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For best enjoyment please read the “Never Expected This “ story published previously.

Some six months later Kate called me to say that she had given birth to Ben and Sue had given birth to Christine and thanked me, but I never got an invite.  It was clear that they now wanted to get on with their own lives.

One year after their sheering, I was thinking about whether they were going to do it again as they said they would.  I then had a call from Kate and they invited me over to see the babies.

I went over to their home with some bottles of wine and my clippers, after all maybe this is what they wanted.  I was received with a hug.

The babies were cute, aren’t they all.  I was able to hold them and eventually helped Kate and Sue put them to bed.

The wine came out, Sue has made dinner and we started talking,  I let them know I had the clippers in the car.  Apparently that was not on the agenda, disappointing.  However we still had a good evening in bed.  Sue and Kate both said that they had missed this.  I clearly had a great evening and was put up in one of their spare rooms.

In the morning they wanted to discuss a proposal.  They wanted me along last night to see how I got on with the babies, even allowing me to assist them in putting them to bed. I apparently was on a test. They had concluded that they needed someone to assist with the children and cooked meals, clean up etc. Their solicitor company was doing so well and needed so they needed help.  They wanted me to consider coming to live with them.  I would have my own room and a studio for my work, they will provide a car and all living expenses as well as full holiday costs to wherever they go.  I could rent my house for income, they would rent it for the first 6 months. I would be part of the family but the contract re the children remain.  The one key point was that I could not have a favourite, If either of them felt that I was favouring one of them then it was a reason for them to request that I leave.  The other condition was that they could shave me once a year.

I was given 3 days to consider it and if I agreed then I could move in the following weekend and then we will have a sheering event.

It would mean that I would have to be selective on what clients I worked with in future but I decided to give it a go. Kate and Sue have a large house which could easily accommodate me with my own rooms and they were both exceptional people.

So on Saturday I took a lot of stuff over, including more wine and the clippers, and settled in, Sue cooked the dinner. They said that whilst only one of them was getting sheered that night, both of them wanted it. It was my choice.

Well ,that was a problem, I could not show bias and declined the offer, so it went down to a flip of a coin and Kate won.  Having had a few glasses of wine we went up to my room for the remainder of the evening.

Kate and Sue first showed me how they enjoyed their sex together, with a focus on pleasing Sue including the use of some aids.  I then also joined in and after Sue had been played with to the point that she orgasmed it was time for the main event.

Kate and I took it slow, we were going to enjoy this, for me it is a start of what I hope would become a new family. First with hugging and then moving on to some foreplay as I teased her clit and Kate encouraged my tool.

After a while Kate climbed on top and Sue got ready with the clippers. We stayed there for a few minutes whilst we enjoyed the feeling of both of us.  Then Kate started to ride me, oh it felt good.

Kate become closer to her orgasm and asked Sue if she was ready.  The clippers started.  Kate slowed but contracted hard.

I looked up to Kate, I assumed she was smiling, but I could not through the veil of hair in front of her.  Her hair had grown out to shoulder length.

Kate gave Sue the OK and she started slowly down the middle from behind the veil, the hair slowly slid, down over her breasts and onto me.  By the time the hair tickled her breasts Kate was having an orgasm. When the hair landed on me I also came and held firmly onto Kate, it was so good.

As Sue continued the sheering we continued to hold each other, enjoy the experience, smiled, laughed and made sure that each of us enjoyed the contact. Kate said how the clipper vibrations just made her want to come, as the hair dropped down and tickled her breasts it was the most amazing experience.

After all of Kate’s hair had gone, we were still attached, looking at each other having had so much pleasure and thinking that there is a good future for us three.

Sue, whilst missing out on having her hair cut, was also clearly pleased on how it went. We both gave her a hug and she knew that we were all together.

Afterwards Kate and Sue went to their room.  I was left with a bed full of hair.

That was all the sheering for the next 6 months when the Kate and Sue were going to sheer me.

I am looking forward to this new way of life with Kates and Sue.

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