New barbershop.

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Hello, there my name is Jessica and I am a 27-year-old doctor, a surgeon that lives with her fiancé. I have a height of 170 cm ( 5’7) and a nice body, but I like my short hair.
And no when I say short hair I don’t mean shoulder-length, my hair is cut by a clipper at the side and back while the top is left longer to be styled usually at the left side of my head.

But to be more correct my hair looks just like the pixie Miley Cyrus used to have.

My fiancé Aron will joke that I should use the guard and at the top, every time I get a trim to Josh, who is the only one who cuts my hair.

Well, my fiancé loves me, and to be honest, a few times I have thought of letting Josh buzz the top of my head.

It didn’t last long and when I decided that the next time I will go to Josh it will be the day I use a guard at the top but the next time did not come as the world entered quarantine and so my haircut was postponed.

I did try to cut my fiancé’s hair but I ended up messing up his hair and shaved his head at the start of the quarantine.

And so I was not confident to cut mine so I just simply let them grow and I was kind of irritated by how bad my hair looks.

The side now was a few cm long and the top. Well, the top reaches my chin, and I hate how I look. There was a lot of time when I wanted to just shave it all off but I don’t know why I just couldn’t do it.
I even reached that point where I was sitting in the bathroom with the clipper in my hand but then I just could not do it.

Yes, I thought of asking Aron to shave my head, but every time I will find a reason and not do it.

So months passed by and the quarantine was getting less and less harsh and I was hoping to get a haircut.

I saw how the salon started to open and the first thing I did was to go to the salon where Josh works. Well, I thought he might open the salon later, so I was waiting.
But to be honest I did not want anyone else to cut my hair, that was why I was hoping and gave myself hope he will open the shop.

And so a month passed by and I thought I needed a haircut so I decided to check again if Josh was open. Well, I know why I did not call for an appointment.
Well, the salon Josh operates more as a barbershop so no appointment is required. So I was at the door and it was open, but instead of the salon, it was a wig shop now.
Well, that sucks. I need a haircut and I should find a new salon now as I can’t stay like this for much longer. I said as I sat at the bar that I usually go and ordered a mojito.

Well, I can go to a salon but I am pretty sure they don’t know what to do.

I did try once to go to a salon and I ended up again sitting in Josh’s chair to fix my hair.

Josh told me that he was more of a barber than a hairdresser so that is why I feel out of place when I get the cut at a hair salon.

But still going into a barbershop is not quite that good. Who knows what they will do to my hair, what if they butcher my hair.

Then end up getting bald.

Come on Jessica what worse that this can look like.

My hair looks like a scarecrow I doubt. A person that has finished school for hair will make it even worse and if that happens I can just shave my head.

Yes, that is, but which barbershop should I choose? I’m not familiar with barbershops. Probably should ask Aron for this.
I’m sorry that I disturbed you, but may I say something when I heard a voice as I saw up. It was the waitress who was talking to me.
Yes sorry did you need anything, Clarie: I said

Sorry but I heard that you are looking for a new barbershop right: Clarie says as she holds the chair.

Oh sorry, I must have thought out loud, but yes I am looking for a new place to cut my hair as the salon where I go was close and I can’t just stay like this.

Yes yes I know I can grow my hair but I don’t want to do that! I like my short hair!. Well no, I was hoping to find a new barbershop.

My husband owns a barbershop just at the end of the street and to be honest he is really good with women’s hair.

Lucky you, you keep your hair in touch all the time, again thinking out loud.

At first, I was a little scared but he is good at cutting hair and even convinced me to get an undercut.

Well you can give it a try is not that he won’t be able to fix your hair, plus like you say a salon won’t help you right: Clarie said with a huge smile.

I continued drinking my mojito and as I was outside the bar I thought to myself. Why not give it a try, who knows maybe it turns out to be a good haircut.
And so I headed to the end of the street as there was only one barbershop in that area and it was easy to find.

I saw the red and white spinning pole and I took a deep breath as I got closer and closer.

I saw a glass door with a skeleton with a beard and a clipper and scissor at the side as a sticker on the glass.

Lucky for me the shop was empty so I opened the door and entered inside.

Hello, I am here for a haircut. Do you have free time now? I said as I saw the tall bald boy with blue eyes.

Hello madam and welcome to my shop, the boy said as he rose from the chair and spun the barber chair to face me.

Well have a seat and let’s see what we can do for you today.

I smiled and walked closer to the chair and as I sat at the big chair it felt so comfortable.

I note that in the shop there was a second chair and the wall was covered with a different pic of a haircut and had a nice aroma in the air.

So what can I do for you today: he says as I feel a neck strip placed at my neck. Well, I need to get the shape of my hair I said as I was looking around.
The barber then places the cape on me and he starts to comb my top hair and uses a Hair gripper to secure the top of my hair from the rest.

So the side and back are to be faded or buzzed; the barber asks me as he starts to comb the side and back of my head.

Well, I did not know what faded or buzzed was. I just sit in Josh’s chair and ask for the usual.

And at that moment I remembered something Josh had told me.

It was something about a fade to skin and at that moment I thought that was it. Well, a fade to skin and just trim the top please sir.
Sure madam: the barber says as he walks over and grabs his clipper and removes the guard from it and oiled the blade.

I smiled and saw him pass at my left side and start to create a line at my eyebrow level and start moving at the right to create a line at the back.

As I saw this going through what the hell is he doing why does he need to do that when all the sides and back must have the same length

But then it surprised me again as the barber placed the clipper at my right cheek and brought it up to the line, shaved all my hair and revealed my skin.

Hmm, sir may I ask why are you shaving my side? asked him as I was a little worried.

Madam, you asked for the fade to skin right?: the barber said as he started to buzz above my ear.

Oh my god, I have not asked the right thing and I can’t stop now was my thought as I saw more and more of my hair fall.

It took him a few passes and the right side of my head looked so weird half shave and half with hair.

He then pushes my head down and starts to make the same buzz my hair to skin until the line he has to create and leave the rest long.

I thought he is not doing what he has to do and my hair will look really bad. Well Jessica you will walk home bald is the only thing you can do now.
Did Clarie scam me and make me come to this shop just cos he is her husband and needs clients.

No, why would she do that. It’s not that I did something to her, I thought to myself as the barber continued.

The barber has already started buzzing my left side and all I could do was wait and hope that I was not scammed to get my hair butchered.

I felt how he walked over and took a few small plastic combs for the clipper and put it on the clipper but I did not see the guard number and the barber passed at my right side and started buzzing again.

But this time he was buzzing the part that was above the hairline and as he continued to make repeated passes I noted that the other guard has the number #2, and #1.

He continued to buzz the side and back with the guard and then removed the guard which was changed with a second one.

I saw how he started to make more short and repeated passes at my left side as he started buzzing and moving in a circle from my left side to the right.

It took him about a few min to make the smaller pass and make sure he did not use the guard at all the side and back of my head as he moved into a circle from the left to the right side.

He then changed the guard again and started making the same process, but with much smaller passes at my side and back.

I could see how the line he had created was visible again and I did not know what to think as it seems like the side and back were made to look much nicer now.

But still, that line was visible so I did not know what to think and just sat there watching as my hair fell.

As the barber has completed trimming with the guard, he changed the clipper for something that has a head that seems more of a T shape, and if I remember correctly it was a trimmer, and instead, he keeps it like the other one he was holding the trimmer upside down and the back of the trimmer was now face up as he starts buzzing at the line only.

As he finished buzzing my line I saw why it’s called fade as my hair seems to fade at the skin. So that means Josh has to buzz my hair I said as I saw at my hair.
Madam what do you mean: the barber asked me.

I took my hand from under the cape and started to rub my head. Well it appears I should have buzzed my hair before but it is too late now to go back.

He smiles and gets a gel at his hand and starts applying at my side and above my ear a little at the hairline.

I saw him take the straight razor and he bent my head as I gulped. But I stared as I felt the razor started shaving at my right side.
It feels so nice and relaxing as he made his way around my head and shaved my hairline and my neck.

He let the razor down and grabbed the scissor and the comb and as he combed my hair, it came to my mind what Aron says to me every time I get a haircut.

Sorry, I have changed my mind, can you please just use the guard at the top. What number do you want the top buzzed miss: he asked me?

Well, what do you suggest?

Well, I would suggest a number 3: barber said as he took the number #3 at his hand. I rubbed my head once again and smiled. Ok buzz it with #3.
He smiles and snaps the guard at the clipper and places it on my forehead.

Are you ready for the buzz miss?: the barber asked me as the clipper was on my forehead? Yes, do it.
I felt the clipper move at the top of my head sending my hair to the floor.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this, and felt the clipper as it made a second pass on the left of the first one.

And then one on the right and again and again I felt the clipper buzz the top of my head.

It took him only a few passes and the top of my head was buzzed and I thought it was over but he just grabs the comb and starts buzzing at the top where the side and top connect and bend on the top with side and back.

As he blended the top with the side and back he used a brush to clean my face and I just saw how good it looked with the top buzzed and it seemed to come and fade at the skin at the side.

Wow, I love it.

He removes the cape and cleans the hair on my neck.

I rubbed the top and side and I loved how it felt. It was an amazing feeling and I love it. So how much do I owe you, sir?
It is just 10$ miss: the barber said.

I smiled and gave him a 20 $ bill as I said keep the change and I walked out and headed home.

My fiancé will be so surprised when he sees me today I saw as I walk into my apartment and start removing my clothes.

I was looking at myself in the mirror and I did not like something.

My new hair looks nice but I did not like my trimmed pubic in a heart shape so I just grabbed the razor and the shaving cream and headed to the shower. It did not last long and all my pubic hair was in the bathtub and I started getting a shower.

It felt so nice, even better than when I had the pixie cut.

I know that short hair feels nice but this shower just hit me differently and I love how it felt.

As I finished the shower, I felt the door unlock and I knew who it was so I just ran to the door in my birthday suit and smiled as I waited for Aron to open the door.

He gasped and saw me in shock as I stayed in front of him nude. Do you like what you see Aron?

Oh hell yes, he said as he closed the door, grabbed me in his arm, and went to the bedroom.

I loved and enjoyed the time at the bed and I kept my head at his chest as he started to rub my head and saw I love your new haircut, but where did you cut it.

It’s a barbershop near Eden park”, why do you ask?

Well my barber is closed so I need to find a new one and maybe I might pay a visit tomorrow: Aron said. Well, that will be great. I will show you the way.

The next day.

Aron And I walked into the barbershop and I did not see the barber but instead, it was someone that I know well.

Oh my gosh Josh I say as I hugged him.

Jessica glad to see you ok: Josh says as he smiles and hugs me back. Well, what are you doing here and what happened to the salon.

Well, I work here now and I could not open the salon again as the quarantine made my rent go higher. Your hair looks nice Jessica and I guess Aron is here for a haircut.

Well yes and I truly hope he gets his head shaved, and I know he hears me.

Well it did not last long and I was walking out of the barbershop with my bald hot fiancé, and I was feeling horny again as I whispered that to my fiancé.

I did get to the apartment and we went to the bedroom.

A few weeks later I learned that I was pregnant and I made a deal with Aron but that is a different story.

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