Neighbour- 1

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It all started on a fine evening,

I have hair fetish and I used to masturbate seeing the neighbour aunt and her daughter who both had a long hair since years.

On that fine evening, both the aunt and her daughter came to my home for asking a help for her daughter, both had their hair loose as they were freshly washed. They both never went for a haircut or atleast a hair trim since I came to know them, and all I want is to own that hair as all mine and I knew that it’s quite impossible but now it’s my time.

Both the aunt and daughter sat on the chair and asked for the help they wanted, I really know that it will be complicated if I ask them for my wish together so I’ve been waiting for one of them to get distracted and that moment when my wish gets true, her daughter got a call from her office and she just went out to attend it. I really thought that will be my time and said the aunt like, I have no issues on helping your daughter but what’s the use on that I can help her only if you agree to do something for me.

She was clueless and confused, I just told her u have a great hair and I really love it and all I need is you and your hair all mine. On hearing that she became speechless and started getting anger and now I have no other choice than blackmail her, I just remembered her about the help she needed for her daughter and now she became mute I just went towards her back and patted on her shoulder and said that u no need to answer me immediately but unless u give me a reply ur daughter will be helpless and she went without a word.

Few hours later, she came in again and said that all she is doing is only for her daughter and there comes my first victory. I said her I’ll take you and your hair once I finish helping your daughter.

The next day her daughter came upto my home and we started our work but how can I be that normal as I love her hair too and never wanted her but all I want is only her hair all mine so I just paused my work and asked her what will you give me for helping you, she just took a minute and said me ‘whatever you ask’ and I just went for it asked her that I want to see her nude and do whatever I want with your hair. On that moment she aroused with anger and started shouting at me but I stayed calm and told that u have no other option to get ur work done.

After few minutes she became nude herself and let her long hair free and why not I became nude too with my dick really hard. I never wanted her but only her hair but on seeing her hairy pussy I went to an alternative plan.

I made her sit on the chair and tied her hands to the arm rest she had no reaction on her face even after seeing my dick that hard, I really thought how stubborn she is and let’s see how long she can be like this. I went to the bathroom and took my shaving tools and placed those on her lap, on seeing those she made a glimpse and looked at me she really had no idea what I’m going to do.

Now it’s time for the game

I just opened her leg and put the razor directly on her pussy hair and shaved her pussy to skin for three times and again with foam applied for two times on this process I found her eyes as well as pussy becoming wet. I just fingered her pussy hard and went behind her and here is the thing I was waiting since years her long hair and it’s all mine now but I never wanted to shave her head bald I want those for future so I just planned for some other like nape shaved bob.

I never wanted to make it that simple so I have planned to give her a high shaved nape and step by step bob so on that day I just made a normal nape shave and trimmed her long hair after that I had a great hairjob and cummed all over her hair and face.





Wait for part- 2






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