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“Well, here i am” – said Natalie before entering the hair salon.

The past

Natalie was a 20 y/o woman that always had long hair (now it almost reached her butt) and was getting bored of it. “It looks great! Such wonderful hair!” Always hearing the same compliments from people she didn’t even know who they were. And she used to agree, her blonde hair was gorgeus, to say the least. But it was thick, and thick hair, in her case, made it very difficult to keep clean and brushed. Since she was 19, she started to take longer showers and spend more time and money on products to her hair. And more than often she couldn’t get it properly done and people usually noticed it, sometimes to the point of asking her if she had a bad day.

To her, that wasn’t the only reason to do it. She also watched how her friends cut their hair short and liked it. Emily, who got a bob; or Amy, who went straight for the pixie, are some of the examples she thought of. Both of them dared to do it and got amazing results, so why not her? In the end, she could try to grow it again.

“Hi, I’m Sarah, how can i help you?”

“Hello, I’m Natalie, and (hesitated for a second) i was thinking about getting a haircut.”

“Sure! Have a seat, i’ll personally take care of you when i’m finished.”

Natalie thanked her and followed her to where she guided. The salon wasn’t that big, but had enough room to fit 3 chairs in a row and a separate seat where clients could sit and wait for their turn. She had a look on Sarah, who was finishing on a girl. The girl didn’t seem happy about her haircut, and Natalie noticed that there was a lot of hair on the floor. Also, her mother was on her left overseeing how everything went. Sarah took her cape off, they paid and went away after thanking her for her services. Then Natalie got up and Sarah swept the floor while telling her that her seat was avaiable.

“So, what do you have in mind?”- asked Sarah while putting on her a cape.

“I really don’t know. All i know is that i have so much hair i’m sick of having to spend a lot of time on it.”

“Well, how about 4 inches? Same hairstyle, but shorter and better to deal with. If it’s still long, i can always cut a little more.”

“Yeah, sure, why not?”. Sarah then proceded to humidify her hair and took some scissors and a comb.

Then she began cutting her hair, and everything was silent. Just background noise from the other chairs and the scissors. Natalie even sighed few times of pure boredoom. She didn’t know, but the hairdresser noticed and began planning something for her. “If she lets me, i’m gonna use the clippers to give her an amazing cut” – she thought.

“Well, finished, a standard haircut for a standard girl. But do you really only want that?” – Natalie was cut out by surprise – “Sorry?” “As a professional, i would recommend you to chop it all off. Like…hold on, i’ll give you a catalogue.” Natalie meanwhile thought to herself “what has happened? i went here only to get a normal haircut, but getting a short cut…i may like that too.” (She was very dubious as she almost had never had short hair.)

Sarah then gave her the catalogue and showed her some pages with very short cuts, some of them even said that clippers were needed. Natalie started to feel nervous “these haircuts…you know, are very short for me. And loosing all of my hair…” – “No, stop. (outraged tone) I noticed you were bored about this haircut and i’m sure that you are tired of having the same hairstyle. Am i right?” – Said Sarah while interrupting her. Natalie looked at her after realizing her hairdresser was up to changing things. “That’s what i wanted to see. So (she began tying some of her hair on top of her head), have you decided? Or do you want me to take control over this?” – Natalie couldn’t properly answer, but put a finger on a long pixie made on a brunette. Sarah agreeded and went away to take some clippers. “But it doesn’t say anything about that” – she complained. “Well, they might be useful later, don’t know. Besides, i already have them here for the next clients.”

Natalie sighed, and let Sarah do her work. She reassured her hair on the top with some clips and a tie. Then, she took the scissors, the first of the locks from her right side and stopped “are you sure you want to try this? There might be no going back.” – “You said it, not me. And i’m really bored about my hair, so let’s change it even if it looks bad afterwards.”

“Okay then, let’s start.” – said Sarah, now with her consent. The sound the scissors made didn’t catch Natalie by surprise, but rather the progressive lightening and the feelings of the ends touching her jaw. “Sarah’s going quite short” – she thought to herself. The hairdresser, now on her back, kept grabbing and cutting her hair roughly, but leaving still some length to work with. In the end, Natalie had a big bun on top of her head and a weird chin-length bob on the sides. “Looks funny” – she said. The hairdresser chuckled a bit and started humidifying her hair again. Then took a comb and scissors, and started giving everything an even ending. Through the process she kept turning Natalie’s chair, from left to right. After that, she took off the clips and the tie from the top. Natalie began to have mixed feelings: she suddenly liked the neck hair, but leaving her long hair was difficult. However, she already commited, so there was no point in complaining.

Sarah also humidified everything again a bit and asked: “I know you said you wanted a pixie, but it may be best to try this chin-length bob as an intermediate”. Natalie: “ok, let’s go”.

Sarah agreed and started cutting her hair the same way as before, moving the chair from left to right. Also, Sarah offered her to cut bangs, but Natalie didn’t agree as she didn’t like them.

The hairdresser smiled with the finished result: “Well, there you go, a chin-lenght bob. Do you like it?” Natalie: “kinda, i have to adapt to it, but it’s nice. (She then took a hand out to feel it, and her face had an expression of being uncomfortable.)I don’t like Can you please cut that out too?” Sarah smiled and answered: i can, but i’m needing to use those (pointing at the clippers on the table), you know?” Natalie hesitated, she knew she had never seen those in action. Finally, she said “go for it”.

Sarah plugged them and tilted Natalie’s head forward without her knowing what was going to happen. Then she turned them on and began approximating them to Natalie’s nape. The vibrations catched her by surprise as she didn’t know what to expect from such a tool. One thing was the sound, but the feeling was way over any good sensation she ever had. Sarah continued doing more passes throughout her nape and noticed Natalie liked them a lot. She decided to go over her nape to…you know, if she left anything over there. Natalie kept enjoying without noticing it. Then she turned them off and let Natalie see herself in the mirror. Natalie, on the other hand, couldn’t say anything more than “god, i love the feeling. What did you say they were?” “They are clippers, and for now i’ve put in them a number 4 guard to avoid going too short. But, if you want, i can give you a nice short cut. Think about it: how would it feel to use these on the sides?”

“Oh, well, i don’t really know…” – said Natalie, tempted to try – “How would be the result?” Sarah guaranteed her she would look great and said: “besides, it’s not that short. Come on, let me take control, what would happen?” Natalie had second things about that, but was finally convinced by Sarah to let her take control over this. “In the end, i can grow it up to a bob or use a wig”, she thought.

Sarah smiled for the liberty she got and took again the clippers. She passed them again through the nape, but higher this time as she was definitely giving Natalie a boy cut. After her nape, she went to the right side, which made her see a glimpse of what Sarah wanted to give her. And, oh girl, she loved the clippers. Even more when they ran on her right ear, making her have a mixture of a relaxed and excited feeling. Then, when she finished on her right side, proceded to do the same on her left. Just passing the clippers through her left side, taking care of any long lock.

Then, she changed the guard to a number 3 and only passed them on her nape. Sarah took out the guard and inverted them to shape up her nape. Natalie was experiencing a lot of surprises, but this one was definitely the cherry on the cake. Combining the vibrations, the nape, and now cold steel? “Oh my god”, this is ecstasy itself” – she thought – I may want to try this all over my head even if that means no hair. However, Sarah had to finish and took some scissors and a comb. Trying not to cut it too short, Sarah gave Natalie a boyish cut that allowed, like a pixie, many different styles to avoid boredoom. She finished by taking out her cape and pulling out a hair dryer. “Well, what do you think?”
– It’s awesome! It’s lighter, cooler and… (she made a gesture of “it’s very good, thank you so much!”)
– Haha, i knew you would like it. So yeah, you can come in a month if you want to mantain it. Or…(whispering) make it shorter.
Sarah was taken aback by that option, but noticed it was late. She paid and left with a “thank you” and a smile.


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