My wife is not a stripper

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Hello guys my name is Jack and I will tell you how my wife’s hair changed drastically.
As a start my wife is called Emily she is a tall woman with blue eyes like the sea, her hair is Jet black and reaches to her Butt.
Oh boy her hair is so soft and shiny every time I look at it, and god what a scent.
The whole time Emily washes her hair with her favorite Jasmine scented shampoo will take a long process that will take almost 2 hours.
Also, my wife’s measurements are 36D-32-36, and she works in the municipality with business taxes.
I met my wife for the first time when we were in the garden and since that moment we have been together.
And so we were together and in elementary school, middle school, high school, and then we were together and in college where we decided it was meaningless to continue meeting secretly from our parents.
To be honest, I do not remember having any other girlfriend, but still do not care about me Emily is my world.
And so my wife was pregnant with our son, and have told me the day that we graduated from college.
After our son was born I was the happiest man but as the day went back to weeks and months I started to notice that my wife was distracted her hair had started to look different they no longer had that beautiful shine they had before pregnancy.
So I got up on a beautiful Friday morning as was free from work, I was thinking about how I was going to spend the day with my family and I saw how Emily was preparing lunch when our son started crying.
I will take it honey was my answer but when I saw from my wife I noticed that that glow in her eyes had faded and she looked upset.
Well, I have to do something about it: I said to myself, and after making sure our son was asleep again I approached my wife and remembered that even if I asked her what she had to do to raise her morale she would not show me and give me such an answer.
“As long as I’m with you and Aron (our son is called Aron) I’m happy.”
Forgive me honey I know that you want us to spend the day together but something unexpected came out and I have to go to work again, it was the sentence that came out of my mouth as I was thinking of asking some people what to do about my wife.
And so as I got into the car I started thinking who should I ask.
Well Emily is a female and who better than a woman can I ask and so I decided to ask some questions to my Mom, my sister, and Emily’s sister and mom.
To be honest with my mom and sister were not a big help but Emily’s mom, on the other hand, reminded me of some details and how Emily behaved before pregnancy and the best gift for Emily was that we had dinner together and we just talked to each other.
As I finished talking to Emily’s mom I decided I was going to meet my sister-in-law at the bar she runs and as I got in the car I made a phone call to Emily’s favorite restaurant.
Costa’s provided me with a table for dinner the next day as it was currently booked, and could only take us the next day.
Emma is Emily’s older sister and she runs a bar together with her husband and has a 3-year-old daughter.
So how could I help you Jack: Emma said as she sat at the table with me.
Emma I was thinking of doing something for Emily and I have no idea, I booked for tomorrow at “Costa’s” but I do not know if it is enough she looks desperate.
As always right on the topic Jack, anyway, I think Emily should get her appearance change: said, Emma.
What you mean I did not understand Emma.
Emily has grown her hair just for you: said, Emma.
Which means.
This means Emily likes to cut her hair short once in a lifetime: said, Emma.
Do you remember when you were engaged Emily asked you if you should cut her hair short: Emma continued.
Yes but I do not remember stopping it was she who decided to keep her hair long.
Not exactly look Emily, had been asking mom and dad for almost 4 years if she could cut her hair short, and every time Mom would ask us what we wanted as a Christmas present or other event Emily would say cut her hair: said, Emma.
Oh, I did not know that.
But when mom would not accept and dad would say that he agreed with it but only if she got mom’s permission, anyway when she mentioned to mom that she had dad’s mom would say that “her home her rules”, and so the debate would close: said, Emma.
Anyway, mom let Emily cut her hair but if she had your approval and what did you say when she asked you: Emma continued.
Well, I said, “I like your hair but if you want to cut it of course go for it”.
Mom used this sentence to her advantage saying that you were trying to hide the fact that you did not want Emily to cut her hair: said, Emma.
So what you are saying is that I need to allow Emily to cut her hair short.
No, you have to make her hair cut short Jack she will not cut it for the fact as she thinks that you like her long hair: said, Emma.
In those moments I had an idea and after I kissed Emma on the cheek I said thank you, so think you can take care of Aron tomorrow from
Of course: said, Emma.
And so I was in the car again and driving I was thinking about where I should go for Emily’s hair appointment.
Well, Emma said Emily wants you to cut her hair short and were better than a barbershop can happen and I started driving in the direction of Jhon, the barber who has been cutting my hair for a long time.
I know it’s a little weird why a barbershop and not a unisex salon, but the main reason was that Jhon cut women’s hair a few times when I was waiting my turn and which place comes to mind when you say “cut short”.
Certainly, a barbershop and so I parked the car and entered the barbershop and when I asked Jhon to talk I did not realize I had just made a big mistake.
The conversation with Jhon continued and there is not much to say as he immediately agreed to cut my wife’s hair.
And we came up with a plan where I would bring Emily to the barbershop and after he would tie her to the chair he would cut her hair short into a pixie and ask his wife to show him some different models and videos of how her hair is cut.
So I went home and just as soon as I pass the door “slap”.
My wife just SLAP me, and I don’t know why.
Honey what happened.
How dare you asshole tell me Honey after screw my sister, said my wife with an angry face.
What are you talking about please calm down and explain to me please I deserve so much, for the fact that we have been together for a long time.
I saw you kissing Emma at her bar an hour ago: said Emily still with an angry face.
I was with Emma, but not what you think.
oh even admit you were with her asshole: said, My Wife.
yes, I had to ask her to take care of Aron tomorrow night, therefore.
Why she should take care of Aron when we are home I could not understand: Emily reacted a little confused.
Since I booked for Costa’s for both of us, here’s why.
Oh God forgives me please I do not know what happened: said, Emily.
Eh, I can not get angry with you but you have to pay me for the slap, as I point at my lips.
Emil kissed me and went to take care of Aron.
The next day at dinner.
I could not take my eyes off Emily as she explained something to her sister.
And so we went to our “Date” and talked to each other and as I had planned with Jhon he called.
Emily saw the phone and said: Not answering can be important.
I kissed Emily and after I got up from the table I answered and I was trying to look a little worried and after I got back to the table I said, honey, we have to go I will tell you in the car please don’t ask much.
So I pay and tip the waiters and so I was at the car and look at my beautiful wife with her hair tied in a ponytail with shine.
I kiss her lips and said honey I have a huge problem.
Tell me what’s wrong we’ll fix it all, Aron is ok, right?
He’s great at the moment it has nothing to do with Aron.
Then tell me what’s wrong: said Emily with a worried face.
Do you remember when Aron got sick at the midwifery and I had to pay more than the hospital bill?
Yes, you said your dad helped you with the money: said Emily, which was the truth.
I lied my dad could not help me with the money and I had to borrow from someone, and I did not want you to worry so I said my dad gave me the money.
And now what: said Emily after realizing what I was saying.
My barber is the person I owe him and he said that if I can not pay the money until tomorrow I should allow you to work as a stripper for his nightclub, or …
Or what Jack, you do not intend to let your wife work as a “whore” or not: said Emily with a pissed-off tone in her voice.
What not I would never allow him, he wants us to meet him now.
Ok let’s go and you better hope he wouldn’t ask me to work like an fucking whore: said Emily angrily.
But hey who would not be in that situation, anyway drive at the barbershop was short but in tension around the air, and could not believe that I make my wife angry just hope the haircut made her forgive me for this little trick.
John opened the door and waited as he saw my Mustang parked in front of the barbershop.
Emily got out of the car and after giving me a “this is your fault” look, she smashes the car door.
As we approached the door Jhon grabbed my wife’s arm and started walking to the barber chair and after lowering her in the chair he simply said: do not make me use force and started tying my wife’s left wrist to the armrest of the chair.
Honey what is going on why has he tied me, Please explain.
Forgive me but as you said and can not allow you to work as a stripper, and as part of the deal he will cut your hair, and my debt is repaid.
Meanwhile, Jhon had tied my wife’s hands and her legs, with the footrest of the chair.
“Please, sir, we can pay, we only need a few days to secure the money,” said Emily.
Jhon took a tissue and after putting it on Emily’s neck he also put on a red nylon cape around Emily’s neck.
Please Sir promised you we will pay your money let’s talk, okay: said, Emily.
You talk a lot: said Jhon and put something in my wife’s mouth and then let down her hair.
John gag my wife, wait a moment that was not in the plan he has just too tied.
What was going on and as I was trying to understand something, a “click” and a humming noise filled the room.
But before I could react or say anything, the clipper was placed on Emily’s forehead and moved up making the first pass and sending my wife’s hair to the floor.
My eyes widened and I realized I could not do anything already just hoping my wife would not end up bald.
Hope this was all, as Jhon combed a second pass sending more of my wife’s hair to the floor and lifeless.
I looked in the mirror at my wife’s reaction her eyes widened but she did not look worried.
I was not understanding and did not know what to say I just sat in the chair and was watching how the clipper ate my wife’s beautiful hair.
More passed and my wife’s hair fell to the floor lifeless.
It felt like I had sent my wife to the executioner and her hair was the victim as the clipper moved and sent them lifeless to the floor.
I could not believe this was happening my wife’s hair was on the floor.
I was so distracted that I did not notice that my wife’s whole head was buzzed to stubble.
It was not long before I noticed that Jhon swapped guards of the clipper and started buzzing my wife’s head again.
Already Emily had closed her eyes and was just enjoying how the clipper was turning her head with just a few tinny stubbles all over her head.
Jhon this time did not bother to buzz the sides and back of Emily’s head he simply removed the guard and then pushed my wife’s head down until it touched her chest.
He placed the clipper on her neck and moved it high near the top of her head sending the tinny stubble to her lap.
And so he made a few passes to the back of Emily’s head and the back of Emily’s ears.
Jhon then folded Emily’s ear and placed the clipper above her left ear and moved it up and more tinny stubble was falling into her lap.
And then in front of her ear revealing the skin on the left side.
John crossed to the right and buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz.
When Jhon was done and on the right side he removed the cape and gag from my wife’s mouth.
I rush at my wife and set her free from the rope, she just saw me in the eye and get up and run out of the shop.
Jhon what the Fuck you did I said Pixie, not that cut whatever is called I said angrily as I turn at Jhon.
Jhon just saw me and said and why you did not stop me before now is too late, now excuse I have to clean my shop.
He was right and so I went to the car and saw how Emily had simply crossed her arms and before I could say anything he said: let’s go home I am not in the mood for conversation.
I just nod and start to drive home, and was a silent and the most intense drive at home I start to think my marriage is over.
As we enter home my wife said Emma doesn’t just get home, I want to be alone.
Honey I will drive Emma home I try to speak to my wife, but no response.
As we enter the Car Emma said Jack you Screwd up, you screwd up.
Emma stop I know, please know it’s not in my favor so please do not.
When I came back from Emma’s house the only thing I was thinking was that I already had to get used to it without Emily and Aron, most likely she is gone.
Honey I’m at home.
As went to the bedroom, I saw Emily turn around and put her finger to her lips, and said: shhh Aron is sleeping.
Forgive me and I just left the bedroom, but I was so relaxed that she had not left and I went to the living room.
Emily approached with a beer in her hand and was rubbing her neck and said: we need to talk.
Oh god here is the part that she leaves, that was my first thought.
Tell me why all this game about my hair: said Emily as she sat in front of me and give me the beer.
It was not a game or trick EM.
Are you forget something Jack; said, Emily.
Not what I am forgetting, did not understand why you said that EM.
I worked with Taxes Jack and in our town, Jack runs no nightclub.
Oh damn, I forgot you work in the municipality.
Well, I learn that you wanted to cut your hair short but I do not know why I did that trick I just could not say cut it, and it was not all my action.
What do you mean: said, Emily.
The fact that Jhon gag and almost shaved your head was a surprise to me too.
Emily rubbed her neck and after kissing me said: I’m going to take a shower please look a little Aron if he wakes up.
Of course honey.
And so this was the story of how my wife’s hair got a radical change.
Anyway, this happened 6 years ago and during all these years Emily’s hair changed into a pixie, bowl-cut, pixie, and longer during quarantine on a bob on her chin.
But as soon as the quarantine was over the first thing Emily would do was simply leave for a few hours and return home with her hair blue and swipe on her left while the sides and back of her head were shaved with a razor.
This was my story one I hope you liked.

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