My wife said to shave our daughter

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“Why?”I was a bit shocked at her request.    “Because, her hair is getting long and summer is getting close, it would be unbearable in the heat”,she reasoned.             “Why not a pixie or something of that nature? It would be cooler and more stylish”, I replied.But she wasn’t compromising so I was left with nothing but the task I was given. Though I could have just cut my daughter a pixie, I knew my wife, if I denied her orders, she would just do it herself.I scheduled a date when my shop would be empty and on that day, I waited for the time she would come with her mom for her summer cut.

I paced the floor, although I decided to go through with it, the morality of doing it haunted me. I wanted to run out of there and never look back but I had to this, she always loved when daddy did her hair. She came at three, her petite hand holding her mother’s, a smile plastered on both faces.

”Hey, daddy”, she smiled,”I’m ready to have my hair done”. I wasn’t ready but I managed a smile and waved at her. My chair was altered for her tiny frame; I picked her up, hugged her tightly, and placed her on top of the booster-seat. She giggled as I pumped up the chair and caped her with a sea-blue vinyl. My wife came up behind me and whispered,”You know what to do”,kissing me and sitting down on my sofa opposite the chairs.

I nodded to her and turned to the mirror, I looked awkward in the reflection but all that faded as I got to work. I spread my daughter’s hair on the back of the chair and went in front of her to retrieve the clippers. Hand on the drawer handle, my darling girl asked,”What haircut are you giving me, daddy?”

That stopped me dead in my tracks but I managed to continue my work.”Mommy wants your hair super short for the summer”, I replied as I opened the drawer,the clippers shown brightly in my hand. I looked to my wife as to ask permission to leave some hair on her head but she gave me a look to say,”Shave her”. I sighed and plugged in the device, I got behind my daughter and flicked them on.

The vibration felt similar to what I felt inside, my girl smiled as I brushed back her hairline and readied my attack. The first pass divided her hair in two and she was silent. I was wary but continued to take off her blonde hair. The right side was clear of hair when she looked at me, I was worried what she might say.       “Mommy wants me to have no hair this summer?”she asked a bit hurt, I nodded and we both knew how this would end.

She turned back to the mirror and salvaged a smile to make me innocent of my role, I held back the tears and continued to buzz off her blonde locks. When my daughter sat buzzed and nearly bald, I turned to my wife to see if she was satisfied.”Finish it”,she mouthed, I could’ve been done with it but decided to comply; I lathered my little girl’s head in shaving cream and with a safety razor, I finished the commission for my wife.

She came over to us and placed her palm on our daughter’s head and stroked it.”Good and bald”,she smiled at our girl as she looked at me,”Nicely done”. I uncaped my girl and kissed her cheek,”You look beautiful”.She nodded and let me pick her up and give her to her mom. I looked at my wife and gestured her to give me our daughter back. She confusedly did and I placed my bald girl on the sofa.

”What are you doing?”my wife asked, I looked at her and went to the chair, removing the booster seat from the chair. I softly told her to get into the chair, at first she laughed, but I repeated my order in a more stern tone and she knew I meant it. She sheepishly sat my chair and tried to relax, thinking I would change my mind at the last minute, but I intending to follow through with this.

Caped up, I brushed back my wife’s blonde hair and as I held the length with one hand, I grabbed my clippers and flicked them on. She covered her mouth as I ran the device down her scalp and up her nape, she wanted it all to end when I had her head to a stubble point but I had to finish the job. With a razor, I swiped off the cream from her head. She was bald and I was done, taking off the cape and giving her a kiss on the cheek. Both my girls were bald and my wife never asked me to shave our daughter’s head again.


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