My True Hair Journey: Part 7

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Dear Readers: To those of you who may be put off reading a ‘part 7’ of a series you’re not familiar with please don’t worry. As it’s been a while since I’ve updated this series I’ve included a quick recap and a few extra details that should hopeful make this easy to follow without the need to have already read ‘parts 1-6’.


Part Seven – At Long Last!

The Recap:

As the title says this is a true account of my hair journey however names have been changed.

I’m a woman nearing the end of her twenties with natural dark auburn hair. While I’ve never dyed my hair I have been experimenting with different lengths and styles for quite some time. The shortest my hair has ever been was a pixie cut before I decided to grow it out again. I quickly got bored of always having the same mid-length styles so now I’m having fun chopping it all off again in stages.

I last updated this series in 2022 when I expanded my undercut to above my ears. The rest of my hair rested at my shoulders at this point. This is an update of all the major hair-raising moments from the last eighteen months.


Rocking a Bald Undercut:

Since my undercut grows quite quickly I go to a small local barbershop, run by a lady named Nora, to keep it maintained. At the end of 2022 I discovered that the zero clipper cut I received didn’t leave me quite as shorn as I’d wanted. To anyone else the back and sides of my head looked completely bare but, when I ran my hands over my nape, I could still feel a surprising amount of stubble.

Once my undercut had grown to a decent enough length to justify another haircut I returned to Nora and explained that I wanted to feel nothing but skin on my nape. She laughed at that. I am one of her only female clients and Nora joked that boys have left her shop crying when she had left them with more hair than I was about to have.

With the help of the smallest, finest clippers she owned and a foil shaver my request was granted! In just a few minutes the back and sides of my head showed nothing but smooth soft skin.

Throughout 2023 and the start of 2024 I made sure to visit Nora’s barbershop every four to six weeks and ask for “my usual please”. I’d tie the hair on top of my head into a quick bun and sit back while the clippers and shaver vibrated over the rest of my head. The feeling of running my hands over my bare skin was so satisfying. It I could have afforded it I would have loved experiencing the shave every couple of days in order to keep the look fresh all year round.

Nora joked that one day she was going to become distracted and forget to stop the clippers at my high hairline and make my head completely smooth all over. When she said this a part of me was tempted to accidently-on-purpose move my head at just the wrong moment to force the headshave. I dreamed that one day I would be daring enough to walk in the barbershop and, instead of asking for my usual, I would casually ask Nora to “take it all off”. I’m curious about what I’d look like totally bald but I think I might regret it immediately afterwards if I did. But there’s plenty of hairstyles left to explore!

Needless to say, the headshave did not occur but during these months my undercut did rise from a centimetre above my ears to around a centimetre below my crown. This unfortunately resulted in the longer part of my hair looking quite thin at the back. It was especially noticeable when I’d just visited Nora and my pale skin could be seen though my hair.

All good things must come to an end.

I still have my undercut but now I’m growing out the top section to add some thickness back into my hair. Although time will tell if I manage to grow this section out before my next drastic cut. As for the rest of my undercut…maybe the time has come to try out some faded looks.


Ear Length Bob:

I have wanted an ear length bob for literally years but a combination of badly layers haircuts and nerves have always thwarted me. I mean…if this haircut doesn’t suit me there will be no way to hide it except under a hat.

It was the end of summer 2023 and I finally figured – why the hell not? I had to take the plunge sometime so why not now? And better to do it now before the weather turned cold.

For ‘bigger’ haircuts I travel to Kieron’s unisex barbershop. Like Nora, Kieron knows that I like to change my hairstyle a lot. I think he was less surprised by my request for an ear length bob and more surprised that it took me this long to ask for one.

This haircut was very nerve-wracking because Kieron started the cut at the back of my head so I couldn’t tell how much hair I was losing. Had I made the right choice about the length I’d asked for? Would it suit me? I couldn’t tell until the scissors moved mercilessly to the side of my head.

You know what? Not bad!

It’s drastic, it’s extreme and when paired with a totally bald undercut it looks fierce!

Alright so shoulder length hair does suit my face the best but my ear length bob is a strong contender for second place. It makes me feel good and bold and that’s the most important thing.

That being said, the journey from the barbershop, through town, on the bus, then back to my house was really scary. I could feel how high my hair was against the back of my head. I was convinced everyone was staring at me and judging my short hair. In reality I doubt anyone paid too much attention but I was very conscious of how short I’d just had my hair cut.

Once I’d finally got home I was already planning my next hairstyle. Not because I didn’t like my new bob but because I immediately wanted to keep experimenting. For my next style I really wanted to try a sharp bowl cut but, since so few people can pull off bowl cuts, I still don’t know if ever get one. Although that is what I said about my now ear-length hair.

It was my colleague who suggested an asymmetrical cut. What if I experimented with an asymmetrical bob with the shorter side above my ear and the longer side at my earlobe? It would be a new style for me and it might give me some idea of what I might look like with a bowl cut.

I also fantasised about, a couple of weeks after the asymmetrical cut, visiting either Keiron or Nora and declaring that the look just wasn’t working for me. Please could my hair be cut to the same length above my ears. My bald nape would also make a return at this point.


Life Happens:

Sadly though that didn’t end up happening.

Mental health issues caused by extreme work stress resulted in my days off being needed for quiet and relaxing at home. My hair didn’t matter during that time and it grew from my ears to my collarbone.

But now mid-2024, things are getting better and I really wanted to revisit my hair goals.


The Reset:

Because my hair had grown so much I didn’t want to dive straight into the high asymmetrical bob. I didn’t think I was ready for that just yet. So I decided to get my hair cut to my chin first, then my ears next visit, then finally full asymmetry.

That was the plan. Until a couple of days before my appointment and I thought: I really do like having short hair – why not get a lip length bob instead as a compromise?

So that was the new plan. Until the day before my appointment and I thought about how much I loved my previous ear length bob. I really missed my short hair and did I really want to wait months before I got the haircut I truly wanted? And, perhaps more importantly, wouldn’t it be a symbolic move to cut off all of the hair that had grown out during my poor mental health period? I could literally remove the weight of those months from my shoulders.

So that’s what I did.

I sat in Kieron’s black leather barber chair and asked for a really short bob. How short? Kieron asked. This was my moment. I indicated a point just below my cheekbones and that was that. With a wave of my hand I’d sealed the fate of nearly seven inches of my copper-coloured locks.

Oh my god did I really just do that? So much for easing myself back into short hair! Would my hair even be able to fully cover my ears like last time?

My hair was so long that Kieron had to use clippers to remove the bulk of it. He clippered my hair to chin length and I was actually disappointed when I thought he was going to leave it like that.

When my earlobes were fully revealed I knew that this bob was definitely going to be shorter than the last. Part of me was terrified at how it would turn out but this was one of the most dramatic hair transformations I’ve ever had and I completely loved it.

I never thought I would be so excited at losing a year’s worth of hair growth in one go!

My hair is so light and it makes me feel so confident. I love the look and I don’t want to let my hair grow past my ears anymore. I’m not letting my hair get anywhere near my collarbone or even my shoulders for a very long time.

Feeling the wind on the back of my neck and my head feels amazing. Although admittedly the chill of the aircon at work does sometimes make my miss my blanket of hair to keep my neck warm. On the upside I do love the feeling of my hair resting against the back of my head. It’s fun reminding myself of just how short it is now.


What’s Next?

Shorter, shorter, shorter!

I’m still torn on what the next style will be but my next hair adventure will involve a trip to a barbershop for an even shorter style than the one I have now.

I’d need to wait until my hair grows to completely cover my ears but the asymmetrical cut is definitely still an option.

Or do I keep being bold and go straight for the bowl cut? Given how short my bob is I’d probably only need to lose another inch of hair. Or what if I just casually ask for my bob to be taken high enough that my hair can no longer get in the way of my eyes? Same different, right?

Similarly my bob is now so high that it’s not too far off an undercut pixie cut. With a bit of reshaping I think the look could be achieved. But would that mean I’d miss out on the option to try other styles?

Although there is a fourth option. If I’m still feeling wild when it’s time for another haircut I could (as a one-time thing) go to a new barbershop where no one knows me, lament at how long my hair has grown as I’m settling into the chair, beg the barber/barberette for their help as they fasten the cape around my neck, and request that they do anything they can to sort this mess out.

Whatever comes next, I plan on having fun and making sure my hair stays short!

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  1. What a story! I just binged all of the other parts in this series and it was fun to follow along with your journey. You’re awesome for actually following through with these plans! And I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future, hopefully next time we won’t have to wait as long for an update.

  2. I enjoyed your haircut journey and especially your love of the clippers and barbershops. I like how you take a chance and try to let the barber somewhat determine your fate. Looking forward to the next shorter chapter.

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