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I had driven my daughter and her 2 friends to school every day for four years of high school.  The one girl, Megan, was your standard high school girl, with her face planted in her phone the whole time she was in the car.  There was never a hello or Thank You in all the times she rode in my car.  The other girl, Emily, was all together different, always saying “Good Morning”, and Thanks for the ride” whenever she was with us.  I had noticed that whenever I took her and my daughter to a store or the movies, she would apologize if they were late getting back to the car.  I assumed that this was from the foster family she lived with because they a very strict born again christian family, who had raised several foster kids.

Emily was a very beautiful girl, with a body that every boy around wanted to have their way with, and shortly after graduation someone had as my daughter informed us that Emily was pregnant, but went and got an abortion before her foster parents initially found out.  It was only a couple days later when I heard Debbie, my wife, and daughter talking about Emily, and my daughter told her that Emily was being kicked out by her foster parents and was going to have to live in her car because her job was at her foster dad’s business, and that was gone now too.


I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if I would have let an 18 year old girl sleep in her car, so I told my daughter to have Emily to come over for dinner that night.  My wife made a larger than usual dinner for a week night, but I could tell by how fast that skinny girl was shoveling it in that she hadn’t had much to eat for a while. After dinner I told Emily that she was moving in with us until she was stable enough to live on her own.  I told her that our daughter was leaving for college in the fall and she would be staying in her room.


The first couple weeks went as expected, with Emily getting comfortable, a little to comfortable, living with us. She walked around the house in loose t-shirts and tiny shorts, enjoying the start of summer. By the third week, my wife had got very tired of this and decided Emily needed more severe discipline that our daughter lived under.  Emily was not putting as much effort into finding a job as she was to getting dolled up to go out most nights, so my wife decided to get her the job she felt she needed.


My wife grew up next door to a family that owned a doughnut shop, open 24 hours per day, Monday – Saturday.  The shop is run by Julie, the matriarch of the family, a 70 year old strict, religious women who runs the shop like a military installation.    My wife worked in the shop during high school, and credits Julie for Instilling the strong discipline that she still lives by today.  So my wife decided that was just what Emily needed and went to talk with Julie about getting Emily straightened out.


Emily was somewhat surprised when my wife told her she had a job interview this afternoon at 6 o’clock, and my wife would be driving her there.  Emily, was not enthusiastic when they pulled into the parking lot., she assumed that she would show little interest in the job and they wouldn’t hire her.  Little did she know her fate was already decided as Julie loved having a young project to mold into her image.


Emily was not expecting Julie to tell her she got the job, a more so, would be starting immediately.  Julie told her she would be working Thursday to Saturday from 7pm to 2 am, plus she would be paid 4 hours pay for attending mandatory church services on Sunday.  This was to keep Emily from partying away the weekends, and separate her from the bad influences she was around.


Emily was uneasy with what was happening, but she knew she couldn’t let my wife down, and decided to go along with this job for now.  Julie wasted no time starting to put her stamp on Emily, telling her that she would be given uniforms to wear.  Emily had until then forgotten that all the girls in the doughnut shop wear all white old school nurses outfits and shoes.  Julie took her to the locker room and insisted that she was not to wear anything that was not white.  Julie opened one of the lockers and told Emily there was an old uniform from a girl that she had fired, and several pairs of white nurses shoes that had been left by previous employees.


Emily sat alone, staring at the dirty polyester uniform laying in the locker.  She started to realize that she any choices she had in what was happening were coming to an end, and if she didn’t go forward with this job that she might lose her place to sleep as well.  Emily pulled off her street clothes, noticing her matching lacy red bra and panties, and reached for the uniform.  She cringed and the grease stains all over the front of it, and the sweat stains and smells that still lingered.  She wasn’t sure what she would do about her red underpants then she saw something else , the girl had tossed her bra and panties in the bottom of the locker.  At first Emily was disgusted, but with her strong need to keep my wife happy, she picked them up and inspected them.  The bra was not like the pretty ones she had always worn, this was all about function with its wide band and shoulder straps.  She looked at the tag “Playtex 34B”, thinking it wouldn’t fit her 36D frame, she tried to put it on, and was surprised as it fit her body perfectly.  She was surprised that instead of pushing her boobs together, they now seemed wide apart, but smaller.  The giant nylon panties were next, and as she picked them up, she saw that they were quite worn with permanent stains showing on the inside.  She hesitated as she pulled them up over her knees thinking about the fresh stains that would against her hairless crotch.  She finished pulling them on, solidifying her determination to keep this job.


As Emily entered the work area, Julie told her that everyone needed to wear there hair in up and in a hairnet at all times.   Emily struggled getting her hair into the hairnet at first, but then Julie helped get it done.  “If this is going to be a to much of a problem you will need to get it cut.  Emily just gave a quick “Okay”, and followed Julie to her work area.


Emily was introduced to the three other girls who worked in the finishing area, and was shown how they finish the donuts once they are fried.  The air in the back room was heavy with the smell of boiling oil, and Emily throughout the shift she noticed that the three other girls were all chubby with bad, acne covered skin, and short greasy hair.  She assumed that it was just that they didn’t put any effort into their looks like she did.   As the shift moved on, Emily was continually fighting to keep her hair up. One of the girls she was working with told her that Julie won’t put up with her hair being a problem so she will need to have it cut.  Emily insisted that she would not be giving up her long mane anytime soon.


Emily slept late into the next morning after her first shift, only to be awakened by Debbie. Debbie told Emily to get showered as they were going shopping.  My wife gave Emily a bar of soap and told her she would need to use it to get the grease smell out of her skin, she also put a bottle of strong shampoo to strip the grease off her hair.  Debbie tried to use her usual body wash, but found it wouldn’t cut through the grease that clung to her soft skin.  She was stunned when she saw herself in the mirror, dull lifeless hair and a washed out complexion.  Debbie told her she was taking her to the women’s store in town to get some new undergarments.   Emily said she would just get her normal styled ones in white, but Debbie insisted that she get a proper size so she needed to put on the same bra and panties she came home with so they could get her more of the same style.   Debbie also told Emily that Julie saw she was having problems keeping her hair up, so she made her an appointment to get a proper haircut.


Emily tried to speak up when Debbie told the sales women what was needed.  The girl gave her several bras and panties, then Debbie suggested that Emily would probably be needing some tummy control panties soon as well.  Debbie paid the bill and told Emily she could pay her back as she could afford to.  She also told Emily that she should keep the one’s she had on because they were still good enough to wear.  The next stop was “Helen’s Cut Hut”.  Again Debbie was firmly in control, telling Emily that Helen knew what Julie required her girls to do with their hair.  As Helen combed thru Emily’s hair, she commented about the one section of streaked hair Emily had on the side of her face asking if she liked the “Highlight”.  Emily told Helen she liked how it looked, so Helen said “we should have a little fun with your hair”  Nothing more was said as Helen began chopping more than 15″ of the bottom of Emily’s hair.  Helen finished up the cut with Emily now wearing a nice dated chin length pageboy haircut.  Helen then stated “Okay time for some fun” and proceeded to place an odd looking cap over Emily’s head.  Emily had no idea what Helen was doing as she pulled strands of hair out from the holes in the cap, but knew the decision’s about her hair had been made for her.  25 minutes after coating her head with white paste, Emily was led to a wash bowl and rinsed off.  As she sat down it the stylist chair again Emily sees that all of the hair sticking out of the cap is a bright yellow-white color.  As Helen pulls of the cap she is shocked by the contrast between her brunette hair and all the highlights all over her head.  Helen then used a round brush and blow dryer to finish Emily’s new style.  As Emily started to get up from the chair Debbie came over and said if this was still to long for work then Helen could give her a style that would always keep her hair up, out of the way.  Emily just smiled and politely thanked Helen for the new style.

It took a few weeks, but Emily slowly got used to her new situation.  Working such odd hours meant that her social life was now limited to the other girls she worked with, she didn’t even realize that she was becoming just like them.  Working in a grease filled atmosphere was causing her face to be spotted with acne.  She also started the habit that the other girls all did of grazing on donuts at every break they had.  She had complained that her uniforms were too large when she first got them, but now her growing body was now pushing against the polyester fabric everywhere.  I had also noticed that after church services were finished, her old groups of friends now basically treated her like an outcast and none of cute boys that used to cling all over her would even give her a second look.


My wife was surprised, when she went for her scheduled hair appointment, to see Emily sitting in Helen’s Salon waiting for her turn in the chair.  What surprised her more was when Helen asked Emily if she was ready to take the plunge, and Emily smiled and excitedly said “Yes mam”.   What Debbie did not know was Emily, who seemed to always be submissive to someone of authority was now being influenced the other girls at the doughnut shop.  They all wore extremely short hair, and they had convinced Emily that she needed hers short like theirs.


After Emily was finished at the wash basin, Helen put the cape over her and preceded to section off Emily’s hair.  Helen wasted no time reaching for her guard less clippers and then running them up the back of her head until they reached a full 2″ above her ears.  Once the back was laid bare Helen ran the clippers around each ear, giving a full 2″ of smooth skin above each ear.  Helen then let down the next inch of hair all the way around and cut it to a line 1″ over the top of Emily’s ears.  This was repeated in 1″ sections until the rest of the hair was cut to the same level.  Helen then cut her bangs half way up her forehead.  Debbie was again shocked as Helen asked Emily if she still wanted to keep her perm appointment in 2 weeks and Emily said she couldn’t wait.


A few weeks later Emily informed Debbie and I that she was moving out.  Two of the girls from the doughnut shop had invited her to move in with them.  When I asked Debbie if she knew about this she let the cat out of the bag.  I knew that Debbie had worked for Julie when she was in her teens, but I never knew that she too had fallen in with the wrong crowd when she was younger, and her mother sent her to work for Julie.  Debbie said that Julie always hired girls that had problems.  The first reason was that she only had to pay these girls minimum wages.  This also allowed her try and mold these girls into mini versions of herself.  There were only three outcomes for any of these girls.  They either became strict, decent members of society, like my wife had become, or they were quickly fired and returned to whatever lives they came from. or lastly they became permanent doughnut shop girls.  With as submissive as Emily was, Debbie knew from the start what Emily’s fate was, and she told Julie that Emily would to be another of her life time employees.


Emily had no idea that as soon as she agreed to the job, the entire plan was put into place.  From the dirty uniforms and progressively shorter haircuts to the changing of her beautiful body and complexion, and her new group of friends that she spent every day and night with that every aspect of Emily’s future was now planned out for her.  All Emily knew was she had found her new permanent family.



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  1. I really liked this story. I especially enjoyed your treatment of the young Emily, that was so out of control and then reined in so severely at the donut shop. It was a different play on a fall from grace story, the humiliation being well accepted as Emily slowly grew fat, ruined her complexion and eventually cropped her beloved hair to practically nothing. Well written and thought out.

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