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Planning the wedding is not an easy job – especially when it comes to your own! 

Claire spent the last few hours on the phone, calling services and all the guests to double check if everything was on the right track. 

After the call with the restaurant she finally was able to focus on her preparations – the dress, makeup artist and… oh, and the hairdresser, who managed to be Claire’s best friend at the same time.

She met Nadia in high school and they immediately hit off. These two girls were like sisters and even after graduation they kept in touch.

The phone rang for a few seconds before Claire heard familiar voice on the other side

Hi babes! How can I help ya? Everything’s fine before the big day? 

Judging by the tone she might be excited as much as the bride, or even a little bit more. 

— Hey, yeah, I was calling just to confirm that you will come and if you’ll be the one to take care of my hair. I love my mom and aunt Dorothy, but they know nothing about updo’s fancier than a ponytail.

Claire laughed, touching her flowing red locks. They grew to her waist, but thanks to her friend’s advices she was able to keep them in a very good shape. 

Of course, I cannot miss an event like this. Also I don’t want to take all the credit, but remember who helped you to make the first move with Brian!

— You pushed me and I spilled my coffee on him to be precise… But yeah, the second date was at the university cafeteria, and the third at his place. And now we’re here, ready to get married in less than a week.

Don’t worry sweetheart, it will be the best wedding ever. I promise. Listen, my client just came in, but I’ll pick you up before the whole ceremony, so we’ll have time for everything. See ya! Also remember about the shrimps!

And before Claire could say goodbye her friend hung up.

She knew that Nadia was quite busy, especially when the wedding season was around and she couldn’t wait for some quality time with her best friend.

Only six days left.



There was only one red cabrio in this neighbourhood and right now it was standing outside Calire’s house. Nadia announced her arrival with a series of short beeps and waited in her car until her friend came out.
She wasn’t an ordinary girl by any means – Nadia was quite tall, wearing striped black&white top and round glasses covering her bright blue eyes.
But the most eye-catching part of her appearance was her hair, in the shade of deep emerald green, cut into a perfectly straight bob ending right in the middle of her neck. 

— Mom, I’ll be back soon, I’m going to get my hair done! No, I don’t need company, I- 

No, I’ll be fine alone, in the meantime help with the flowers or… something else, bye!

The redhead was finally free and went straight up to the car waiting for her.

— Sorry, I feel like everyone is way more stressed than me and I need a break. So we’re going to your place, or the salon?

— No worries honey, it wasn’t that long! I have everything set up in the salon, we closed the business for today so I can focus just on ya, let’s go!



Girls finally arrived at the beauty salon owned by Nadia. During a normal day both rows of chairs would be full, but she rescheduled all of her clients just to be able to attend her best friend’s wedding.

— Sit down, I’ll make you some coffee and I’ve got bagels from your favourite place, interested?

Claire at first wanted to decline the offer, but rumbling in her stomach ended the discussion before it even started.

— I thought so. One caramel latte and cheese bagel on the way.

When the green haired girl went to the back of the store Claire had time to sit at the chair and relax for a bit. When she was at the hairdresser she was never in a hurry – it was something special, something just for her. That’s why she’s been here at least once every month.

— So babes, do you have any particular style in mind? Do you want beach waves, fancy braid or total makeover? 

There was always the tease, Nadia couldn’t stop herself from asking about the drastic haircut every time Claire sat in the chair. It all started right before college, when Nadia got her first short haircut, but her friend was never brave enough to follow up. 

She went from bra strap length to boyish crop with some highlights in her then-chocolate brown hair – it was very short-lived, cause she just buzzed it a few months later.

— I was thinking about a bun with some loose strands near my face. And because my hair is… pretty long, maybe curl it? Honestly I was so focused on other things and I didn’t think it through.

As Nadia came back with the food she took a quick glance at the length of Claire’s locks.

— Sweetheart, we can do that, but before I’d suggest a quick trim. You were under a lot of pressure lately and it shows, so can I?

Claire followed her friend’s eyes and she really looked tired. Her skin wasn’t that bright as it used to be, lack of sleep made her look a few years older than she is and even her glorious mane was okay-ish at best.

— Do your best, I trust you completely. We have plenty of time and I believe you can do some magic, but don’t cut too much! If you do, I swear you’ll lose as much hair as me but I don’t have experience with the scissors!

She said in a playful way and if it wasn’t her wedding day Claire knew that Nadia might go for a trade like this.

Nadia took a cape and threw the white sheet on her friend, covering the sight for a few seconds.

— I know it’s a little extra for a trim, but I don’t want to ruin anything for ya, better safe than sorry!

And the green haired girl rushed to the stand with her equipment. She grabbed her trusted silver scissors and did a few snips in the air.

— Here it goes babes, close your eyes if you want!
— Oh c’mon, I’m not a baby and I’ve seen a lot of hair falling down. Well, mostly yours, but still. I treat you like a sister from another mother, so they might be mine as well.

Nadia had to squat behind the chair to reach Claire’s hair and did very careful snips, sending rain of orange clippings on the floor.

— Calire, honestly you should consider going short some day. You are so focused on looking proper that it hurts my soul. You have an amazing boyfrie-, excuse me, husband in a bit, stable job from home and you are still stuck with the image of the teacher’s pet.

Redhead bit her lip, because it was partially true. She always envied Nadia how easy she changed her looks and how much joy it was giving her. For Nadia her looks were a tool and she was using it in the best possible way. Her friend never pretended to be someone else, even when she was expected to be, so people around her had to accept her or leave – that’s why she had very few friends, but they were loyal to the bone.

And Claire? Claire was true to the surrounding, but she wasn’t alway true to herself. 

— I mean I could, but it doesn’t mean I want to. Also getting a serious haircut hours before the wedding might be too shocking for some of the guests. I see how my mother faints if she sees me with the hair above my shoulders. Someday I will, but this is not the day. Are we done with the cutting?

She was trying to end this conversation as soon as possible, she wasn’t in the right mood for the existential crisis and turning her life around in the spur of the moment.

Nadia politely nodded, hiding a smirk, and decided to continue with creating the bun. She knew that Claire took the bait and she was closer than ever to take the big step. Maybe not today, but soon enough.
After an hour of chatting, laughing and a few takes to find the perfect hairstyle, the girls were finally done.

— Alright, this bun could stop a bullet, it should be perfect during the ceremony and during the party afterwards. You are my most graceful model and I love working with your hair.

Nadia did a chef’s kiss in the air and took the cape away. Rain of orange hair flew to the floor, but it was swept away with the speed of light.

— Aaaand we’re done here. Tell me when you’re ready and where I should drop you out. Makeup, or do you want to get dressed first?

Claire was still looking at the mirror, stunned by the work of her friend. It was perfect, just as she imagined. This day was crazy, but to this point everything was on the right track.

— Yeah, let’s go. You can drive me back to my house, everything should be ready and if you don’t have any plans for the rest of the day until the celebration I’d be more than happy to have you by my side.

Redhead smiled and stormed out of the store, grabbing her friend’s hand on the way. When Nadia was with her she was way calmer and if something goes wrong Nadia will be able to somehow fix it.

Eight hours left!




After the wedding, ceremonial “I do”, tears of joy and exchange of hugs and kisses it was time for a party!

The newlyweds were long after their first dance and the guests were having a great time, most of them happily drunk, sitting at the tables enjoying the exquisite cuisine or dancing as if there was no tomorrow.

Somewhere in between was Claire – a bit tipsy and mostly high on her emotions from the whole day. It was perfect from the start and she was hoping for the perfect finish.

That’s why she was looking for Nadia, as she decided to swap clothes for something more comfortable, but she knew that taking off a wedding dress alone might not be a good idea.

Finally she found her friend sitting outside, smoking a cigarette. Moonlight was reflecting on her emerald hair with a mysterious glow, and glitter on her eyes was illuminated by the phone screen. Nadia changed her striped shirt for pastel pink dress and dark scarf, covering her shoulders, but exposing snake tattoos wrapped around her arms.

Muffled music covered Claire’s steps as she caught her friend by surprise in a tight hug.

— Oh Nadia, I’m glad you’re here!

The second girl jumped in place at first, but she hugged Claire’s hands back.

— What’s up with ya? You should be inside having fun or getting more drunk than you are. I’ll be back in a minute, pinky promise.

— No, everything’s perfect, but I’m sooo done with the dress and I was hoping that you will help me to take it off. This shit was expensive and I don’t want to ruin it by accident. Can we go to my room?

Nadia freed herself from her friend’s embrace with a quick pirouette, and with the theatrical bow she pointed towards the hotel.

— By all means, lead the way!



— Fuck!

Nadia looked up from her phone when she heard Claire’s annoyed scream.

— You good? 

— Yeah, I just forgot to pack my spare clothes. I have only pyjamas, but I want to look presentable, not like I came here from a slumber party. Well, I guess that I’m stuck in this.

— Oh sweetheart, don’t worry. We can go to my room and I’ll give ya something. T-shirt, oversized sweater, or something less casual? 

Claire sighed with relief, she was so focused on the big stuff that she forgot about details like an extra pair of jeans and a blouse.

— Nadia, you’re a lifesaver. You’ve always been and I don’t know how I can thank you for all those things you’ve done for me. I love you to the moon and back, you know?

Her friend just nodded with a smile, they knew each other for most of their lives, so Nadia knew Claire better than anybody else – sometimes even better than Claire herself.

The alcohol had clearly hit the bride as she was louder and her steps weren’t as straight, but after a few minutes they were able to find Nadia’s room.

Near the king size bed there was a big suitcase filled with clothes, but in addition there was a small black bag sitting at the top of the coffee table. Nadia picked up the suitcase, so Claire didn’t have to crouch in the search for better clothes and then disappeared somewhere with the bag for a second.

— Honey, I think you should take a shower too. It’s not like you stink or something, but washing your hair could be a good idea. It must be a mess after a whole day in a bun. Plus the hairspray and pins? Let your head rest for a moment.

Nadia popped out of the bathroom, and her straight green bob bounced from left to right. Drunken Claire was mesmerised by the light play in her friend’s hair and forgetting about the whole cloth changing she took a few steps forward the other girl.

— My god, they are so pretty… I wish my hair were that shiny and… and… interesting. 

She was very focused and without the warning she just started playing with the green locks, giggling like a little girl.

— Aight, miss, you need to sober up a little. Let’s get you undressed, give you a quick shower and head back to the party, oke?

Redhead gave her a rather absent-minded nod, but quick pool from Nadia woke her up.

Both girls were standing in the huge bathroom, the bathtub was slowly filling up with water and Nadia started to unzip Claire’s dress and untangle her hair.

— My god, I’m still so proud of this bun. And those waves! They are still here, damn I’m good!

— You are the best!

After Claire was freed from her clothing she quickly took off her bra and panties and jumped into the water.

— Oh, that’s so much better… Can I stay here forever? Please?

Nadia was looking for something in the bag as Claire was enjoying the warmth, finally grabbing the brush. She approached her friend from behind and with slow strokes she started to smoothen her long hair.

— Nope, we can stay here for… I guess another half an hour, then your husband might be looking for us and it would be a bummer if he thought that you’ve spent your wedding night with your best friend instead of him.

They both gave out a little chuckle and a few minutes passed only with the sound of the brush.

— Hey, do you remember our conversation from earlier today? I was thinking…

Nadia nearly dropped her tool when Claire came out with this topic out of the blue. After all those years was she finally going to do it?

— You were right. I was always this “propper” girl – nice smile, nice hair, you know, “cute girl from the neighbourhood and all the boys had a crush on her at some point” type of girl. And now I’m happy with everything except myself. I have the best husband, the best of the best friends, but I feel…

— Stuck. I know babes. It’s time for everybody to grow out of their shell and it seems like yours finally came.

Nadia grabbed a bottle of shampoo and slowly massaged Claire’s head. White foam started to form on her crown and it was slowly dripping down to the bathtub. When redhead felt delicate fingers in her hair the rest of the tension just disappeared.

First Nadia’s hands focused on the top of her head, spreading the shampoo in circular motion, then she moved to the sides, gently pressing her temples when going back and forth.

— I’m not used to doing it outside of the salon, but it’s nice. Can ya put the head down?

Claire with closed eyes was obeying her friend’s commands and she felt great with giving out the control. She was responsible for herself for too long and she gracefully accepted the situation when she was being taken care of.
Claire felt the long nails on her neck – it sent shivers along her spine, enchanted by the warm bath and alcohol made her bite her lip just not to make a sound.

Of course Nadia made everything… more extra. They were best friends and never thought about each other in a sexual way. They just wanted the best for each other. 

— Okay, wake up babes, we are done! Let’s put some eyeshadow and highlighter on ya and we can go back to the party.

Claire wrapped herself in the white towel, contrasting with her long locks spread along her body and when Nadia suggested going back her redhead friend just laughed.

— Oh no, we are just starting. I am ready. Right now.

Nadia was dumbfounded by the words that came out of her friend’s mouth. After all those years, on her wedding night? It was crazy, even for her.

— I mean… sure but-

Before Nadia was able to finish the sentence Claire stormed off the bathroom just to come back in a second with a chair.

— Nads, I’m done being scared, holding back, I’ve been looking the same since highschool and it’s time to move on. I don’t want to be stuck and I… We know what I have to do.

Nadia gave her a tight hug, she was so proud that Claire finally decided to take a step towards being herself.

— Do you have any particular style in mind? I had a plan for you, but in this scenario you are fully in charge!

When Nadia was taking out equipment from the bag Claire had to stop for a moment.

Well, she was thinking about cutting her hair, but never found any hairstyle that she liked. With her length any change would be drastic, the question is how drastic she wants it to be.

— Um… You were my stylist for so long and at this moment I trust you more than I trust myself, so I guess it’s your lucky day and you can choose. But please, don’t shave my head or you will end up bald as well!

— So we are talking about any style, my choice? You are nuts and that’s why I love you. You won’t regret it!

Claire wasn’t even nervous. She was looking at the huge mirror in the hotel bathroom with her friend picking up scissors, combs and clippers in the corner of her eye.

She was ready for anything that comes.

— Do you want to take the easy way, or the hard way?

Nadia asked, holding clippers in one hand and scissors in the other. Claire’s eyes were bouncing between those two and she finally pointed at the clippers.

— There’s no coming back if you use these, right? I don’t want to chicken out at the last second. Cape me up and don’t tell me anything.

— Oh sugar, I’m not going to cape ya. You are going to experience all these locks tumbling down on your skin.

Nadia portioned Claire’s hair at the top, leaving the bottom layer of her hair loose. After taking a look she decided to redo this part, but tying more hair up, creating a v-shape on the back. When she was satisfied with the parting she snapped the #3 guard at the clippers and turned them on. Quiet hum filled the entire room and the redhead’s heart was nearly pounding out of her chest.

Her friend put the machine on her cheek, waiting for any confirmation from Claire, who was waiting in anticipation with closed eyes, but when nothing was happening for a few seconds the redhead slowly tilted her head to the left, sacrificing first locks to the clippers.

Hum changed the pitch and she felt how her waist long hair is sliding down, firstly at her lap and then to the floor – the great shearing has begun.

Without any further questions Nadia proceeded with the shaving, with long sweeps taking away more and more of Claire’s locks.

Redhead was enjoying the vibrations and feeling of the plastic guard on her head, but when she tried to touch her shaved side Nadia just slapped her wrist.

— No touching, enjoy the process, we have a lot to do.

Nadia’s voice was very firm and that was enhancing the experience of being shorn by her best friend.

When the left side was done Nadia started playing with the short hair, scraping lightly the side with her long fingernails which was driving Claire crazy.

— No worries, we’re not done yet with the clippers. When I shave you around I’ll give you a cute fade, perfect for a cutie like you.

And then without a warning she plunged the clippers on Claire’s neck.
Redhead cannot stop herself from pushing her head on the blades, she was hypnotised by the sounds and feeling given by the clippers and only Nadia’s skill saved her from ending up with a shaved spot on the top of her head.

Of course the emerald girl was enjoying the cutting in her own way. She saw how hungry for the haircut Claire is and she wanted to give her a haircut that she will never forget. That’s why she stepped in her dominant shoes and picked up the most shocking variant of all.

Also she remembered how freeing was her first drastic haircut and how much better it would be without all the people in the barbershop. Now she wanted to give Claire all those emotions that she wanted to feel after a good shearing.

Nadia grabbed all the remaining hair from the right side and with a few quick moves sheared all of them. She threw the bulk on Claire’s lap just to see the reaction of her friend.

Claire’s body was here, but her mind was wandering in the seventh plane of pleasure, so when the next huge clump of hair was dropped on her legs she was just able to laugh.

Clippers went silent, but only for a moment when Nadia was switching the guards. She proceeded to fade the sides and back a little bit, but the redness of the hair was still visible.

— Now you can touch, but we are only halfway done. Go on, don’t be shy!

Claire’s hands immediately shot up to her head, finding short stubble instead of her classic long locks. She started from her temples and slowly moved to the back, where she didn’t find a single hair longer than a few millimetres. She spent a moment playing with her shorn nape with one hand, when the other was playing with the cut strands.

Nadia looked at Claire and mindlessly touched her nape, which grew out a long time ago, but she was kinda missing the breeze on hot summer days.

In the meantime Nadia fixed another, very long guard on the clippers. She didn’t plan to do it that way, but Claire would kill her if she didn’t buzz more of her hair.

She untied the rest of Claire’s hair, which covered the shaved bits and at this point they could pretend that nothing happened, but of course they both wanted more.

— We can have some fun from now on. I remember how you looked at the waitress on our trip to Paris and caught you a few times on testing how you would look with the french bob. Surprise surprise, no more wondering! It’s happening tonight.

And without the warning Nadia closed scissors on the level of Claire’s lips. Safety blanket was falling apart with the next snips, exposing shaved nape and in no time the only long hair left on Claire’s head was her fringe.

— Any last words?

Nadia was teasing her friend as much as she could, taking the advantage of her position and she was glad that she did.

— Fuck me, cut it short!
With those words the redhead girl was parted from the last long strands on her head, leaving a short bob with bangs not even touching her brows.




Claire stood up, checking out her new haircut in the mirror, playing with her fringe, but Nadia dragged her back to the chair.

— What are you…

She couldn’t finish the sentence, because Nadia forced her to look in the mirror and with the other hand drew the clippers down in the middle of her head.

Claire wanted to scream, but when she saw that she’s not being shaved bald she relaxed a bit, but still she knew her hair was going to be shorter than ever.

Nadia was slowly taking down her bob to longish pixie, but still with every move she was losing more and more length.

The emerald girl was over when any of her friend’s hair wasn’t covering her ears, but when she shut down the clippers she picked up a straight razor, just to give more texture to Claire’s new haircut.

Now the redhead was covered in hair of all lengths – long from the initial shaving and the cut, clumps of short hair from the pixie stage, and now the little shavings from the razor.

—  And we are finished, I hope you like your new look and I hope that your husband is not going to kill me. You are fucking gorgeus!

Nadia finished the haircut with a kiss on the top of Claire’s head and went on to the cleaning of her equipment.

Claire was still overwhelmed, at first she wasn’t able to touch her hair – the strange feeling of not having the curtain to hide behind was very alien, but when she finally gave it a go she wasn’t able to stop.

She never felt more free and more comfortable in her own skin, and even now, naked, covered in hair she felt the most beautiful in the world.

— C’mon girl, take a quick shower and let’s go back to the party. I can’t wait to see Brian’s face! And you promised me that shrimps will be there, so I hope your guests left some for me! I’ll be waiting in the room, ciao!

Nadia sent her a quick kiss and closed the door.

Claire took another glance in the mirror and she finally saw a person that she was happy with.




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