My stepfather’s birthday gift

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Hello, my name is Esmeralda, and they are 19 years old and 1.70 tall.

I would consider myself cute but not beautiful.

Anyway, I want to tell you what happened a year ago when I had my 18th birthday.

My mother raised me alone after my father died in Iraq when I was a few months old.

She took care of all my wardrobe my hair etc.

And so my mom has ‘forced’ me to grow my hair, which is now the length of my knees.

My mom also kept her hair long and when one of my friends cut her long hair into a bowl cut, my mom started forbidding me to meet her from fear she might cut my hair.

My mom is strict and she would punish me for the slightest mistake.

Anyway almost 2 years after my father’s death my mom started dating Tom my father’s close friend which I will learn later.

And when I was 4 years old my mom decided to marry Tom.

Tom decided that he should not interfere in the upbringing of his children as my mother had asked him not to do so.

Mom and Tom went well, except for a few small quarrels, but as far as I know, all the families have their quarrels.

What would surprise me and Tom was that for Tom’s birthday almost 2 years ago Mom would be cutting her long hair reaching the middle of her back in a model called flapper Bob according to her stylist.

And I’m not saying that because she’s my mom but she looked gorgeous on that model.

After some prayers from me and Tom, Mom decided she would keep this look.

To this day almost 2 years have passed and my mom will make sure that the flapper bob looks in shape by going every 3 months for a trim.

But after she cut her hair not only did her life change and it became easier.

When Mom had long hair she would be late to go to work, but this problem was gone with her long hair and my mom looked like any other person.

Anyway from the moment, Sara cut her hair into a bowl cut I have been thinking about how it feels to have short hair and be independent to choose your hairstyle.

But at the moment my mom cut her hair this feeling would get stronger as one day I would be stopped by my mom for not cutting my hair, with the scissors that use for homework.

After Mom punished me and treated me like a 5-year-old child and a few slaps on the ass and almost an hour to the corner of the room, she would remove all the scissors and I wouldn’t be allowed to use a sharp object without her presence.

I remember one Saturday when Mom was away from my grandparents because of a funeral Tom would come to my room and look at me as I dried my hair.

You like to take care of your hair: said Tom.

I don’t want to have long hair, it was my answer

It was the only time Tom would ask me about my hair.

And he had started making some frequent appointments with his barber but wasn’t getting a haircut.

We thought Tom was just doing his job, Tom works as a business manager.

And so as if without realizing it I woke up and the calendar was marked redder, it was my 18th birthday and the day I would ask Mom to let me cut my hair too, at least in the same model as hers.

But every time I would get ready to ask my mom it look like she would read my mind and ask me to do something for her or one of the guests would ask for me.

Anyway, the time came for me to open the gifts and I saw that everyone had made different gifts, but, my mom’s gift was the weirdest.

My mom would give me a hair comb.

Tom approached and after apologizing to me he said he had been very busy these days and had forgotten that my birthday was approaching.

I had no problem that Tom forgot my birthday gift was not something quite important to me it was enough that he had helped me several times not as a father but as a friend.

No problem Tom: I said.

As the guests left and the party with my family ended I took a shower and during this time my mom left to accompany my aunt who had to get drunk.

As I was drying my hair I called Tom to help me.

Tom took the hairbrush and as he was combing my hair he said; he didn’t understand when you hate your hair so much why didn’t cut your hair.

Mom wouldn’t let me, she will kill me if I cut my hair.

Not if you didn’t cut them by yourself, Tom said in a low voice, almost whispering.

What did you say I didn’t hear you.

Now that I am thinking about it, I didn’t give you a gift, dress and let’s go, Tom said.

Let’s go where Tom please tell me.

We’ll go and make shopping, but first, we have to make a stop to take care of your hair because I don’t tell her at all and your mom is with Aunt Anita, and you know how late she is when she goes there, Tom said…

I put on a red top tank and a pair of jeans and after doing my hair in a Pony I rushed to the car.

Tom stopped me before I sat down at the passenger seat and said could you take us to the mall and hand me the keys.

Of course, I can and after a period of 5 minutes, I parked the car and started walking towards the mall.

Where are you going? Said Tom.

You said at the mall.

No, this way follow me: Tom said.

He walked past the mall and I saw him walking towards a pole with white, red, and blue stripes that had a spiral shape around each other.

No, you’re not taking me to a barbershop; I said a little nervously.

Don’t worry she’ll just blow dry your hair and model a little, Tom said as he opened the door for me.

She, I said as I entered.

Yes, why is there a problem here: Tom said.

No problem, I said, and with him, I thought he was talking about the wife of an old man.

But once I got inside it seemed like I had traveled back in the ’50s.

It was an old barbershop from the 50s with a barber chair with red leather in the middle of the store.

I went inside and was waiting for the barber to be an old man.

After Tom passed behind me he put his hands on my shoulders and started massaging, don’t worry and sit down.

Today is the day when you don’t have to think about anything and let things just happen: Tom said.

I took a deep breath and after heading to the waiting area which was just a long bench I saw how a beautiful girl no older than 25 years old, and had my height but with a body that many women would dream to have.

But what caught the eye at her, were her beautiful blue eyes.

She had a slightly whimsical hairstyle, her hair on her sides was shaved to the skin and the upper part looked like a perfect square and flat.

My mouth agape when I saw her and froze in place.

Oh hello, Tom, you came back so fast, I don’t think you need a haircut, the girl said as she walked towards the red chair.

Oh no, Esmeralda needs a little help: Tom said, pointing to me.

She turned to me and with a smile turned the chair towards me.

And that must be your beautiful step-daughter, she said as she looked at me.

Yes, and she turned 18 today; Tom said.

Oh, a big day for you dear today, now sit down, and let’s see what we can do for you young lady; she said as she had the barber chair.

I saw it from Tom and couldn’t walk at all.

Tom passed by me and said, don’t worry she won’t make what you don’t want or ask her to not do it: said Tom.

I started walking towards the chair and as I was sitting Tom said: Eva as see you cutting your hair today.

Oh yes, Tom, I’m thinking of cutting this afternoon: she said.

cut your hair but you already have hair, I said as I sat in the chair.

Well, dear Esmeralda every summer, I shave my head: the barbette replied as she placed a tissue on my neck.

You will shave your head and my mouth.

Yes immediately after finished with you dear: she said and after she put on a cape she saw from me, so what will we do for you, dear.

Just blow dry her hair please; said Tom.

If you say so and she took the dryer and started drying my hair.

But while she was drying my hair I couldn’t take my eyes off her shaved sides and whenever she would look at me I would blush and lower my eyes to my cape.

When she finished drying my hair she saw by Tom through the mirror.

Tom, you told me that Esmeralda is 18 today.

Yes Eva why, said Tom.

Well, I’m sure Esmeralda isn’t happy with her long hair.

To be honest she has admitted that she is not happy with her long hair: said Tom.

No, I’m happy with my hair I said right away but I didn’t understand why.

Then why are you looking at my head as I dry your hair: said, Eva.

I just blushed and looked down.

How about shaving Esmeralda’s head: Eva said as she looked me in the eye.

I don’t want Esmeralda’s mom to kill me but I won’t stop if you shave her head and she agrees: said Tom.

As soon as I heard this a smile appeared on my face.

Oh, I see where is the problem, as if we shave your head and you tell Mom I just did it without asking you: said, Eva.

No Eva let’s ask Esmeralda how she wants her hair, after all, it’s her hair: said Tom.

Right: Eva said and was looking at me

So Esmeralda, dear tell me are you happy with my work, and want to shave your head: continued Eva.

Well, you’ve done a great job but I don’t think I’m ready to shave all my hair, but I also want to see how I would look with short hair.

Eva smiled, so how short will we go dear, Eva said.

I don’t know, I didn’t think that much I just want to go short but not bald.

How about a crewcut; said, Eva.

Sure enough, to be short and manageable, I said.

Miracle, Eva said and walked towards the draft.

I was looking at myself in the mirror and saw how Eva had a clipper in her hand.

After Eva smiled she simply placed the clipper on my forehead and moved it to the top of my head.

Oh my God she will shave my head I thought to myself, but at the same moment, I wanted Eva to shave my head.

I couldn’t believe my gorgeous hair was all cut.

After almost 4 passes Eva pushed my head down until my chin touched my chest.

Esmeralda, do you trust me? Eva said as she turned off the clipper.

Yes, I do I said as I raised my head and saw through the mirror how she removed the guard from the clipper.

A nervous smile appeared on my face, and I saw how Tom raised Thumb and said don’t worry she knows what she’s doing.

I nod and bend the head to my chest again.

But as soon as I bend my head I felt the cold, vibrating steel of the clipper moving high up to the top of my head sending my long, red hair into the cape and floor.

As I watched my hair fall to the ground, I could not believe that I was enjoying the feeling of the clipper in my head and did not want it to end.

But after Eva had made my neck and my sides she would surprise me again by applying shave cream around my ears and a few cms above my hairline and started to shave the part covered with shaving cream.

Eva took a brush and after applying some kind of powder she started dusting my neck and removed the cape from my neck and then put her hands on my shoulders and said now you don’t have to worry about taking care of your hair and you also look, gorgeous dear.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, the girl looking at me in the mirror had my face but her hair was only a few cms long at the top of my head and the sides of my head, I could see the skin on the sides of my head.

Wow, Eva can’t believe it; I said as I got ready to get up from the chair when Eva put her hands on my shoulders and said, “Let me style your hair a little.”

I looked in the mirror as Eva picked up a small amount of gel in her hands and began to ruffle my hair.

Now you can buy hair gel everywhere, but I would suggest Nivea, it’s a really good company: she said.

Why not buy one from you, Tom said.

Eva smiled, of course, Eva said as she picked up a new box.

Tom followed and after paying for the cut and gel he smiled, considerate this as my birthday gift as he rubbed my head.

Thank you dad I said as I hugged Tom.

He hugged me back and said no problem dear and kissed my forehead.

At dinner when Mom came back she started screaming and complaining that Tom had ruined my beauty.

And it knocked him out, but I just followed Tom holding his hand.

Esmeralda you young girl go to your room now.

No mom, I’m going to go with Dad and I was the one who asked him to cut my hair like that.

Mom saw it, and when she saw that the neighborhood was coming out, she just let us in.

During the next week, Mom would not talk to us at all but she would also eavesdrop behind the door after I had taken a shower or if I would stay in my room.

I woke up one day and saw how my mom was standing in front of me.

To be continued.

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