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I’ve been reading the forum for a long time, but this is my first story. English is not my native language. Please forgive my mistakes.
He was bored because he had left his new job in two weeks and he walked to the bar a little far from his house to drink something alcoholic. It was a small bar and there weren’t many people. While he was sipping his beer, he hadn’t even taken out his mobile phone yet. The news was on on television and there was talk of a possible new pandemic. The news intrigued him, but it had nothing to do with his fetish. He had already turned away until it was mentioned that the mutant version of the scabies case had become a new virus in the scalp, but when he heard this, he focused on the news again.
Yes, he had a hair fetish. The fetish for cutting hair that he cannot share with anyone, that he lives deep inside, like a fantastic dream world.
In the continuation of the news, phrases such as a solution to this problem after the 2019 Covid pandemic were mentioned and the next news was continued. Involuntarily, he took out his mobile phone and started to research this news. The question mark in his mind was whether everyone would end up requiring their hair to be cut. After doing a little research, he desperately put his phone next to his beer because he couldn’t find anything significant about the new pandemic claim that had not yet become widespread enough. He took the last sip of his beer and left. When he got home, he was surprised that this news went home before him. Because his sister Eva was discussing this issue with her mother. Eva almost cried when her mother immediately diagnosed them and told them that they should cut their hair like they did when they were little, before the epidemic started. He was saying that he did not want to harm his hair, which he had been growing since he was 16, for the epidemic, which was not yet confirmed, and that this was nonsense. Eva was 19 years old and her hair had grown to waist length for the first time in her life. He had healthy and thick hair. It was normal for her not to want to take a nap. Eva turns to Matt. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous, Matt? asked. Matt doesn’t know what to say so he says, “I should find a new job, I won’t deal with this nonsense.” he said. He went to his room and grabbed his phone again. He really liked Evan’s classmate Cindy, but that wasn’t what he was thinking about right now.
Right now he was dreaming of being able to cut Cindy or another girl’s hair. Weeks passed and the subject was never brought up at home. One day, the governor of the state made a speech about the newly spread pandemic, stating that unfortunately everyone had to shave their heads for the safety of the state, that no one would lose their lives, and that it was a temporary process. Matt’s dream came true. No one would lose their health, but the everyones hairs would be cut. Eva was incredibly angry at this news. She and her friends were collectively saying on her cell phone that this issue was exaggerated. Her other friends, Sally and Sara speaks, but he cant hear Cindy’s voice. As Matt approached with an earful, he saw Cindy on the phone screen. He didn’t know what he felt. The official decision had not been published yet and it was not clear to what length the hair would be cut. The next day, the decision was published and it was announced that everyone’s hair would be shaved completely. It was also noted at the bottom of the declaration that those who did not cut their hairs within a week would be detained by the police for state security, shaved and released. While all this shocked everyone, their mother Molly announced that tomorrow was shaving day, as if she was satisfied with yesterday. Molly knew how to cut hair, but she had only cut Eva’s hair before. Matt, on the other hand, always went to the barber for a monthly shave with his father. Matt immediately asked his mother, “Do you know how to shave someones head?” asked. Her mother was surprised to hear this and admitted that she hadn’t thought about it. Eva was talking to her friends. She was talking about wanting to spend a few more days with her hair. Her other friends had time, but they also talked about not knowing where to shave their heads.
<çMatt saw the opportunity and said to Eva, "I'll cut your hairs, even if it's sad, and you can cut mine, okay?" said. Before Eva could answer, Sally and Sara joined the conversation and asked if they could come watch. While Matt was thinking about how to tell them to invite them to the slaughter, Eva unknowingly came to his rescue and said to the girls, "It's okay if we cut yours too." said. The girls said they would think about it and hung up the phone. The next day, Eva told Matt that Sara and Sally were coming too. Matt was disappointed that she didn't mention Cindy. In the afternoon the doorbell rang, Matt ran to the door and opened it and saw Sara and Sally, with Cindy standing behind them. Matt wondered how to hide his excitement. Sara had shoulder-length wavy dark hair. Sally's hair was chin-length baby blonde and straight. Behind them, Cindy's wavy hair down to her belly button looked perfect. Cindy, who has not been heard for days, says, "I’m here for only watch." said. Matt tells her, "If you want to get clipped by the cops, it's your choice." he replied. They went to Eva's room together. Matt was eager to get started right away. He took out his father's old corded Wahl hair clippers. The girls were discussing who would start first. "Let's start with shortest hairs," Matt said, clippers in hand, pointing at Sally. Sally gave him a look that was somewhere between confused and angry. At least the order was clear. Matt spread a blanket in the middle of the room and placed the chair. He told Sally to sit down. When Sally sat down, she put the blanket around her neck and said, "Since your hair is short, I'll start directly with the clippers." Sally and the other girls watched in fear and excitement. Matt turned on the clippers and moved them closer to the middle of Sally's forehead. When Sally made an involuntary movement as if pulling her head back, Matt gently pushed Sally's head from back to front with his free left hand. He pushed the clippers all the way to the back of her head, and when he pulled his hand back, the bald patch in the middle of Sally's head was visible. Eva, Sara and Cindy simultaneously put their hands to their mouths in shock. Matt wasted no time and continued. Sally's silky hair was completely gone within 3 minutes. Sally's mouth fell open as she put her hand to her head. The girls touched his head to feel it too. Sara knew it was her turn so she sat quietly on the chair and said I'm ready. As Matt was about to pick up the scissors, Cindy asked him, "Can I make the first cut?" "Of course" Matt said and handed the clippers to Cindy. When Cindy took the clipper in her hand, without delaying or asking Sara, she went directly in front of her and put the clipper in the middle of Sara's forehead, just like Matt did, and pushed it all the way to the back. Matt watched her in amazement. He didn't realize that Cindy would enjoy cutting hair. After Cindy had cut off almost all of Sara's hair, she handed the clippers back to Matt. Matt removed the remaining small strands and finished the haircut. Eva panicked when it was her turn. Soon her hair, approximately 26 inches in size, would join the hair on the ground. Without further delay, Matt told Eva to sit down. After Eva sat down, Matt turned to look at Cindy and she knew what he meant. Cindy asked Eva if she could do the cutting. The reason why he asked the question to Eva was obvious, because she said that she would not cut her hair and there was this embarrassment behind her question. But it was Matt who answered his question, not Eva. Matt said to him, "I've been dreaming of this cut for a while now, then if we're going to cut your hair too, you can cut Eva's hair." Cindy put her hand on her long hair and thought for a while. Before Cindy's answer, Matt said, "What difference does it make today or tomorrow? "Come on, join us so everyone here can watch you get all of your long blonde hair cut off," he said. Cindy gave him a suggestive look and said, "I didn't know you were so eager to cut my hair." Matt's face turned red. "Isn't it fun for you too? " he asked. Cindy smiled slightly and said, "Yes, okay, I accept." They both turned to Eva. While listening to their conversation, Eva forgot for a moment that her hair would soon disappear. She was frightened when faces turned towards her, but there was nothing she could do now. Cindy took the clippers from the table and approached . Eva had tied her hair into a ponytail because she wanted to keep it as a souvenir. Cindy again pushed the clippers from the middle of Cindy's forehead to the back, just like she did with Sara. Since Eva's hair was tied back, it did not fall on the floor. Cindy didn't find this enjoyable so she cut off all the hair on Eva's top in a few quick passes and handed the clippers to Matt. Matt finished the cut by carefully cutting off the remaining hair of his sister Eva. Finally it was Cindy's turn. Matt couldn't sit still because of his excitement. Sara, Sally and Eva are now completely bald and the only person there with long hair left is Cindy. Eva measured the length of Cindy's hair and it was 29 inches. Maybe Cindy wasn't ready for this, but soon her hair, which everyone admired, would be brutally cut. Matt couldn’t hide his excitement with his hasty movements. When Cindy sat on the chair, her hair cascaded down from her shoulders to the chair like a waterfall. Matt asked Cindy are you ready? Cindy said “Don’t push your luck and start cutting.” laughing. Matt took the clippers and placed them in the middle of Cindy’s forehead. Cindy had her eyes closed. Matt touched a lock of Cindy’s hair and felt how silky it was. After a moment’s hesitation, as Cindy opened her eyes, Matt slid the clippers under her long bangs and pushed them all the way to the back of her head. Matt “There’s no turning back now.” said. She felt sad. Those crowning glory of her quickly goes now.Matt cut off the hair on top of Cindy’s head, and the hair fell into a pile on the floor. Sara and Sally’s short hair was invisible under Cindy’s hair. After about 4 minutes, Cindy was completely bald. He didn’t know what to feel. Matt, on the other hand, was erect. When Cindy realized this, she experienced mixed emotions along with her sadness. Now all 4 girls in the room were bald. An hour ago, Matt had the shortest hair in the room, now he had the longest hair. As the girls touched each other’s bald heads, Matt stared at Cindy’s hair in a pile on the floor. The girls looked at Matt and said sit together

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