New Dew, New You (part 1)

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This is my first attempt at a story, with a part two on the way. Feedback aplreciated!

Hannah stared at the mirror as she shifted her body every way she could think of, trying to find out which angle made her look the thinnest. Her body was slim so this wasn’t hard, but inspecting herself daily in this way helped keep her in check. She gathered her long auburn hair in a ponytail and raised it over her shoulders, turning her body once more to admire its curves and make sure nothing was out of place. The hair came cascading down as she released it, the ends hanging loosely over her breasts.

Hannah did her best to take good care of her body and even better care of her hair. Now at age 24 she had managed to avoid the belly bump that some of her friends had started growing. She wasn’t very tall and her breasts were only average in size, and she really did not want to end up as a small plump woman with a greasy rats nest of hair.

Hannah began brushing her fingers through her mane, feeling to see that it was still soft, light, and healthy. Slowly she began brushing it into its basic style, a simple long cut with a side part and just a hint of layering toward the ends. The thickness and natural wave her hair had made it annoying to style in the morning. Mostly because the waves never complied with the way she wanted. They would always be a little too tight or too loose and would need to be fixed before she left for work.

Luckily however this was the weekend. Hannah was meeting her best friend Kim today for lunch so she had all the time in the world to get ready. Kim was a hairdresser and had said she had some exciting news to celebrate. Kim had told Hannah to meet her downtown at 2 and they could walk and talk and find somewhere to eat. It was only noon right now so Hannah started looking at what she wanted to wear and how she wanted to do her hair for the day.

By the time it was time to leave she had decided on a cute floral summer dress that showed off her neck and shoulders. Before putting it on she looked down at her unshaved mound. It had been a while since she had been on a date with a man or a woman, and she had started to let herself go a bit. Not a big deal though, her dress would cover everything it needed to. She wore her hair down and let it hang over her shoulders. It probably should have been put up to deal with the summer heat, but she wanted to look nice today.

She met Kim downtown outside a small coffee shop. As usual Hannah had to stop a moment to admire her friend. Kim was tall, fit, and gorgeous. Unlike Hannah her friend’s chest was decently above average, much like her ass and pretty much everything else about her. Knowing this Kim always exuded an aura of confidence and control. Her dark raven hair laid perfectly straight just stopping as it danced on her shoulders. She kept it cut into a sleek long bob, with a soft fringe that helped show off her green eyes. Today she wore a simple white button down shirt and black pants that hugged her curves. Hannah had ways had a soft spot for her best friend, but never wanted to push her boundaries and end up ruining their relationship. Kim wave and opened her arms in an embrace.

“Oh my god you look great! That dress looks so good on you, I love it!”

Hannah accepted the compliment and the hug

“Thank you! You’re one to talk though, you could make a t-shirt look good. So are you going to tell me what the good news is or what?”

Kim gave her a mischievous smile which gave away the answer before she spoke.

“Later, I want it to be a surprise. Now come on im starving and I want a drink.”

Hannah smiled and sighed, following after her friend who had already started down the street.

The two found a small place and sat and talked over a few glasses of wine and some good food. Kim continued to refuse to budge on what the surprise might be. Instead they talked about how they were both single, how work was, their families, and whatever else came to mind. After a little over an hour they paid and left, Kim took Hannah’s hand.

“Are you ready for the surprise?”

“Uhh, yeah, are you gonna tell me what it is?”

Kim stayed silent as she started to lead her down the street.

This street was pretty typical of of the downtown area. They walked they passed a bakery, a spa, a few fast food chains and a pet store. Up ahead Hannah could make out a shoe shop, a barber pole, and a women’s fashion store. She had no idea how long or where they were going. She was surprised when they stopped at the shop with the barber pole in front of it, and Kim turned her to face the door. The sign read “New Dew New You”.

Kim put her hands on her hips.

“So, what do you think?”

Hannah looked confused

“Of what?”

“Of the shop silly, this is my surprise!”

It cliqued with Hannah as her friend reached for a pair of keys and unlocked the door, ushering them inside.

“This is mine now! I own it. I quit that old snooty salon and decided to go into business for myself.”

Hannah looked around the shop inquisitively. It was a small space, with spots for 4 chairs toward the back of the room. In the front area there was a desk for a receptionist, as well as 2 benches on each wall that looked currently under construction. Only one space was taken up by a large red leather barber chair with a pinstripe cape resting on it, along with a new fully equipped station and mirror. The other walls inside were bare, with one off color and a can of paint resting at its base.

Kim locked the door as they walked in and turned the lights on since the blinds were closed.

“You didn’t answer me yet, I asked what you thought of the place.”

Kim leaned against the door still smiling to her friend.

Hannah quickly snapped back to reality

“I love it! It’s just surprising is all. I wouldn’t expect you to want to work in a barbershop, let alone own one. You just caught me a little off guard.”

Kim’s smile turned into a smirk

“Yeah well, I just want to cut hair and not deal with all the snooty product pushing and all that. Plus I want the theme to be positive changes. I want people to come in for a haircut that really gives them a different outlook, changes their mood for the better and all that. When I worked at the salon it was starting to feel too much about the money, especially with the new management. So I said screw it, I’ll do my own thing.”

Hannah smiled back at her friend.

“Well I love it. Doing what you want, damn the consequences. Its very sexy, very you.”

Kim nodded

“Great I’m glad you agree”

As she said it, she once more took her friend’s hand and started leading her.

“Woah, what are you..” startled, a moment later Hannah found herself being gently eased into the large barber chair.

“How is it? Cozy?”

As Kim asked Hannah did have to admit it was comfortable. Although she was small and she felt low to the ground, and she had to rest her feet on the protruding metal rest at the bottom, the chair still felt warm and inviting. She let herself sink into it.

“Um yeah, I guess. What are you..”

Hannah was cut short once again as Kim suddenly leaned over the chair bringing them face to face. Her arms draped over Hannah’s shoulders. Now trapped by her friend she shuddered slightly as she had always thought about this moment, but had kept the thought far back in her recesses of her mind. She never thought anything would ever become of her hidden desire.

Before she could react Kim leaned in even closer, passing her face and getting her lips close to her ear, quietly stating

“I want you to be my first customer.”

As she said it, she tugged the cape up from behind Hannah and stood back up to face her. Hannah blushed and stammered to respond. She was foolish to think her best friend would come onto her so quickly, she had just fogotten she sat on the stupid cape.

“I, um, its, well..”

“I’m going to take that as a yes then.”

Kim firmly stated as she spun the chair away from the mirror and herself, leaving
Hannah to stare at an unfinished wall.

“But I, well, just a trim.”

Hannah prompted, as Kim seemingly ignored her and went to tie a soft paper strip around her neck. Hannah shivered slightly as Kim’s fingers brushed softly against her nape and shoulders before securing the strip firmly. Next the large pinstripe cape was flicked out with a flourish, left to loosely draped over her unfastened like a large blanket.

Kim began to gather and pull Hannah’s hair back into a tight ponytail. As her hair was tugged and pulled she listened to various drawers open and close, along with different sets of tools clanking against each other. She felt a brush being passed through her hair as it continued to be collected in a ponytail behind her.

“I haven’t had a cut in a while so maybe just take off the split ends for me If you don’t mind.”

As she talked she heard a faint *shnick* *shnick* sound from behind her. She paid it no mind, and as she finished her statement the tugging finally let up on her head and she relaxed slightly.

“Well hun, it’s a little late for that”

Kim responded as a *PLUNK* landed on Hannah’s lap. Hannah could only stare wide eyed at what used to be her ponytail, now in a heap on her lap. At Least 10 inches of dark red hair sliding to the floor in front of her.

Kim spun the chair around staying behind it so that her friend could face the mirror. She pulled the cape up and fastened it tightly around Hanbah’s neck as her foot pumped the barber chair higher and higher into the air. Snapping the back of the cape into place she didn’t let her hands leave Hannah’s body, instead choosing to gently squeeze her shoulders and lean her head over so their eyes met in the mirror.

“Do you hate me.”

Kim asked quietly. Slowly embracing her friend as she did so. Hannah looked at her hair. It now fell to an inch above her shoulders at its longest. The rough bob was a stark contrast to what she had come in with.

“I..uh..of course not”

She started to recover from the initial shock as Kim continued to massage her into a hug from behind.

“It’s just a shock is all, and not really what I wanted today. But it’s not so short that it won’t take long to grow out though. I have had a bob before, they look pretty.”

She turned her head to try to get a look at the back. It was only slightly shorter, definitely salvageable into something cute. Kim rested her chin on her friend’s shoulder

“Yeah but what if it wasn’t.”

Hannah paused

“Wasn’t what?”

“Wasn’t long enough to grow back quickly, wasn’t a bob.”

Hannah breathed in deeply

“But I..”

Kim interrupted again

“You know I can see how you look at me? I can tell how you feel. You’re too afraid to admit it, but you want me.. Plus you’re too oblivious to tell that I want you too. But what I don’t want is all this hair you have. With a face as pretty as yours it’s a shame to hide it. This shop is called New Dew New You, and as my first customer I want us to experience the new you.”

As she said this Kim slowly moved her hands around her friend, gently brushing up her against breasts, bringing her into a large hug from behind.

Hannah blushed and waited a moment before responding. She silently thought about what Kim had said. It was true she had admired her for a long time. She was her oldest and most trusted friend. To think that the feelings were mutual came as a pleasant surprise. She had never had her hair above her ears, always preferring to keep it long. But if Kim really wanted to cut her hair and though she would look good . . then fine. She closed her eyes and struggled to get the words out in a barely audible whisper.

“Ok.. new me. Just not TOO short please.”

Kim kissed her on the cheek and stood up

“I promise I won’t make it too short. I want the new us to look good after all.”

She spun the chair back around to her, once more facing it away from the mirror. Before returning to her position on the opposite side, she gently lifted Hannah’s head into a deep passionate kiss. Hannah leaned in and enjoyed every second. Kim’s lips were warm and inviting, gentle and soft despite the fact that her head was held firmly in place. Hannah crossed her legs, dropping more copper hair from her lap as she did so. She could feel herself growing aroused. Then just like that it was over, and Kim walked back to her station where Hannah could hear her fidgeting with her tools from behind.

“I don’t get to see?”

Hannah asked in vain. Still listening to various sounds of something being brushed clean, and a plug going into the wall.

“What and ruin the surprise? No I don’t think so.”

Hannah heard a few more clicks, then a snap as an unfamiliar buzzing sound filled the room.

“I promise you are going to look beautiful.” Was all Kim said as the buzzing sound got louder.

Hannah instinctively leaned her head forward, but was quickly straightened out as she felt a hand on her shoulder pulling her back to sit up straight. When she sat up fully her eyes met the blank wall once more, and she felt something vibrating being placed on her forehead. A moment later the vibration moved its way through her hair, down the middle of her head, and completely over the top before being flicked off at the end. The buzzing sound changed as the severed auburn locks fell into Hannahs lap. She let out a gasp.

“I thought you said not too short” she squealed.

As she gripped the armrests her body tensed in panic, Kim gripped her shoulder as the clippers were readied for another pass.

“Nothing could be too short for you hun.”

The blades plowed through her hair once more as Hannah sat there, resigned to her fate. She watched as her soft beautiful hair cascaded down around her, gathering in dark red mass on her lap before falling to the floor. She loosened her grip and tried to relax while each pass was made. Hannah felt the buzzing clippers repeatedly massage her scalp as more and more hair continued to shower down past her face.

“I’m starting you out at a number 2. After that we can shape rest once I get rid of all this”

Kim ruffled the remaining hair on Hannah’s head, the silky red tresses running through her fingers. She then pushed her friend’s head forward and placed the clippers at the base of her neck before they made their way up her nape. Hannah watched in terror as more hair poured down around her, shocked that she had so much left to lose. Each time the clippers touched her neck she could feel shivers being sent down her spine. She tried not to think about how long her hair had taken to grow, and how well she had cared for it. Even as the pile grew bigger on the floor, it still held its healthy shine and luster.

“I know its a shock, but this IS a barbershop Hannah. I can’t have you leaving with too much length.”

The clippers made sure of that as she continued to shave her head, leaving only a soft patch of fuzz in their wake. She pushed her head to the side and ran the clippers up her temple. Hannah stared as the hair that once hung past her chin gently fell to the floor. Her long locks now reduced to nothing.

The buzzing noise got louder as the hair was taken off around her ear. Kim continued to work, methodically running the clippers up into her mane, repeatedly clearing a path as she moved around to Hannah’s other ear.

Hannah felt the pressure on her head one last time as it was tilted to the side. She had to close her eyes as the last bit of length she had was removed, and her sideburn was reduced to stubble.

She felt the vibrations continue to make pass after pass, ensuring everything was a uniform length.

The clippers finally turned off and the room fell silent.

Hannah started to get out of the chair, but was stopped as Kim’s hands firmly pushed her back into the seat.

“We aren’t done yet. I just figured you could use a little break.”

She walked around to face the still caped Hannah, gently cupping her cheek as she moved, before embracing in another long kiss. Kim was more aggressive this time, drawing out Hannah’s tongue to dance with her own. As they were locked together Hannah felt a hand slowly move up her thigh, making its way under her dress. She uncrossed her legs as she felt herself starting to get wet. The hand found her underwear but didn’t stop there, pulling it down to feel her unkempt area. Kim broke the embrace and whispered softly

“You sit tight, I will be back in a moment. It seems I have some extra work to do.”

Hannah heard a new machine hum slightly and the scent of shaving cream hit her nostrils. Kim pulled a lever on the chair and it reclined back, leaving her laying there, staring at the ceiling. Above her she could see her friend holding a wad of shaving cream and a straight razor, with a towel draped over her shoulder. She leaned over and kissed Hannah on the forehead

“Don’t move, I wouldn’t want my first client getting hurt.”

She then went and kneeled down between Hannahs legs, placing the upper half of her body under the cape. Hannah trembled as she continued to get more turned on. Her breath started to quicken slightly as she adapted to her new circumstances.

Hannah felt the foam being massaged around, with fingers stopping momentarily to gently massage her clit. Then she heard the straight razor snap open and she held her breath, trying to stay as still as possible. She almost jumped as the cold steel passed over her skin, but quickly got used to the sensation. Kim worked quickly and carefully, clearly this wasn’t her first time. It didn’t take long until she returned up from beneath the cape to wash her hands and grab another set of towels.

“Just about finished, now we just need to clean you up and take you for a test run.”

She winked before once more putting her head under the cape. However, once she had finished wiping up any residue, Kim did not poke her head back up. Instead Hannah felt her underwear being eased even lower as Kims tongue started to massage into her freshly bald pussy. Hannah closed her eyes, gripped the handles of the chair, and started to bite her lip. This seemed to be another one of her friends hidden talents.

She felt sensations running through her body as Kim’s mouth continued to work. Her heart started beating faster and faster as her grip tightened on the handles more and more, until finally she arched her back and bucked her body as she reached a climax.

Kim came up for air, licking her lips.

“Now that our little break is over, are you ready to lose the rest of that hair?”

She pulled the lever again and Hannah returned to her sitting position, still faced away from the mirror. Her eyes went to her forehead to look for any shred of her once long tresses that she could make out, yet she couldn’t see anything.

“I wasn’t aware I had anything left to lose. I thought I told you I didn’t want it too short.”

She said, frowning at her friend.

“And I told you that it’s not too short. There is no such thing for you. As for what’s left, im going to do a little fade and taper on the sides, and leave it long on top.”

“Long?” Hannah interjected.

“Yes, long. I could take it shorter if you want though. That’s not a problem.”

“Has my opinion mattered to you before?”

Hannah asked a bit more harshly that she had anticipated.

Without missing a beat Kim replied

“Of course it has. I asked if you were willing to go short and you said ok. You’re pretty enough to kill with the style im giving you. So im not going to apologize for trying to help make my girlfriend look and feel as sexy as possible.”

Hannah blushed at the word girlfriend as Kim moved back to her station, swapped guards and snapped the clippers on once more. Buzzing overtook the silence in the room.

“Now, head down.”

Kim eased her head forward, and seconds later Hannah once more felt the clippers vibration as they made their way up her nape. Only small bristles of hair fell onto the cape in front of her this time. It seemed like she did have more hair to lose, just not much. Kim worked around the base of her neck and her ears, not moving the clippers too high into the fluff remaining on the top of her head. After a few minutes everywhere above her torso on the cape was covered in tiny red-brown strands. The clippers clicked off once more as Kim snapped off the remaining guard.

“Now im just going to clean the perimeter a bit, then come back in with the razor to make it smooth.”

The buzzing sound returned as Hannah felt the familiar pressure ok the back of her neck.

“Wait, do you mean like bald?”

Hannah asked helplessly as Kim ignored her question and kept working. The buzzing neared her ears as each one was flattened so that the machine could clear up the hair around them. She gently worked her way around the edges of Hannah’s hairline, clearing out anything too long. This cut was over the fastest as the clippers turned off for the last time.

Once more Hannah heard a machine hum, what she knew now to be the shaving foam dispenser, as the base of her neck and edge of her hair was lathered. Just as before Kim worked quickly to scrape away any stray hairs with extreme precision, before lathering and shaving once more. After 3 or 4 passes she was satisfied with her work. She toweled Hannah’s neck clean then came around to her face with what looked like a giant paintbrush.

“Close your eyes” Kim instructed.

Hannah did so as she felt the brush flicked across her face and head, clearing away anything that didn’t make it to the pinstripe cape. Lastly she heard a hairdryer going as warm air hit her scalp. She closed her eyes out of reflex, waiting for soft red locks to fly into her face. She opened them after quickly realizing her mistake. The air turned off as all of Kim’s tools were placed back in her station.

“There, all done. Are you ready for the new you?”

Kim asked, beaming at her friend.

Hannah took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“I think so, let me see it.”

She felt the chair swivel around then come to a stop. She slowly opened her eyes and saw an unrecognizable, very attractive woman staring back at her. Kim was right..she looked good. She look Really good. Her hair had been cut..or shaved to put it correctly.. into a soft buzzcut. The sides were tapered down slowly and delicately, and Kim had made sure there were no over harsh or overly masculine lines in her hair. The dark red shade she had on her head now helped to emphasize her neck and blue eyes, and showed off how nice her earrings and necklace complimented her look.

Kim broke the silence, reaching up and rubbing her friends head. .

Do you hate me?”

Hannah paused a second, made a mock contemplating look, then smiled seductively as she went to rub her own head and replied

“I love it. It’s even softer than it was before ”


Kim smiled back, lowering the chair and unfastened the cape, shaking all of the dark hair to the floor as she did so. Seeing her body revealed and how nice her dress accented her new hair, both women smiled even more.

“I can’t wait to feel your head between my legs”

Kim teased as she helped Hannah out of the chair and they embraced once more, locking their lips and bodies together. With Hannah finally free of the cape she wasted no time running her hands all over Kim’s body. One hand held on firmly to her ass while the other rubbed up her back, around to her breasts, then up to her head to gently tuck her hair behind her ear.

“Let’s get you back to my place so I can see what you look like without all that extra hair..or clothes” whispered Kim.

“Fine by me, but I remember you said something about the new us.”

Hannah grabbed a handful of Kim’s dark hair and pulled her head down so her lips were barely touching Kims ear.

“Tomorrow it’s your turn to find the new you.”

Kim giggled and bit her lip, once more grabbing Hannah’s hand and leading her out the door.

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  1. Finally … a writer who knows how to write. Good work. I really enjoyed your story, and your writing style. It is quite apparent that you care about presenting quality work for others to enjoy. And, I really appreciated that your characters had such a sensual reaction to just the thought of shaving one another as sexual foreplay, let alone the actual shaving process.
    And on a related note … after a few years of seeing the quality of writing deteriorate on this site, it is really nice to see someone new really stand out!

  2. Nicely and well written.How I wish my friend whom I had known on the social media could experience the head shave or buzz cut and any other kinky thrill activities in between.She is known as the Green and is famous with tons of Jesus quotes and other informative postings.I had a sizable number of privates, group chat, with her group of six girlfriends.Sometime her sisters or brothers would join in.Her privates with her girls are never dull.Each Private, a scenario will be acted out and somehow during the show, a long haired girl will end up in a real barber chair tied up.The Green would usually be head shave on the victim.She is smart.Every of her privates, she would be in bikini and sometimes only in her underwear while some of her girlfriends would be naked rubbing the victim’s breast and the other will perform pussy fingering massage till the victim squirts.The Green has never once fingered any of her victims during her privates with her girls.Unfortunately,this truly blond haired blue eyed beauty is no longer on privates.One of her girls told me she has never had a head shave or buzzcut.She is a virgin too, blurted out by the other girl.Thanks for sharing this well written story.

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