My Wife Sandy Is Sheared Short To Satisfy My Fetish

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On this Saturday morning I am taking my wife to my barbershop to get her hair cut very short.  I had already set up the appointment with my barber Mike, and Sandy was coming in as a willing participant.  Sandy and I are both in our early 30s, are consenting adults and had discussed the idea in advance.


Mike had been informed of the details ahead of time so that he wouldn’t ask questions and disrupt the mood before or during the haircut.  I wanted very badly to see Sandy’s long blonde hair cut off very short while she was just looking forward to an enjoyable experience.  The consensual nature and the anticipation turned both of us on.


You see, my wife and I had been high school sweethearts.  When I first laid eyes on her in English class during my freshman year, her shiny pristine blonde hair stood out as her best feature.  Lord only knew how much time she spent keeping it such wonderful condition.  But underneath all of those luscious locks, I got to know a very intelligent girl with a great personality.  I quickly discovered that she was truly one of a kind, the very girl that I wanted to be with forever.  We hit things off and dated the entire way through high school and the rest is history.


Although I tried to keep it a secret, Sandy discovered my hair fetish video collection one day while cleaning the house.  I came home exhausted from a long day at work and found Sandy in the home office watching one of my favorite long to short haircut videos on our computer.  I flushed red with embassment while she gave me that “cat that just got the canary” look.  Sandy admitted that she wasn’t angry with me, only intrigued.  She acknowledged that it was important to her that we share our interests no matter how bizarre.  I was too embarrassed to discuss anything with her at the moment.  It didn’t seem to phase her as she kept pestering me over the next several days wanting to learn more.


Then one night during dinner she completely caught me off guard by asking if I wanted to watch her get a very short haircut.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  My wife cutting off her long blonde hair?


“What did you say honey?” I stammered losing my breath for a moment and almost choking on my food.


“I said, would you like to watch me recieve a very short haircut?” Sandy asked again, smiling mischievously.


I swallowed and took a deep breath while trying to regain my composure.  “Of course I would enjoy it, but I never, ever thought that you would ask me such a thing.”


“Well I’ve tried to pry into your secret little world of haircutting fascination and you didn’t seem willing to discuss it no matter how hard I pushed.  I had to come up with some way to open you up.  Why don’t you call your barber friend and see if he can fit me in next weekend?  I will let you choose the style that is best for me,” Sandy said coming over to my side of the table and embracing me with her long arms.  She perched on my leg and began laying kisses all over my face.


“That would be a dream come true.  I will call him first thing tomorrow,” I stated confidently while stroking my wife’s luscious locks.


We had very passionate sex that night for the first time in a very long time.  All of the stress that I had built up from working too much over the last several months was released and I couldn’t wait to see my wife caped in the barber chair while receiving her first short haircut.


So fast forward back to the present.  Here we were pulling into the parking lot of the barbershop first thing on Saturday morning.  We were the first customers of the day, as planned, and I made sure that we were early for the appointment.


I got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side to open up the door for Sandy.  She climbed out smiling and sporting the short blue dress and heels that I had picked out for her to wear on this special occasion.  Sandy’s gorgeous silky blonde hair spilled down her back in waves, almost to her waistline.


“You look terrific, my love!” I said smiling at her, knowing that her beautiful hair would soon be hitting the floor.  I took a moment to admire Sandy’s amazing figure and long tan legs as she strode ahead of me toward the front door.


We stepped through the front door as the bell tinkled, alerting Mike of our presence.  He was already waiting for us and appeared to have everything set up and ready to go.


“Hi Bill….Hi Sandy,” Mike greeted us as he stood up from the waiting room chair and came forward to shake my hand.  He gave Sandy a quick once over and nodded his approval.  “Is she all ready for her big haircut this morning?” he asked with a big grin.


“Yes she is all ready,” I smiled.


“Then let’s get started right away as time is a-wasting.  Your chair awaits you,” Mike told Sandy.


I saw my wife glancing around the shop nervously,  spying the big chrome barber chair with red cushions off to one side.  She had seemed pretty confident going forward with this plan from the beginning, though it was certainly uncharted territory for her.  I think reality finally struck her the moment that she stepped into the shop and she realized that there was no turning back.


Sandy took a deep breath and slowly but confidently walked over and sat down in the big chrome chair and crossed her long tan legs.  I quickly moved over and sat down in an observation chair off to her side, boiling over with anticipation.


Mike stepped up to each video camera that was set up around the barber chair, and set each to began recording the unfolding spectacle.


When I had set up the appointment with Mike, he agreed to cut Sandy’s hair under one condition.  That he be allowed to film the entire haircut using several different video cameras mounted on tripods that were positioned at several different angles.  He would gave us a copy of the videos and he would keep a copy himself.  That way no matter what happened, we could all relive the experience over and over again.  We also agreed not to speak much during the cut so as to better capture the sounds of the scissors snipping and any reactions that Sandy produced.


Sandy looked over and smiled at me one last time as she gripped the armrests tightly with nervous hands.  I could see the goosebumps standing out on her arms and legs as she waited for her fate to arrive.  Her long blonde hair shimmered down the back of the chair, caught in the bright fluorescent lights from above.


I felt a tightness in my groin as the excitement was building.  My wife looked like a perfect angel sitting in that great big barber chair just waiting to be sheared.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mike giving me a thumbs up that the cameras were now rolling as he grabbed a black cape and approached the chair.


While Sandy held her hair up out of the way in a makeshift ponytail with her fist, Mike calmly placed a black cape around her petite figure.  Sandy shifted the cape a bit and pulled her slender arms through the holes.  She placed her shaking hands back onto the armrests as Mike starting pumping up the chair to a proper working height.


Mike was a very experienced barber but it had been quite some time since he had dealt with such a long mane.  He spent several minutes minutes combing through the long golden locks, polishing them to an even greater shine.  It would be a pity to cut off all of the hair but there was no turning back now.


Mike stepped over to the counter and after briefly eyeing his layout of trade tools, selected his favorite pair of scissors.  He came back to Sandy and stood before her wielding the sharp instrument.


“Are you ready to begin?” he asked.  Sandy nodded.


The anticipation was killing me now, I couldn’t wait any longer.  I wanted to see Sandy shorn already.  I could see my wife watching her caped reflection intently in the mirror, waiting for the deed to begin.


Moving in front of Sandy, Mike combed up a long shiny blonde lock right at her forehead, held the strand out with his fingers and slowly snipped it off about two inches from the skin.  The lock was discarded and slid down onto the cape in her lap.  Sandy was holding her breath silently and staring straight forward.  She was watching Mike carefully as he selected another lock in front that was slowly snipped off and suffered the same fate as the last.


Snip snip snip.  Mike continued to slowly comb and snip off the long golden strands of hair as he worked his way across the top of her scalp.  The relentless snipping of the scissors was music to my ears.  I kept expecting an emotional release from Sandy as her crowning glory was being removed but she seemed to be relaxing as the rhythmic combing and snipping continued.  I looked at the growing pile of tresses in Sandy’s lap as more continued to fall, joining their severed comrades.


Once the top was cut down to size, my wife looked rather funky with the sides and back still long and hanging down over the back of the chair.  Mike continued to rotate around the chair, slowly removing the locks on both sides and then the back making sure not to block the view of his cameras.


As Sandy’s cute ears and sensual neck became visible, I felt the growing pull in my groin.  There was no sense in trying to hide it any longer.  Mike was intensely focused on doing his job and had yet to glance in my direction.


As the final long strand was lopped off at the back and the snap of the scissors fell silent, I sucked in a deep breath and exhaled.  My wife’s hair was already no longer than two inches all around and she looked beautiful.  But I knew there was still plenty more action to come.


Sandy reached up to feel the shortened pieces of blonde hair that remained attached to her scalp as Mike set down the scissors.  She rubbed her fingers around her ears and across her neckline which were now completely exposed to the world for the first time.


Sandy turned her head toward me and smiled, sending a shock wave through me as her beautiful blue eyes sparkled.  I shifted in my seat as she continued to explore her short hair and I could tell that she liked the progress thus far.


My eyes wondered below the chair and saw great hanks of golden blonde tresses littered all over floor.  It was hard to believe that all of that hair had been Sandy’s glorious mane only 10 mins before.  I was mesmerized by the spectacle of it all.  Suddenly movement brought me back to focus.


It was Mike approaching the chair again, this time wielding a pair of hair clippers without a guard and a small comb.  Starting at the left side in front of her ear, he began to create a fade using the comb as a guide.  The humming of the clippers and clickity clack against the comb reverberated around us as Mike worked carefully.  He was clipping the hairline down to almost nothing and slowly working upward.  He sheared delicately around her ear, then repeated the process all over again on the right side.


The humming continued as Mike drove the clippers up through the nape.  Sandy let loose a soft moan as the vibration tickled her senses.  She closed her eyes and continued to moan as the clippers sheared away her hair.  Mike worked until the fade was complete all the way around.  He continued using the clippers to smooth out the hairline while removing any faint traces of baby hair.


It was no surprise that I was hard as a rock at that particular moment, enjoying watching my wife receive a terrific haircut while sharing in her pleasure.  I began rubbing my crotch through my pants, breathing harder as the emotions continued.  Next thing I knew, Mike was clicking off the clippers again and returning them to the counter.


In no time at all, Mike returned to the chair with a spray bottle and comb.  He began spritzing the shortened locks on top, combing the hair back and forth to ensure that it was thoroughly wet down to his liking.  Mike created a parting on the left side of Sandy’s head and combed the hair properly into place.


Selecting another smaller pair of scissors, he began cutting the remaining hair on top to a proper length.  Snip snip snip.  Hair was combed, snipped and recombed back into position as he worked his way across her scalp.


The style was really taking shape now as the scissors continued their journey.  Little pieces of blonde hair fell on the cape found their way to the floor to join the rest of the pile.


After quite a bit of trimming had been done, Mike combed through what was left to dislodge any stray pieces.  He set the comb and scissors down once again.


“Now all I have left to do is show you how to style your hair and you will be finished,” Mike announced.


He retreated to the counter and found a bottle of hair gel.  He squirted a nice amount into his palm and rubbed his hands together.  Then he began slowly running his hands through Sandy’s hair as she watched the progress in the mirror.


After the top hair was sleek with gel, Mike took a comb from his shirt pocket and drew a nice crisp part high on the left.  He proceeded to comb the top hair properly across her head, picking up the bangs and sweeping them back so that they wouldn’t dangle on her forehead.  Mike rechecked his work again slowly and carefully to ensure that every piece of hair was in place and that my wife looked absolutely gorgeous.


Mike removed the cape and there sat my beautiful wife on the barber chair with her newly sculpted hairstyle, slicked back with gel and looking fresh.  It was a perfect style for Sandy and she looked more delicious than ever.  I started licking my lips enthusiastically as I watched her continue to explore her newly exposed facial features even further with her long fingers.  She nodded her head with approval and smiled at me again.  I felt ready to explode at any minute and was forced to contain myself.


Sandy uncrossed her legs, stepped out of the chair and did a few twirls for the cameras before Mike shut them off.  She looked absolutely fantastic in her very short pixie cut and I was extremely satisfied with the job that Mike had done.  My wife has terrific bone structure which was accentuated by the short hairstyle.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her soft neck.


Sandy moaned and collapsed back into me as I gave her a great big hug.  We embraced for several minutes and I knew that she could feel my stiffness against her body.  It was time to go, I couldn’t wait any longer.


I quickly thanked Mike and gave him a large tip for a job well done.  As we left he promised me a copy of the videos on my next visit.  My wife and I stumbled out the front door and barely reached the car in time.  I quickly pulled Sandy inside and slammed the door shut.  I hiked up her dress and took her right then and there inside the car.  I didn’t care who was watching us at that point.  We both worked up to a wrenching climax and exploded at the same time.  It was the best sex that we had had in a long, long time.  That haircut was the spark that we needed to get back on track with our love life and somehow I knew that the best was yet to come.

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