Neighbors long to short

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It was the beginning of the summer and i walked out of my house with a girl named Karen as I was walking her to her car my neighbor Linda walked over and we talked for a while and then Karen said goodbye and said love my new haircut. Then Linda said i didn’t know you cut hair. She was thinking about new cut. I said come over Friday night after work and talk about it. By the way she is a great dresser.

Friday night she came over about 5pm. SHe Was wearing business attire with nice high heels. We had a glass of wine and talked for a while and then. I ssat her in the chair and caped her. Then with barber clippers number 1 guide i took the back off right up to her hairline then cut left side sharp straight line showing her ear lobe then right side angled from nape to chin length with long taper point. SHe loved it then the next week. I trimmed the sides and buzz the nape. Two weeks later she stopped over and do something different.

SHe looked hot 5 inch white heels and tight jeans. SHe sat in the chair and i took the small clippers and made a high arched line and then with triple 0 shaved her nape and for fun Wednesday i took her to the barber shop for for nape shape up let me know if anyone is interested in hearing the rest

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