be so nice if all the four return with cue ball heads from Tirumala.  And later you also can keep a boycut.”

F-i-l was the first to endorse my view enthusiastically and said he would happily get his head shaved.  Nitin was now on cloud nine thinking about a boycut wife and enthusiastically agreed to shave off his head and moustache.  After some haggling, we three convinced my m-i-l that it will be nice if she also becomes a baldy now and later a boycut lady.  Finally, m-i-l also happily agreed for both!

My parents were not at all shocked when m-i-l told them of the family drink thing and the family gundu programme.  Though m-i-l invited them also to join the trip, they could not due to preoccupation.

All the four return with cue ball heads

So the four of us went to Tirumala on Friday evening.  By now, m-i-l had lost her nervousness and shyness and was eagerly looking forward to her own gundu.

Seeing the two gents getting their heads shaved smooth by itself sent my spirits soaring.  When I saw my m-i-l happily sitting in front of the barber, I got goose bumps.  How nice it would be to see my mom also happily getting this religious gundu once, I dreamt, in vain.  As the barber wetted her head thoroughly, her face started becoming more joyous.  As he scraped the first patch on her crown she had tears of joy.  In four minutes her beautiful mid back long black hair fell to her lap exposing a beautiful smooth grey dome and making her one of the happiest women around.

When I sat for my own gundu, I was realising my six year old dream, finally.  When the barber scraped my wet hair near my forehead, it was a heavenly experience.  It was bye bye to my bum long hair.  In four minutes, my head also became smooth after a repeat run of his razor on my bald head.  Oh! What a great and beautiful experience!

While returning to Bangalore, as usual, my affectionate f-i-l hugged me, caressed my gundu head and said that till some hair grows he would call me ‘bodi putti’.  M-i-l said “Vidya, you look so beautiful like this!  Even I feel so happy with my gundu head.  Shall we do this once in a while?”  F-i-l butted in saying “by all means we can do this once in two or three years.  Both Sukanya and Bodi putti look so great as baldies!  Sukanya should have done this long ago!”  And Nitin said “Vidya, I am sorry that I was not enthusiastic when you proposed this.  You look so beautiful as a baldy that I think you can be like this forever!” M-i-l and f-i-l giggled at his words.  I said that I would be delighted to keep a bald head for about a month if the three agreed.  And the three happily agreed.

My grandparents, parents and brothers saw a bald me Sunday evening and were astonished at my beauty.  My mom said “If I ever knew that you look so beautiful as a ‘bodi’, I would not have rejected your request some six years ago” and happily caressed my bald head.

In preparation to Tirupati trip, we had stopped drinking.  Now, that we were back, we started it earnestly again that Sunday night, each one downing two pegs of Whisky.

At her college, m-i-l went about proudly displaying her smooth dome, ignoring cat calls of students.  In my CA office, my CA affectionately caressed my gundu head and said “Vidya, you look really beautiful like this.  You can always keep a gundu head like this.  Henceforth, I will call you ‘bodi Vidya’ only.”  My other colleagues also said that I looked really good this way.  Since that day, my colleagues call me ‘bodi Vidya’ and I respond happily.

Didi said that she would call me ‘cue ball’ till I got some hair.  She invited us to her house for a late night drinks + dinner on Monday.  So the four baldies trooped into her house – first time ever for me after I started drinking.  Didi’s boycut m-i-l welcomed us warmly.  Didi’s f-i-l, m-i-l, husband and her two kids all quickly became friendly with me.  The kids – 8 years old daughter and 6 year old son – had a field day in caressing and drumming the bald heads of me and my m-i-l.

After the kids were put to bed, Didi’s m-i-l told me brightly “Vidya, you look so nice being a baldy.  Keep it like this for a while, dear.  I never knew a bald female could look so beautiful.  I think it is high time that Pavitra also does this once. It is so nice to hear that you have convinced Sukanya also to cut her hair.  I advised her to get a boycut long ago.  She never listened.  At least now you have made it to happen.”  All of us drank whisky – the ladies 2 drinks and the gents 3 drinks each.

Didi and her m-i-l were so impressed at my bald beauty that the two urged me to keep my head bald for some time.  I informed them that I would be keeping my head bald for about a month.  Didi cooed “Oh, so nice!  In two weeks we are having a Project Inauguration party.  The other day we saw a braided beauty drinking.  On this occasion, we will be seeing a saree clad cue ball beauty drinking.”

It was no big deal for my f-i-l and Nitin to go to work with their bald heads.  But my m-i-l? She decided to brave it out with an exposed bald head.  There were catcalls, whistles and what not in the classroom.  Her Principal advised her to cover her head.  She did not oblige.  In just one day, the hullabaloo subsided and everyone was happy with a bald lady professor going around.  Her full name being Sukanya Bharadwaj, she is known to students as SB.  Now they started calling her BSB – bodi Sukanya Bharadwaj (meaning a ‘bald Sukanya Bharadwaj’).  She did not mind the epithet one bit.

Vidya’s bald head renewed

Wednesday morning I went to Shekhar’s barbershop early morning.  For a while he did not recognise me.  When he did, he was astonished.  He always talked to me in singular, which I had encouraged.  “Oh Vidya, it is you.  You look so nice.  Is it some vow?”  I told him that I would tell, but “now, wet my head and scrape off the growth making it smooth.”  It was another heavenly feeling, when the three day growth – about 2 mm – on my scalp was razed to cue ball smooth.  As he was shaving my head, I told him how and why I became a baldy.  He was happy that I became a baldy but not happy that I had becomes a drinks lady.  I told him that I would come for this cleaning twice or thrice a week for about a month.  Later, I would come for a monthly clipper boy cut.  He became happy hearing this and said “Oh, I am so happy.  Already, there are 3 married women and some half a dozen college girls who come here regularly for boycuts.  Now you will be added to this list.”

So I enjoyed my smooth cue ball head immensely for a month.  Nitin also enjoyed fucking a bald wife regularly.  Nitin’s campany’s Project Inauguration party was on a Wednesday night about 2 weeks after our Tirumala gundu.  I got my head shaved smooth in the morning by Shekhar and as Didi had desired, a bald and saree clad me happily downed two pegs of rum in the evening.

A month later, I was declared pregnant.  In two more months, I and m-i-l had enough hair growth for a boycut.  Didi said that she would take the two of us to parlour for our inaugural boycuts.  I told her that I would get it done by Shekhar.  She could take m-i-l to parlour.  But m-i-l also wanted to do the haircut in Shekhar’s barbershop.  F-i-l and Nitin said that they wanted to witness the boycuts of us two ladies.  So the five of us went to Shekhar’s barbershop on a Sunday morning at 7 am.  Another pair of m-i-l – d-i-l walked out with short scissor boycuts and smiled at us as we entered.

Vidya and her m-i-l are clipper boycut ladies

First, m-i-l sat in the barber chair.  She had about 3 inches of hair which she had combed into a semblance of a boyish style with a right parting.  Shekhar combed it again maintaining the same shape.  Didi had her brand haircut the previous evening.  So I told Shekhar to do a cut like Pavitra madam.  Shekhar smiled and took a comb and scissors in his hands.  He cut the downward strands along a horizontal line from right side to back and to the left, about 2 inches above the top of m-i-l’s ears.  She now looked odd and everybody smiled.

Now, Shekhar took his clippers, bent her head to her left and buzzed the hair in front of her ear to about one and half inch above her ears.  Previously I had been witness to boys and men getting such clipper cuts and that was enough to make my juices flow.  Now seeing my m-i-l getting such a cut – I got really excited but controlled myself.  The back and sides were shorn to skin in a horizontal line one and half inch above the ears.  M-i-l was clearly enjoying it.  Then Shekhar put an attachment on the clippers and clippered the hair above the boundary to a nice gradation.  Then he scissored the top hair to a combable length giving a very nice clippered boy cut to my m-i-l.  She got down with a beaming face.

Next I sat.  Didi said the same treatment to me except that the bald area to be about half inch higher and parting to be on the left side.  I looked at her in mock anger, which she ignored.  Shekhar spoke to me in singular as usual.  Since I had only about 2 inches of hair, he straightaway put clippers on the sides and back.  As the zero clippers rode up and up my nape, I got goose bumps.  The feeling of the clippers for the first time in my life took me to heaven.  I thanked Nitin in my mind for pushing me into this.  Scissors cutting pieces of hair on top was another great feeling. Finally a neat clipper boycut resulted similar to what Prem sports even today – clippered bald to about 2 inches all around and short combable hair on top.  I really loved the style.

Back home after bath and wearing fresh saree, it was f-i-l who embraced me as his dear daughter saying ‘Vidya putti, you look so nice this way!  Finally, I have a boycut daughter!’  The other two – m-i-l and Nitin – also said that I looked fantastic in this getup.  The next day, my colleagues, though giggled initially, said that the style suits me very well.  M-i-l was also very happy with her style and her colleagues endorsed the style as bold and beautiful.  My mom, dad and brothers all said that I looked really good like this.

It is six years since then.  In my aim not to get addicted to liquor, I take it only on 40 weekends at home in a calendar year and maximum of 20 weekdays in parties.  So does m-i-l.  But we enjoy our drinks.  With encouragement from my boss and m-i-l, I enrolled for CA soon after marriage and completed it in the first attempt three years ago.  Two years ago, I established my own CA practice with a few assistants.

I have two kids – a daughter and a son.  As had been proposed by my f-i-l, we enjoyed two more family Tirumala gundu – the first one after daughter Kavya crossed two years and again about a year ago when son Kartik crossed two years.  I and my m-i-l have returned to our clipper boycuts which has become the natural hairstyle for the two of us.  After Kavya completed five years, we are keeping her head also a clipper boycut.

I am now very happy that I became a drinks lady and a boycut lady.  Didi is also very happy that about it. She egged on me to ‘convert’ others to my way where I can, like she did to others.  That was about a year after my conversion.  And having experienced the joy of it, I tried my hand to convert some to my way.  I have succeeded with three ladies so far.  I will explain about it in Part-2.  However, for now, I fully endorse my m-i-l’s dictum on Nitin – ‘my son is always right’.

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