Neha sister Headshave

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Hi , friends . This is sotry my friend neha she is 22 studying eng lastyear. Today my mom called a barber to our house. At first i got tensed seeing him as for the past 3 years i had my headshave but recently going for bob cut as per my mom advice. My sis who was beside me (bujji, doing 12std, and 17years old)started teasing me by calling nunnapu gundu akka again .at that time my eyes were filled with tears and started saying to my mom its enough. i had enough headshaves nw no more. then my mom replied that who said hs is for u. me and my sis were stunned by her answer and i felt so much relieved. meanwhile my mom arranged a mug of water and a small stool in backyard. nw my mom called my sis to get ready for her hs . she was cmpletely shocked as she had thick medium smooth hair and did her headshave once with our family. then after no haircuts and hs . she began to cry aloud and started begging my mom not to have hs. but my mom didnt care and told that she wil be bald till final open exams so that she can concentrate more on her studies. she cried , tried to convice my mom alot but al her efforts failed. she was taken to barber and made her sit on stool . my mom started unbraided her hair meanwhile the barber is preaparing razor blade. my mom asked my sis to see , touch her hair for last time as she is going to be bald for 1 year ful. she did so crying alot. then my mom stated to start mundan . at 1st her hair was cut close to scalp and locks of hair felldown . my sis felt weightless and started touching her hair which became so short that she cannot hold her hair for ponytail. nw she began wiping alot. my mom slapped her and asked her to be quiet.nw barber poured water on her scalp and started massage to it.then after 5 min he started mundan from backwards. at first a big yellow patch appeared at backside.and barber continued to turn her head to left , right sides and within few min backside was shaven full. and he started to shave front side and my sis started crying again as her lovely hair falling down on her lap. and within and15min everything was over. my mom touched her scalp and asked him 2 repeat d process twice – once in reverse direction and once with gel. this process continued for 5 more min . after that my sis has smooth shinier soft bald. my mom gave him some money and asked him to visit frequently . if not my sis wil be send for men’ s saloon shop. nw my mom removed left over hair on her dress and showed her face in a mirror with a smiling face.she advised her to get accomotised in her new luk. she cried for her new look and went inside to do bath. after that my dad and my grandma liked my sis gundu and touched al time while my sis hated dad loved her bald appearance as she was so cute and beautiful therefore he advised my mom to go for hs of my sis for few years. i to liked her newlook . i share my sis future hs experiences.pls u to say some of ur hs and encouraghe her as she was so shy and embrarsed abt her new look.

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