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Rather than just describing the shearing event I have put together the context of how we got there.  Is there anything after this?  I do not know.  This has sexual content.

Having just finished a major art/animation project on TV I decided to have a restful break in Las Cristianos, Tenerife and maybe introduce myself to someome else enjoying themselves.

It was day five and had spent time at the beach and in the bars I was still on my own. Having come off the beach I stopped off at one of the front bars for a drink and carried on reading a book.

Three tables over I noticed a couple of young ladies, drinking and talking together.  Keeping an eye on them over my kindle, after about 5 minutes one of them touched the other and nodded her head in my direction .  I managed to get eye contact, this could be interesting.

I got up, walked across, asked if they wanted a drink, made a comment and waited as they looked at each other.  “Yes please, mine is a Corolla and Kate’s is a pink Gin, please join us”.

Having briefly introduced ourselves. Kate, a brunette with straight hair down to just below her shoulders. Sue a strawberry blonde with the same hairstyle.

We spent about 20 mins talking about what we have been doing and Kate said that they were taking a boat trip tomorrow from the harbour.  Quicky I said that I was also booked on a boat and checked which one they were doing, and confirmed I had booked the same one.  After about 30 mins, Sue said they need to go as they had come work to do and we would see each other the next day.  I could not work out whether that was a cold shoulder.

I went straight to the boat booking area and booked a ticket for the next day.

We met up on the boat, the girls came across and both gave me a hug.  I took that as a positive sign.

During the day we got to know each other better.  They met up as roommates at the University of Oxford, studying law.  Got on so well that they fell in love and enjoyed each other pleasure, there was no need to find other partners.  After university they kept in touch.

Kate joined a practice specializing in business cases where she was fortunate to get assigned to a couple of really large cases and immediately made an impression getting promotion quickly and being offered to lead a successful large case when the company was overstretched.

Sue took a different approach and focused on personal law, joining a practice and like Kate was able to excel and build up a strong list of reputable clients that needed ongoing support.

After a year out of college they purchases a house and moved in together. A year later they got married and six months after that Sue’s parents were killed in a driving accident.

Sue’s parents lived in a large house in Leamington Spa and with the added pension pass on and estate value they were able to move into the house, become mortgage free and have money to invest.

They had now also created their own practice and were starting to recruit as business was good

Hearing that they lived so close by, I have a small house in Stratford upon Avon, not far way, was interesting.

We spent some time on the boat trip in a secluded beach where we sunbathed and swam and had lunch before going back to the boat and completing the trip back to Las Cristianos.  Then agreed to meet up for dinner at the same restaurant.

After dinner I suggested we go for a short walk and Kate suggested what a good idea, we could walk to their hotel.

Having arrived at the hotel I was ushered up to their room. A suite at on the floor overlooking the bay. 2 bedrooms a lounge, kitchen area and large balcony.

Drinks came out of the bar fridge and we sat down on the settee where Sue said there is more to our story.

Whilst they have a very successful love life they have never experienced time in bed with a man.  One of their bucket activities for this vacation was to see if they could find a couple of men that they could have an evening with.  However they had both agreed that they could share me if I was interested.

Well, I had nothing else to do this evening and they certainly did not look like a couple I would want to turn down and upset so I agreed I was game.  Sue handed me a condom and said that it was necessary to wear this at the time as they normally had no need to manage birth control.

We went to the bedroom and enjoyed some foreplay before Kate asked who I wanted to enjoy the evening with first. Well that was a problem, how could I win here, so I chickened out and said that was their choice. Sue’s comment well we would not have had this problem if we found a couple.  In then end, after the toss of the condom cover it was to be Sue.

We gently had some entry fun, first with Sue and then with Kate and plenty of cuddling. I could enjoy my time with either of the girls however they kept making it clear that this was a one off.

Eventually it became more serious and the girls where getting to climax’s.  My next concern is who was going to get me there and what would be the impact on the other.  I ended up having no problem there.  Kate rode me cuddling me so strongly that I was going nowhere until I could not stop it.

I looked at Sue and she was happy, its OK I had experienced my pleasure.

I stayed the night, we had breakfast and then the girls needed to go home.  I could not get their number but gave them mine. It appeared it was only that experience they wanted.

Two weeks later I had a call from Sue inviting me over for dinner.  They had enjoyed the time with me and wanted to thank me for the experience.

A good evening was had at their massive home, food and plenty of wine.  During the meal I found they had a different motive.  Kate and Sue have decided they want a family and have been investigating options though IVF or adoption and have decided that, in the end, they would like to have a natural birth.  Also they wanted to have one of their heads shaved.  One will have the baby and the other will shave their head.

They had agreed that whoever they had paired up with during their holiday, the best man would be asked and the decision on who had what would follow through. As there is only one of me that was more difficult.  I could choose!

First, we had to discuss what this meant. A contract would be drawn up so that I would not be financially responsible and that they would be the parents.  I would not be involved further.  I would have another great evening.

So who should I choose.  I put to them that it may not be successful and maybe they should both try.  With regards the hair, their features as so good that either could be shave and if they are both interested then why not go for both.  We can have a good evening and do it all together.

After further discussions between them in working out what would happen if they both got pregnant.  Well, they mostly worked from home and between them can cover each other.  Money was there if they needed whilst they took time off and they could get baby sitters or a nanny.

They would think about it tonight and call me.

I got the call and they both wanted to try.  Please come over next Tuesday as that is the best time for Kate.  We will have a dinner, some drinks and some fun. I offered that I had the clippers.

I went over on Tuesday armed with a couple of bottles of wine and the clippers.

Sue invited me in and said this tonight is  for you two.  I went to Kate and was given a boyfriends welcome.  Sue provide a magnificent, but light, dinner, we talked and drank a bottle of the wine.  Sat down on the settee with Kate in my arms and after about an hour we decided it was time for the bedroom.

We all got undressed and Kate and I got on the bed and cuddled up.  I saw Kate looked over to Sue as if to get confirmation that this was alright and she got a big smile back.

The next 20 minutes was spent with me and Kate warming up, then Kate indicated she was ready for the event.

We discussed how it as going to happen.  The sheering was going to be straight down the middle. It was important that Kate had firm hands on me so that she was not jumping about too much when the sheering started.  It was up to Kate to decide when the sheering started so that it was the correct time for her. I said that I can hold on until then.

Kate sat on top of me and slowly let me enter her.  Sue then got the brush out and gave Kate’s hair one last brush, including letting a curtain of hair drop infront of her face , which meant I could not see her eyes.

Kate then slid forward and backwards on top of me, she was tight.  I moved my hand onto her and helped her move to what I felt was the best timing.  Occasionally she would dropdown and give me a kiss, but I had to stop that after a while as it would set me off.

After what seemed a long time I suggested to Kate she must be nearly ready as I was trying to hold on.

Kate said that she was enjoying this and that I said I could hold on.  Well Kate, there is only so much I can hold on.  OK she started to speed up a little more,  I tried to hold her back a little and then she said to Sue ‘go’.

Sue was kneeling behind Kate, held onto her breasts, Sue started to orgasm and Kate run the clippers slowly through the top of her head.

As the sheered silky, soft, brunette hair slowly slid off the top of Kates head and landed on my chest and my body just let go, out of my control.  With part of the curtain of hair now gone I could see Kates with a great big smile.  I could feel her orgasm and her strong contractions and I could feel relief.

After the first cut, Kate bent down, kissed and cuddle me until I was finished.

She then sat back up and let Sue continue the sheering as some of the hair landed on me and the rest covered the bed and white sheets around us.  We remained joined together continued enjoying the occasion.  I was helped by the hair dropping on my chest each time. Kate rubbed her hair across my body. I could now see her smile.

After each run of the clippers Kate came down and gave me a kiss and held each other whilst we continued to enjoy the moment.  I really could have Kate as a girlfriend, unfortunately I knew this was not an option.

Afterwards we had a clear up and all three of us went in bed for a cuddle.  Kate saw and felt her head for the first time and loved it.  Sue stroked Kate’s shiny head it and also loved it.

Kate said to Sue that if she did not want a sheering, she would understand and be happy.  Sue’s response was you are not getting away with that, I want you back on Thursday week for her turn.

Both thanked me for a great evening and said I could stay the night in one of the spare bedrooms.

Thursday came and the roles were reversed.  Thursday was Sue’s day.  Having seen how Kate’s evening we repeated the same lead early evening as before going to the bedroom.

I was expecting the same and looking forward to enjoying the time and sheering with Sue.

When we got to the bedroom I noticed some string was laid out.  Looking at Sue I asked what this was about.  Apparently, last time, Sue was of the opinion that I was holding onto Kate and driving her towards my timings.  Sue want to enjoy this and be in control of when she is happy.  So no holding on a guiding Sue.

Although not sure about this, it did not appear to be a problem for me.

We laid down. Sue on top, enjoyed each other company for a short and then Sue sat up over me, let me enter her and asked Kate to brush her hair for the last time and to bring a curtain on her hair over the front of her face.

She presented me with the clippers and said. ‘I want some bangs and then I want to see how I look with them’.

Slowly I sheared her hair just above the eyelashes, feeling a contraction after each small section cleared. It was difficult to hold on as the hair curtain left hand dropped onto me.

With bangs and a big smile Sue looked even better than before, they suited her.  Having commented her on how amazing she looked and then saying do you want to stop there, the answer was not and now lets prepare for the rest.

As they started to get hold of my hands, I realized this was not going to work .  I was already ready to cum.  I called at time out for another drink.

15 minutes later we were ready.  They lightly tied my hands away.  Sue came back and took her place on top of me.  Instinctively I went to hold her.  It was then I realized how difficult this could be and how holding Kate helped me to control our timing.

Sue worked her way along and back leaned over me smiling and enjoying the moment, especially I think looking at how much of a problem I was having holding on.  She kept saying , ‘not yet, not yet,’ eventually she started moaning. I had to say I could not hold on any longer and came. After a few seconds Sue let Kate start shearing and Sue then came also.

After the first shearing, she came down on me and kissed me, Sue released me ties and Iheld  me whilst I ran dry.  Sue, with a smile, said I want to be sheared to my timing,  I thought you may have waited.

I had noticed that Kate was not very accurate with going down the middle as it was off to one side, Sue turned her head slighty and lent a little sideways so most of the hair time landed onto me.

After shearing half her head, Sue said that is enough for tonight.  We will do the rest in the morning. Thank you I hope that we have a lovely child. I want to see what it feels like overnight.  In the morning you can clipper the rest off.

We spent some more time together before I went off to my room.

In the morning Sue said that as I was so game last night we will this fairly quickly but hopefully you can enjoy it.

Before we shower, undress go and sit on that seat.  Sue got undressed presented the clippers to me and said you can use them when you are ready.

Sue came and sat on me guided me into her and then spent some time going up and down whilst I was holding onto her.  After 5 minutes I started shearing her hair up the back, she sat there, contracting and as the hair fell down me I let go again.  Sue turned and kissed me with a smile and then sat there whilst I sheared the remaining locks away.  After completing the shearing Sue turned to me and said hopefully that doubles our chance of having a lovely child.

We tidied up and I left with the impression that whilst we all enjoyed ourselves, Kate and Sue were now going on with their lives and that was it.  They had given me some enjoyment, but we had a contract.

3 months later Sue called me and said, they did enjoy the time and maybe, if I was interested we could have another evening together and they would let me know what had happened.

The evening went well.  They were both pregnant.  I would receive a text to let me know what they had when the babies arrived.

They were both growing their hair out again.  Both really pleased they had been sheared, but partially regretted that they both did it at the same time.  They were considering having and annual shear of one of them each year going forward.  They will do this themselves

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