Myanmar amazing trip

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Hi I’m Kesh, a freelancer. I love traveling to countries with Asian cultures. In addition, I also have a perverted hobby of liking girls with long hair. In a group on my social network, I often chat with a Myanmar girl, named Lin, who is a high school teacher. There is not much information about her image, appearance, but we talk very well together. She asked me to go on a trip to her hometown, in Yangon. And the story begins here

It didn’t take long to fly to Myanmar from my home country, I landed from the airport, phoned her to come pick me up. While waiting for her, I thought in my head that there will be a girl with normal beauty, besides, I knew that women in Myanmar often have long hair, so I hoped the person I am looking didn’t have short hair. I met her and I was surprised

It’s true that she was not so gorgeous, but very pretty, easy on eyes. She is 25 years old, slim build, about 5 ft 3 inches tall. But what attracted me the most was her hair. She has a huge bun on the top of her head (about 6 to 7 inches high), about the size of a small watermelon, covering the center of her head. In particular, the hair quality is extremely good, the hair is jet black, straight, hardly dry or tangled, it reflects the shine in the sunny weather in Myanmar. At first we greeted each other, I wanted to hug her and say hello (she seemed shy at first) but then allowed me do it. Since I was taller than her, I almost pressed my face against the bun, it had a very nice smell of shampoo, mixed in with the characteristic hair smell, giving me a feeling that I just wanted to smell her hair forever. About 1 minute later, she shyly pushed me away, we went to a local restaurant to eat and drink, then went for a walk together in an area with many beautiful yellow temples. During the trip, she kept telling interesting stories about her country, but what I really noticed was her hair, it was really beautiful and distracted my mind. . At the end of the day, after dropping me off at the hotel, she said goodbye to me and promised to come pick me up the next day. Gathering up my courage, I thanked her for the outing, complimented her, and asked her about her hair.

“Can you tell me how long your hair is?” – I asked
“It’s very long” – She laughed
“How long? I see that your bun is very big, and I guess it’s up to your butt” – I said with a smile.
“No, it’s much longer, I’ll show you,” she said, taking off her hairpins.

The huge bun that was composed of many thick shinny coils was untied by her hand. Standing in front of me was a beautiful girl with floor-length hair. Her hair is very long, straight, thick and jet-black, especially the thickness is kept from her shoulders to her toes. The ends of her hair are trimmed evenly, plus there is almost no tangled hair, so it proves that she loved and took good care of her hair.

“Can I touch your hair?” – I asked
“Yes” she replied shyly

I gently grabbed all of her hair at the shoulders into a ponytail, her hair was really thick because it was over 2 inches in diameter. I pulled her hair from her shoulders to her butt, then to her knees. The hair is thick but very soft and silky, there is a bit of oil in the hair which I guess is due to the cosmetics, which gives the hair a pleasant fragrance. She groaned slightly when I touched her hair, but soon regained consciousness, she shyly looked at me while pulling her hair back, putting it back in a bun and saying goodbye.

The next afternoon, I made an appointment to meet her at a small cafe next to the park. She arrived in a traditional dress, with two cheek patches on her face (I find it odd but she’s still beautiful), a huge bun still on top of her head, attached by 2 large hairpins . After drinking coffee, we went for a walk and rested on a bench in the park. While listening to her talk about her family, I gently touched the bun. She was a little startled at first, but later she didn’t stop me.
“Your hair is beautiful” – I complimented her
“You seem to enjoy playing with my hair” – She smiled
“I’ve never seen a girl with longer hair and more beautiful than you, I’m so lucky that I can meet you, I wish I could be by your side forever” – I confessed.
“People compliment my hair like that too, I’ve grown it since I was a kid. I consider my hair my pride. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to take care of but it’s worth it.” – She answered
Without waiting for her to finish, I gently pulled out the two hairpins, her hair spilling over me, emitting a fragrant aroma. It was getting darker and darker, there weren’t many people in the park, so I could comfortably touch and play with her long hair. She seemed to be enjoying herself, as she closed her eyes while moaning softly, her cheeks turned pinker making her even more beautiful.


I gently kissed her wet lips and then kissed her hair. The cock in my pants also became erect and stiffer, luckily covered by her thick hair.
“If I don’t have long hair anymore, will you still like me? – After kissing, she suddenly asked
“Why do you say that? You want a haircut?” – I was startled
“Yes, there will be a fundraiser to build schools and roads, I want to cut half of this hair to contribute money” – I answered
“But it will take a lot of time and effort to grow my hair back” – I begged her
“It’s okay, forgot to tell you, my hair grows very quickly, twice as fast as normal people, it will probably only take 3, 4 years to go from butt to heel. Besides, I also want to contribute something. It’s for the community” – She happily replied
We stopped talking for a long time, then I kissed her again. This time, both of them were more proactive, she also welcomed me warmly. Then I gently took her hand and asked:
“I want to cut your hair tonight”
She was scared, but then asked me why. I just replied that I love her, so I won’t let any other man cut the hair I love when she comes to a place like hair donation stations. After hearing my persuasion, she nodded slightly. We took each other to eat at a fancy restaurant and then returned to my hotel room

As soon as I entered the room, I forcefully hugged her from behind and kissed her huge bun. She also did not refuse, slowly twisting her body to seduce me. Right after that, we slowly undressed each other, while I also untied her bun. In front of me is a nude girl with a voluptuous figure, white skin, pink and round breasts, a pretty face, and especially long, thick, black hair like a waterfall flowing from head to toe. .

I gently laid her on the bed, constantly groping her body and her long hair. After the foreplay was over, I kissed her on the lips, then gently inserted my stiff cock into her pussy. It was really tight at first, she also showed pain but after hearing the comforting words, she slowly accepted it too (there were some blood stains on the bed so I guess I took her virginity). After we had sex passionately, I took a towel to clean her body, when she heard a bit sad saying:

“It’s time, cut my hair quickly, before I change my mind”

I took the hotel chair and spread it out in the middle of the room, and placed a mirror right in front of the chair, like a small barber shop on the roadside. She was still naked, sitting sadly in a chair, her hair pushed back and spread across the floor like a thick, silky black carpet. I took out a comb and proceeded to comb her long hair, trying to keep it from getting tangled, I wanted the hair to be in the best condition. After playing with her hair long enough, I pulled out some thick rubber hair ties, a scale, and a pair of scissors the size of garden shears, extremely sharp.

“Where do you want to cut?” I gently hug her from behind, whispering

“Just cut it at the butt, I still want my hair to be long” – She sadly replied

I slowly pulled her to her feet in front of the large mirror and measured her hair. Her hair is really long, if she stands up straight it easily extends a little on the floor, her hair is more than 5 ft 5. If I cut at the butt, she will lose about 2 ft. I tied the rubber band around her butt into a ponytail, although it was a short ponytail, it was very thick, almost as thick as my wrist or the base of the neck of other girls’ hair . I couldn’t resist this beauty, so I suddenly had a perverted intention

“Let me tie your hands first, I don’t want you to protest when I cut your hair, Let’s consider it a roleplay” – I begged her gently, and kissed her on the lips. She shyly agreed, and I pulled out a tie, tying her hands in front, making sure she wouldn’t be able to untie herself.

I untied the hair tie from her butt. Comb back her long hair and stand behind her and say

“I fell in love with you at first sight, and I love you for who you are, not just for your long hair. And to prove it, I’ll cut your hair off. You’ll still be beautiful, with shorter hair”

She suddenly turned pale, then bursted into tears, begged me: “No,….please…don’t cut my hair short, it’s my pride, my beauty…”

“So will you cut it at my waist?” I asked naughtily, keeping the scissors in the waist position

“Yes…” – She paused for a moment, then nodded sadly

“No, I’ll cut at the mid-back” – I raised the position

“Yes..” – She sobbed, reluctantly replied

“Fine, I’ll cut at the shoulder then” – I lift at her shoulder

“No… Please… It’s too short, It will take me a lot of time to regrow and nourish the hair back as it is now”


I feel pity when she looks so pitiful now, I really love her not only from the moment we met but from talking online. I love both who she is and her hair, and I don’t want other men to touch her hair. So I’ll cut off her hair

I gently comforted her, telling her how much I loved her. After she stopped crying, I tied a thick ponytail at her shoulders, then combed her beautiful long hair again to cherish the last moment of her hair.

Brushing her hair made me more insane, making me slowly lose control. I pushed her to her knees, my cock was already standing up, but this time I boldly entered her pussy causing her to scream. We fucked each other in doggy style in front of the big mirror

Instead of tying her hair at the shoulder position, I forcefully untied it. Stretch her hair backwards horizontally, grabbing and stroking her hair with my hands to make sure not mising a single strand of hair. I used two or three thick rubber bands to tie her hair into a super long, thick ponytail at the top of her head. Then I grabbed the scissors, inserted it right under the tie, so close to her scalp

After she calmed down and looked in the mirror, her face turned pale and she cried bitterly: “No,… Please don’t cut my hair like that…. it’s too short, I don’t want to lose my hair”

“Sorry honey, I have to…” I kissed her hair goodbye, then cut her hair with force

The wonderful sound of the hair cutting their way through her hair was amazing. Although the scissors are sharp, her ponytail is so thick that it can only cut a part of the outside, some of her short hair that reaches her ears is gradually coming out to hide the tears flowing down her face.

As I continued to cut through her ponytail I was having an almost out of body experience. Every cut down her ponytail made her head tremble, my cock shivering in her pussy.

“Schick.. schick..schick and schick”

And finally, the scissors cut through her 2 inches in diameter thick ponytail. She creamed bittlerly and cry even harder, while i cum a lot into her stomach

I stood up, held up her super long and thick ponytail like a trophy, I almost cut all of her long hair, the ponytail was over 55 inches long, thick from end to end, weighs more than 2.5lbs

I turned to see my woman still kneeling on the floor, her long hair was mercilessly taken away. From a beautiful woman with the longest hair in Yagon, long hair reached to her heels and very thick, black, silky, now turned into a girl with ear-length, shaggy, short hair. The position on her hair that used to have a huge hairbun on it is now replaced with bristle hair pieces.

I gently lifted her up, before I was about to give her a comforting hug, I was hit in the face by a strong slap

“Go away, you pervert, I don’t want to see you anymore” – She cried while screaming

But I can still stand it, hug her and say:

“Without long hair, you’re still beautiful, I love you so much”

After a moment of consolation, she stopped crying and allowed me to fix her hair. From a floor-length into ear-length hair woman, but she is still pretty. Right after that I hugged and kissed her passionately, we once again had sex and went to sleep

Early the next morning, I woke up to find her standing stroking her severed ponytail, sadness still in her eyes.
I hugged and kissed her from behind and she scolded me

“You don’t have to cut my long hair like that, do you know how many years it took me to grow it? Then how can I go to see friends and relatives? and how to donate hair? You ‘re a hair pervert”

“I’ll donate with my own money, but I have to keep your hair, it’s proof that I love you” – I kiss her

After making love in the morning again, I took her out to eat and then we go shopping. A few days later, I said goodbye to return home. The day I left, she gave me a gift box in which a thick, long ponytail was rolled into a giant bun, exactly like the one on her head when we first met. She said it was a parting gift and to remind me not to forget her.

We still talk to each other online. Every night, I would take her hair out to comb and masturbate at the same time, every time I think about her more. Six months later, I proposed to her and fortunately she agreed. We met at the airport, her hair had grown to her shoulders. We hugged and kissed.  In my mind, I wish she could grow her hair longer so I could cut it again.


P.s: All names mentioned on the story are fictional. Sorry for my bad English

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