New Dew, New You (part 2)

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Hannah rolled over and let her body lay limp. She was completely and utterly exhausted. The last few hours of her life were a blur of ecstasy and sexual exploration. Manifesting what energy she had left she managed to turn her head to the side to admire her partner in crime. There laid her best friend turned girlfriend, Kim, naked and smiling back. Kim however was propped up on her side, and very clearly ready for more. Her athleticism now more apparent than ever thanks to her enthusiasm and nakedness.

Hannah’s eyes took another chance to admire her mate. She looked as if she were a statue carved from marble. Bones did not show through her frame, but instead the faint and delicate outlines of muscles could be seen throughout her body. Her breasts were large, but not saggy, and when she was aroused her nipples stood at full attention. Her pussy was perfectly smooth and devoid of all hair, as was the rest of her body from the neck down.

Kim broke the silence, still beaming.
“You look spent.”

“Hnnuuuuuuugh..maybe a little bit”
Hannah tiredly yawned, smiling and laughing.
“What gave me away?”

“Oh I don’t know, I just have a sixth sense I guess.. that or I might know what made you tired.” As she said it Kim winked and put her hand on her partner’s thigh, slowly moving it up to her pussy and letting her fingers gently caress the outside.

Hannah shuddered and pushed the hand away, still giggling to herself.
“No more. Please I don’t think my body can handle it.”

“Suit yourself hot stuff” Kim withdrew her hand quickly, then leaned over and pecked her on the forehead before popping out of bed.

“I’m going to head to shower and try and untangle this” She pointed to her head. She had an extreme case of sex hair, the once perfect style was now a dark mess.

“It seems like Someone really likes to pull hair”

Hannah blushed in response and only got in a
“Yeah…well…” before Kim was out of the room. She heard the shower turn on from the bathroom. A few moments later she listened to a melodic call out of “come join me when your ready!” from her partner.

Hannah willed her aching body out of the bed and trudged toward the bathroom, stopping in the open doorway. Kim was in the shower with the curtain open, her naked body glistening with water.

“Come here hun, you’re gonna love this.” Kim reached out and pulled Hannah into the warm water.

Hannah let out a surprised squeak at being so abruptly thrust into the stream, but quickly relaxed and closed her eyes in Kim’s embrace. This was her first time showering after having her head buzzed, and she was shocked at how nice it felt. With nothing in the way she got to experience the relaxing flow of heat pour over her as she was held in her lover’s arms.

Hannah couldn’t help but let out a small moan. As the embrace was broken she heard a bottle cap open and close, then once more felt Kim’s soft but firm hands on her as she was lathered with soap. Kim took her time getting them both clean, using the excuse to fully explore Hannahs body. She also made sure to still use shampoo as an excuse to massage Hannah’s head and feel the soft bristles between her fingers. They didn’t speak, choosing instead to communicate through touch and glance.

When the shower was over Kim wrapped Hannah in a towel before breaking the silence.

“I want you to stay the night.” The words spat out of her.

Hannah was slightly taken aback. Not because she was asked to stay, but because this was the first time she had ever heard and seen Kim nervous.

Instead of giving a straight answer she stood on her tiptoes and planted her lips on Kim’s cheek before whispering “I’ll see you in bed.” With that she turned and exited the room without looking back at her blushing partner.

The sound of a hair dryer echoed from down the hall, Hannah was forced to laugh thinking about how she wouldn’t need one of those for a while. Pulling she sheets back she jumped into bed and proceeded to curl up under the covers. Not too much later Kim returned and slid in beside her, her hair dried and back to its usual sleek state. The two cuddled in close and whispered “goodnight” to each other. Sleep came quickly to the exhausted couple.

The next morning was overall uneventful. Both women got ready as they normally would, Hannah had to search Kim’s closet to find something clean that would fit her. She ended up with a blouse that resembled and fit more like a dress on her.

After their morning rituals they sat and had breakfast together. They chatted about this and that as they normally would, until Hannah brough up the subject of hair once more.

“So, when are we taking care of That?” Her eyes pointed to Kim’s dark crown.

“I wasn’t sure if you were serious” Kim teased.
“Are you going to cut mine to match yours?”

“No I don’t think so. I want you to keep something for me to grab onto. But I do have a cut in mind.”

Kim raised her eyebrows “Oh? Well I’ll tell you what. I have a girl coming in for an interview today at the shop. You tell her what you want and we can see how she does. Sound fair?”

“Only if you don’t get to know beforehand. Fair is fair after all.” Hannah rubbed her head as she said it.

“Well I have to atleast watch her technique, but I won’t listen to what style you want to give me. Will that work?”

Hannah nodded.
“I suppose that will do, when is the appointment?”

“She couldn’t meet until later, so after dinner tonight we can head over.” Kim stood up from the table and extended her body into a long stretch. “I guess that just means we will have to find some way to pass the time.”
She winked at Hannah as they headed back to the bedroom.

The rest of the day went by like a dream. The two explored each other, talked, cuddled, relaxed, and simply relished in their time together. Hannah teased Kim throughout when her hair would brush up against her or get in the way. “Won’t have to worry about that soon,” she would say with a smile, until finally the time for the appointment came.

The two women entered the shop and saw a large pile of auburn hair on the floor around the barber chair. They had forgotten to clean up after yesterday’s events. “Do you mind getting that while I set up?” Kim asked.

Hannah nodded and grabbed a broom. As she started to sweep up the pile of coppery fluff, she felt as if she was sweeping a part of herself away. So much had changed in the last day and she felt like a new woman. She placed the broom back where she found it when they heard a knock on the door.

Kim called out “Just a minute” as she walked over to unlock it. With an audible *clack* of the lock the door swung open. Standing in the doorway was a woman of average height and build. She had sharp facial features, perfect brows, and only a small amount of makeup that did well to accent her best parts. She had on a tight brown leather jacket over a plain white shirt, which stopped at a black skirt where wore over a pair of tights. She had a pair of shallow heels on and her thick mass of brown hair was done up in a bun. All in all, she looked quite professional and rather striking, which was fitting for an interview.

“You must be Jessica!” Kim reached out a hand in greeting.

Taking it the woman respond. “Hello! Yes, but it’s just Jess if you don’t mind. Jessica makes me sound like an old lady” she laughed.

Kim nodded and chuckled back “Well then come on in Jess and have a look around.”

The woman entered and surveyed the area for a moment, her hazel eyes making their way around the room one section at a time. When they got to Hannah, Kim spoke up once more.

“This is my girlfriend Hannah, I hope it’s alright she joined us tonight. I asked her to help with the practical part of the interview.”

Jess was slightly taken aback. “Oh, yeah that’s no problem. I wasn’t aware there would be a practical part though.”

“I have gone through portfolio and it looks great, but I want to see you in action. I would like to watch your technique, your pace, and experience how if feels to sit in your chair. Of course I will pay whatever your normal rate is.. I’m not trying to con a free haircut out of you.”

Jess relaxed a bit “Yeah alright that sounds good. Are we doing that now orrrr…?”

“No no, follow me to the back first and we can get to know each other, then we can come out when it’s time for the cut.”

Kim started toward the back door which opened into a small office space. Jess followed her in, stopping to say a quick “Nice to meet you” to Hannah who returned the sentiment, before the two entered the office. Hannah pulled out her phone and searched for a good reference photo while she waited.

After a little while, the door opened and the two women came out. Both were smiling and Kim was once more talking as she made her way to the large barber chair. “So just ask Hannah what to do and I’ll leave myself in your capable hands.” She sat down, placing her arms on the armrests and crossing her legs. Hannah witnessed their high difference first hand as Jess didn’t need to pump the chair more than once to get i to the correct height, a big difference from when Hannah’s petite body sat there.

“Alright then, let’s get this sorted” Jess ruffled her hair, then picked up the pinstripe cape and expertly draped it over Kim. She gathered the raven locks in her hands and clipped then atop her head, before taking out a paper stip and securing it firmly around her neck. She then pulled the cape up the rest of the way snapping it firmly into place.

Hannah felt the anticipation growing, and was glad for her makeshift dress as she felt a familiar wetness between her legs. She had been looking forward to this more than she thought.

Jess released Kim’s hair from the clip letting it spill over her once more. Her sleek long bob fell back into place, ending only slightly past her shoulders. Kim’s hair was not nearly as thick as the other women’s, and it never dared curl. While most women would hate having hair that refused to cooperate into other styles, Kim embraced it and ensured she always had a chic, stylish look.

Jess met Hannah’s eyes, “So, what are we doing to her?”

Hannah smirked and flipped her phone to show the picture she had found. “I was thinking something like this would look nice. I want it real short here,” she pointed at a section of the picture “but still long enough to play with up here.” Her finger moved up to another section. “I figure she doesn’t have much volume so she should be able to pull it off.”

Jess took in the picture for a minute, then nodded. “Yeah I think you’re right, this will look awesome on her.”

She picked up a spray bottle and started spritzing Kim’s hair. Kim’s eyes met Hannah’s while she was being prepped and gave her a sly smile. It seemed they would both enjoy this.

With Kim’s hair appropriately damp, Jess picked up a pair of scissors and a comb. She ran the plastic teeth through the hair until it all lay flat against her head.

Jess asked Kim just once


“Do it.”

She placed the scissors just below her brow and closed them on her bangs, cutting a blunt line across her face. The room was silent save for the sound of the shears hacking their way through wet hair. Quickly they uncovering Kim’s eyes as small bits of her fringe drizzled down.

Hannah crossed her arms so she could hold onto something, even if it had to be herself. She knew the fun part was yet to come.

The scissors reached the other side of her face and Kim was about to comment about bangs, when they didn’t stop. With a loud *schnick* at her temple, the longest part of her bob was removed as a dark mass of wet hair slapped onto the cape.

Jess leaned down to get eye level with her scissors and placed her free hand atop Kim’s head, holding it in place.

“Don’t move” was all she said while she worked the blades through her hair.

Kim stayed still, she felt her ear pushed down and the cold steel of the shears placed behind them. Another snip sent more hair careening towards her lap. Jess methodically worked her way around Kim’s skull, moving the blades in a straight line. With her free hand she guided her head to the correct position, while the other she snapped through the dark tresses. Eventually she made it back to where she started on the bangs. With one last chop she sent the last of the old hairstyle to the floor.

“There we go, now that I have my guideline let’s clean you up.” Jess placed the scissors on the counter and picked up the clippers. She attached what Kim knew to be a #1 guard onto them.

Hannah looked at her girlfriend’s current funky style. She still had some length but there was a definitive separation from the top and bottom sections from where the scissors had passed. Kim shifted her weight in her chair and crossed her legs. Hannah knew this meant that she was likely enjoying the haircut as well. She smiled to herself and thought about the fun they would have later that night.

The clippers turned on with a loud *pop* and a familiar buzzing sound filled the room. Hannah started to chew on her lip as Jess pushed Kim’s head to the side, lifted the top section of hair with her comb, then ran the blades up her temple. Long strands of wet hair fell onto the cape as the buzzing sound got louder. They continued up, easily slashing through the wet tufts of hair before stopping slightly above the line Jess had created before. As she released the hair from the comb and moved onto the next section, the hair fell back into place, blending in with with the shaved section.

Hannah watched the hungry clippers eat through the hair around her ear, leaving only a faint shadow in their wake. Wishing they were alone, Hannah squeezed her legs together in a ln attempt to contain herself. After her initial shearing it was exciting to see someone else in the chair.

Jess pushed Kim’s head forward and started clearing the back of her head. The blades made short work of it as more dark hair clumped onto the cape. Hannah remembered the sensation of the vibrations on her neck and couldn’t help but chew her lip. She felt ready to burst.

Kim broke the silence as her hair was being removed.

“Man I forgot how good that feels. It’s like my own little mini massage. You ever have your head shaved Jess?”

Jess kept working.
“Nah, I like to keep it long. Shortest I had was a bob back in college. It was fun but I didn’t want to deal with the upkeep so I just grew it out.”

“That’s a shame, it’s a real experience. I shaved it all off once when I was young. Changed my life..also almost killed my mother, but I loved it. You should try it sometime”

Jess flicked another tuft of hair off the whirring blades.
“Yeah maybe. Could be fun, never really thought about it I guess.”

She lifted up the hair on her other templed and cleared off the last of it. The clippers turned off for a second so she could snap the guard off. They once more sprung to life as Jess pushed Kim’s head down so her chin hovered over her chest. She used the bare bladed to sure up Kim’s hairline and touch up any missed spots. The naked blades ran down Kim’s neck once more before the clippers were turned off again. Hannah noted the satisfied look in her partners face at getting to enjoy the reverberations one last time.

Jessica retrieved her scissors and went to work on Kim’s crown. She did not want to remove any length, just add texture and movement to the style. Expertly she lifted up sections of hair and used the tips of the blades to slice along the bunched up strands. The wet hair stuck to the ends of the shears and she was forced to periodically wipe them clean before continuing her work.

Next she went around the perimeter of the longer hair and softened the line. Using a scissors over comb technique she tapered the the areas towards the back of the head. She wanted the cut to have texture and flow, and not be blunt the entire way.

Finally satisfied with the cut, she placed down her tools she picked up a bottle of hairspray. With just a few quick spritz she adequately covered kim’s hair. Next she ran her hands through the remaining locks to tease them into place for the finished product, something which made the yearning Hannah quite jealous, before finally snapping off the cape to reveal the new Kim.

Kim inspected her bowl cut. Her bangs had been left ever so slightly longer to help compliment her eyes. She turned her head and noted with pleasure that everything else had been blended and textured perfectly. Instead of looking like a tupé someone might place atop a buzzcut, her style was connected and femenine despite the length. She smiled in satisfaction.

“Looks great! You definitely got the job if you want it.”

With that Kim hopped out of the chair, turned, slapped the seat and stated. “Alright you’re up.”

Jessica stood there looking dazed and confused. Her eyes drifted to Hannah to see if if she meant her, but seeing her stand still and smile back helped Jess put it together.

“What, me? No I’m all set thanks.” She tried to brush off Kim’s statement as though it were a question.

“Do you want the job hun?” Kim spun the chair around to face her.

“Yes very much, but I..”

“Well then hop in. I want all my employees to keep their hair above the shoulders. Can’t really advertise ‘New You Barbershop’ if we all just have long boring hairstyles.”

Jess let out a long sigh.
“Ok, but I haven’t had my hair that short in ages so go slow.”

“You got it. Now sit.” Kim stated once more patting the back of the seat.

Jess took a deep breath, then slowly, reluctantly, lowered herself into the barber chair.

Hannah was caught by surprise as well, but found herself in a very different state. She was already turned on watching her girlfriend get sheared, and now the thought of seeing another woman’s transformation got her even more excited. She was glad she wore a bra today, otherwise her nipples would easily have protruded through the fabric. In fact it was a miracle they weren’t showing through the padding now. She decided to take part in the fun and walked over as Jessica descended into her seat.

“Don’t worry, you’re in good hands,” she said, placing a hand on Jess’s shoulder. “Kim is the best stylist I know, and the only one I trust to keep me looking good.” Her hand rubbed her buzzed head as she said it.

Jessica’s eyes flicked up to her cropped locks. She shifted in her chair, clearly more uncomfortable than she was a moment ago.

Kim smiled wickedly at Hannah, and decided to join in on the fun. “How short did you say your bob was?”

“About one to two inches under my chin”

There was a short pause after Jessica’s response before Kim answered with a kurt and simple “Ok.”

Kim flicked the Cape around Jessica’s neck and buttoned it tightly as she pumped the chair up into the air. Next she undid the bun and let the chestnut mop cascade down around her. The hair fell all the way down to the bottom of her breasts. The long brown hair contrasted well with the black and white pinstripes. It was clear that while we’ll cared for it had been awhile since her last haircut, as the last 2-3 inches were a mess of split ends.

Jess grew slightly red, a hairstylist with split ends was definitely faux paux.

“Don’t worry about it we’ll take care of those.”
Kim reassured her as she turned to arrange her tools behind the cloaked Jess.

“Just a minute I like to be organized.”

She took Hannah’s hand and pulled her over to the counter. Kim pointed her finger to the shears and slowly nodded, waited a moment, then shook her head, asking a question to Hannah as if she were a catcher in a baseball game.

Hannah shook her head.

Kim’s finger moved to point to the clippers.

Hannah nodded.

Kim laid out 8 attachments for the clippers and slowly moved her hand from one side to the other.

Hannah shook her head the whole way.

Kim’s finger eventually ended on a separate pair of clippers when Hannah finally nodded again. The two gave each other a knowing smile and a quick kiss before Kim spoke up once more.

“Alright we are all ready for you back here. You good to go?” She asked Jessica, who was captive and still facing the opposite direction.

Once more she took a deep breath before responding.

“Sure, let’s do it. The Bob looked good.”

“I’m sure it did” Kim approached her from behind with the clippers off. She wanted to wait for the last possible moment to turn them on.

Kim put a hand on Jessica’s head and pushed it forwards, making as if she was about to section the back. Instead she elected to place the balding clippers on Jessica’s forehead, flick them on, and abruptly pull them back over her scalp. Hair poured down onto the cape as Kim cleared a path.

The sound of the blades chewing through her mane were drowned out by the loud yelp Jess let out.

“What The Fuck?!” Her hand whipped out from under the cape to search for the hair left in the clippers wake.. there was none.
“What The Fuck! I thought you were giving me a Bob?!.”

“I never said that.” Kim answered but didn’t stop working, next running the blades up the back of her neck as Jess’s reflexes tried to move her head away in vain.

“What The.. Can you stop a second!” Jess pleaded, seeing more of her length fall to the floor.

“I could.” Kim once more positioned the machine at the base of her neck and moved them up into her hairline, taking advantage of Jessica’s shock to continue the haircut.

“But what would be the point now, can’t glue it back on.” She pushed her head firmly to the side and ran the clippers up her temple. More brown hair tumbled down, adding to the large pile that had started to collect on the floor.

“Besides, you agreed a good shave would be fun. That and if you’re gonna shave other women’s heads then you should really experience it for yourself.”

“But I didn’t want this, I didn’t even really want the Bob.” Jess’s eyes opened wide as she saw mountains of hair pouring down around her.

“You said you liked the Bob though, just the upkeep was an issue. Anyway, trust me you’re perfect for this style. You’ve got the right face and head shape for it.” Kim pushed Jessica’s chin up and once more ran the blades over her scalp, clearing out the remainder of her bangs.

Jessica moved her head obediently.


Her anger subsided a bit. She knew it was useless to fight it now, getting mad wouldn’t solve anything. She closed her eyes and resigned herself to her fate.

While Kim continued to shave Jessica’s head, Hannah moved in behind her girlfriend. Out of sight of Jess and under cover of the buzzing clippers she decided to have some fun. Hannah reached one hand around Kim’s waist and drew her into a hug from behind. With the other hand she plunged directly into Kim’s underwear and onto her wet pussy. Wasting no time she hooked her two fingers back, inserting them into her girlfriend’s slit.

Kim paused for a moment, clenching her jaw to stifle a moan. Leaving the clippers placed behind Jessica’s downturned ear, she carefully started to remove hair around it, while at the same time Hannah wiggled her fingers around inside her. Kim worked slowly, taking a deep breath as she finished one ear, before positioning the clippers behind the other one. All the while Hannah’s fingers feeling around inside her.

Hannah’s lips started to kiss up the back of her neck as Kim worked to remove the last of Jessica’s amber locks. She flicked the final bit of hair off the clippers as Hannah flicked her hand out of her pants and retreated back to the counter.

Satisfied she had done enough to tease her lover, Hannah stayed back to admire the rest of the show. Kim ran the clippers over a few more patches of brown that had managed to stay attached, then turned them off and reached for her razor and filled her other hand with shaving foam. With her hair out of the way Jessica’s already striking features were more accented, making her look even more attractive. Kim was right after all, she definitely needed to get rid of that hair.

“You’re gonna love this. Trust me.” Kim said as she lathered Jessica’s head.

“If you say so.” Jess’s eyes were fixed on the ground. She had a blank expression on her face, staring at the mountain of amber fluff on the ground.

The razor glided over her forehead, leaving a cool sensation in their wake. It was only now with each pass that Jessica started to realize how much lighter her head felt. Kim continued diligently cleaning Jessica’s head. Despite the circumstances she did have to admit that the shave felt good. It felt as if a weight she had not known was there had been lifted off her shoulders. After a few minutes Kim finished her work and used a warm towel to clean up the leftover residue.

“Alright time for the big reveal, drumroll please!”

Hannah slapped her hands on the counter and Kim turned the chair to face the mirror.

Jessica reluctantly started to lift her gaze. Eventually she met her own eyes in the mirror and took in her new appearance. While she sat in silence Kim removed her cape and lowered her to the floor.

“Alright Jess I’ll see you in two weeks at our grand opening. Show up early if you want me to clean you up again.”

Jess sat for a moment longer, then her lips parted into a smile. “Yeah, I think I’ll do just that.”

She got up and left without saying another word, beaming and rubbing her smooth head on the way out.

As soon as the door swung closed behind her Hannah pounced onto Kim and locked their lips together. The force knocked the two women back into the barber chair. After a fast but passionate kiss, Hannah sank to the floor in front of the chair and pulled down Kim’s pants. She started kissing again, but this a different set of lips. Her soft pelt of hair tickled Kim’s inner thighs as she worked her tongue deeper into her girlfriend, only exiting momentarily to massage her clit.

Kim tensed her body as it raced towards a climax. She clasped one of Hannah’s hands and gripped it tight. Both women knew they were in store for another fun night.

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  1. Hey Agile Genius or whatever your name is..I read with interest about your earlier lengthy comment posting concerning the Green.I do know her too.She may have hair fetish and loves shearing others bald as what you have stated but in real life,she is kind,friendly and charitable at heart.She loves to volunteer whenever possible or time permits.It is undeniable she has the most radiant smile complimented with good looks,slim body,blue eyes and natural blonde hair but whenever is on privates,she loves to wear skimpily and put on different disposable colouted contact lenses.I last spoke to her was a week ago.Her long waist length blonde hair has been chopped to a neat bob style.

  2. Thanks Redhead Girl.She looks stunning in bob haircut besides her previous waist length blond hair.It accentuates perfectly with her overall good looking features and her sweet unique itreplaceable signature smile.The only setback is that her hairstylist didn’t give her an overall head cut down to size.Her overall rich super thick hair still remains intact.Probably she could have told her hairstylist to give an overall mini trim instead of overall drastic cut down to size with No 5 or 6 clipper attachment.Anyway just address me as Agile Genius.Good to know you here.

  3. Yeah,maybe you are right,Agile Genius.The Green is good for another proper haircut and the best place to have that is in a barbershop.She still has sheer excessive volume of blond hair top,back and sides.Maybe she shivers and trembles if she were to sit in a real barber chair.Probsbly she the hair clipper too

  4. That is interesting.The Green has a fear for hair clippers?No way.That is not possible.She is very skillful in handling the balding clippers.Whenever she is on privates with her gang of mischievous girlfriends,she loves placing the guardless clippers in the middle of her tied-up victims’ forehead and thus leaving a white path in its wakes.Unfortunately she is no longer on privates.Well,since we are on the same wave length,how about we meet in person?Maybe we could work something out in preparation for the Green proper haircut at the barbershop.i meet the Green quite frequently for drinks.She occasionally comes back to LA during weekends.On weekdays she is usually either in New York or Washington.I am from California.Where are you from,Redhead Girl?

  5. Looks like you have some kind of naughty plan in mind,Agile Genius.Are you sure it will work?If none of her mischievous girlfriends are unable to grab or drag her into the real barber chair during privates,this shows the Green indeed is a real tough cookie to overpower.Sure,I will meet up with you.I will leave my cellphone number and e-mail to the first earliest posting of the Green’s instagram.Good to know you here too.

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