My Vacation Last Week

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I had planned this little four day getaway for a while.

When I arrived in the city, which was across the country from the one where I lived, I immediately checked into my hotel room. It was just to drop off my stuff. I had plans that night. I needed to be at the mistress’s dungeon by 7pm.

When I arrived at the dungeon, I paid the mistress her fee. Then I stowed my clothing and purse in a little locker that she had the key for. After I took a shower, which she supervised, she had me put on drab grey sweats.

“Hello, prisoner,” she said, slapping my face.

Then she took me over her knees for a vigorous spanking with a wooden paddle. She even pulled down my sweatpants to get my asscheeks nice and red. When she finished, she showed me her handiwork. Then she sat me down on a hard stool.

She grabbed a pair of scissors. “Prisoner, you will be spending the night in solitary confinement. For hygiene purposes, this fucking red ponytail needs to come off.”

Even though this was a planned part of the scene, I screamed and cried as she hacked off my ponytail behind the rubber band that held it together until it came free. She held up her three foot trophy, which she was keeping, as part of our agreement. Then she smacked me in the face and told me to shut up.

I was brought to my cell. She put a heavy chain around my neck. It allowed me just enough lead to piss in the dirty toliet. I spent the night there, shaken awake everytime that I dosed off by flashing lights and loud music.

In the morning, she freed me, tossing my stuff at me in a plastic bag and telling me to get the fuck out. I didn’t even have time to change. As I worked through the streets, I caught a glimpse of my hair in the mirror. I would need to get her hackjob fixed. Which was part of the plan.

I went into the nearest barbershop. All the men laughed at my appearance. They thought that I was homeless.

The cutest of the barbers told me, “Get in my chair, bitch. You probably have lice. Let me shave you to the skin and solve that. Then you can suck me off as payment.”

I hadn’t planned this. This was just lucky.

Wet between my legs, I immediately got in his chair. After he put on latex gloves, he capped me and got his clippers. Without mercy, he buzzed off the ragged mess left by the mistress. Then he took my eyebrows, which made all the men laugh, which made me even wetter.

Covering my scalp and eyebrows in hot lather, he told me that he always wanted to shave a worthless bitch like me bald. Really humilate her. I could see the outline of his large cock in his pants. I, however, remained still as he shaved me with his straight razor. He had skill. No cuts or knicks. Just smooth skin.

As he promised, he dragged me to the back to pay him with a blow job. It was more of a face fucking. He ended it by blowing his load on my head and making me rub it in. Satisfied, I took my expensive purse out of the plastic bag and gave him a hundred as a tip. I had to laugh at his shocked face.

I went back to my hotel room to recover from the day’s events.

The next morning, I met the submissive for breakfast. She was a mousy woman in her early twenties with thick light brown curls. A bit chubby with big ears. Her hair was definitely her prettiest feature, which made me eager for what we were about to do.

As I told her about my experience in the barbershop yesterday, she shifted side to side, not touching her food.

Then she asked, “Why shave another woman’s head as well?”

Looking her in the eye, I said, “I want to both experience humiliation and dish it out. Finish your breakfast. I want to get to work on you ASAP.”

She then shoveled food in her mouth like a piggy. Once she finished, we went to my room. She got naked and sat in a chair. I made sure to bind her to the chair. She would not be backing out. Then I attached clamps to her nipples.

I got my brush. As I brushed out her hair and sectioned it off, I praised its beauty. Then I got my own clippers. I started harvesting ponytails, which I would be keeping. The submissive remained stoic until I took her eyebrows. That’s when her weeping started. For good reason. I was literally stripping her of her one beauty. She was an ugly thing now. She remained crying right until I lathered her up and used a safety razor to shave her smooth.

Then I got the strap-on.

We took a shower together afterwards and spent a hour as just two baldies touching each other. I also took care of her bush. After I took a few pictures, I let her go, now a fat little cueball without any eyebrows. I also gave her the barber’s address for touch-ups. She turned red when I told her that I expected her to stay bald for at least a month.

I spent the rest of the day sleeping, and then I returned home the fourth day, wearing a short black wig.

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