My wife’s a freelancer now pt.1

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When I got home from work on Tuesday, my wife met me at the door with a wide grin on her face. I was a tad concerned about her mental state but she put me at ease with a good meal. As I ate, my curiosity got the better of me and I asked,”What did you do today, honey?”

”Oh, today was absolutely wonderful, darling”,she beamed brightly, almost blinding me with her giddiness,”I got a job today”

I was a bit confused and therefore queried,”So you’re leaving the house”

”Oh, no no”,my wife replied,”It’s a gig that I can do right at home. See, the neighborhood kids are getting a bit shaggy these days. And I will be getting money for giving them haircuts”

”Ah”,I began to understand the plan. I never really knew my Peggy could cut hair, but she never ceases to surprise me.

The next morning, I left for my job. When I returned home, my wife was sweeping up the final trimmings of blonde and brown strands up off the kitchen floor. She gave me a warm smile and I took the liberty of making dinner for the both of us so my Peggy could take a rest after a hard day’s work.

We sat down to eat and my wife was abuzz about her day, it started after I had left to go to work. Mrs. Johnson, an uptight woman of the community, had brought her daughter, Esther, a brown haired girl about fourteen years old, over to the house for a short haircut. Esther was not excited for the procedure but her mother prodded her inside the house. My wife had cleaned the house, top to bottom, beforehand and she was proud to meet and serve Esther’s mother with her craft.

Peggy took Esther into the kitchen while the girl’s mother waited in the living room. Esther’s mother had given my wife orders to cut her daughter’s hair short and use clippers to round her ears. In the kitchen, Peggy had set up a chair for her models to sit in and Esther reluctantly took her seat in the chair. After pinning up the girl’s hair, my girl wrapped her girl in a striped cape she bought at the store in preparation for this new job. She unpinned the hair that went back to its length of two feet of long, brown hair. My wife tied off most of the length to start and chopped the tail short. With comb and scissors, Peggy defined the hairstyle. When she was done with that, my wife plugged in the clippers and rounded Esther’s ears and cleaned up her neckline.

Shutting off the clippers, Peggy dusted the cut hair off of the cape and proceeded to remove the cape from Esther’s body. Esther rubbed her neck and felt up her short hair, she didn’t know how to feel about it. When my wife took the girl back to her mother, the woman was overjoyed with her daughter’s short haircut. My wife made 35.00$ on that haircut.

Around two o’ clock, Peggy heard a knock on the door. Her next customer had arrived. Miss Dawson stood on the threshold with her daughter, Heidi, a curly blonde haired eight year old girl, by her side. What Miss Dawson wanted done with her daughter was a short, curly cut that framed the girl’s face. The women came into the kitchen with her daughter and watched her offspring get her hair pinned up and caped up. Now, curly hair was new territory for my wife but she did her best and apparently did a fantastic job.

Peggy didn’t use the clippers or comb, she only cut each curl precisely until the length satisfied Heidi’s mother’s vision. The curls did frame Heidi’s face and getting rid of some bulk complimented her features immensely. When the cut was done, Heidi’s mom paid Peggy 64.95 for the uniqueness of her daughter’s hair that must’ve been a challenge to find a hairdresser for.

In all, my wife made good money and I respected her hustle as a worker and as my wife.


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