Down On The Farm

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The school year was wrapping up.  My parents had recently divorced, so it was just my mother and younger twin sisters and me.  My mother didn’t want us home alone all summer, so it was decided that my sisters and I would spend the summer at my grandparents farmhouse in Ohio.  I loved going to visit them, but 3 month’s away from my friends was not how I wanted to spend my summer.  I was 13 years old, and my sisters were 11, so our opinions made no difference in the decision to go.


Three days later we were all loaded into the minivan and on our way to Amish country.  My grandparents had a cool old farm with a big house and barn.  They had retired from farming, and leased the land to the next door neighbor.  They were so happy to see us, and we spent the day catching up with them.  Later that day mom was getting ready to head back home, and made sure to tell us girls that we were to do everything we were told to do.  She reminded us that grandma was an old school disciplinarian, and she wouldn’t hesitate to spank us if we caused her any troubles.

The next day grandma told us we were going to the neighbors house.  As we walked towards their house we passed a huge pond with a slide and a rope swing.  I thought things were looking up for this summer.  Mrs Miller came out on the porch to welcome us, and I was surprised to see she was dressed like an Amish woman., even though she wasn’t Amish. We were then told to go into the house because Mrs Miller was going to measure us for some new clothes.  My sisters went first, and I was surprised when they were told to take off their jeans and t-shirts.  Mrs Miller had some dresses that she put on my sisters, she said that they were made for her daughter Ruth, but she grew out of them  It was my turn now, and I was also told to take off my jeans and t-shirt.  As I took off my clothes, all I had left were my panties and the training bra I had started to wear.  I was always a little embarrassed about my skinny figure, and turned beet red when the two old ladies both had a quick laugh when they saw the bra. “Sweetie, I think your getting ahead of yourself with the bra”  Mrs Miller’s daughter was my age, so she had a dress to fit me as well.  Mrs Miller commented again “Ruth is flat as a board too, so this should fit good”


My grandma announced, “Okay girls, into the kitchen for your haircuts, then we can go swimming.”  As we walked towards the kitchen Mrs Miller’s daughter, Ruth, came in the back door.  “My chores are done mom.  Can I get my hair cut now?”  Ruth was skinny like me, with brown hair, just to her shoulders.  She was dressed like my sisters and I now was.  Her mother told her if she wanted her hair cut she better get ready, and without hesitation Ruth unsnapped her dress and placed it on the counter.  She then hoped up on the stool her mom had set up and said “Okay mom I ready to go”  Mrs Miller wasted no time cutting her hair straight across at lip length, then gave her bangs, straight across the middle of her forehead.  Ruth hoped of the stool with a smiling “Thanks Mom”  Mrs Miller quickly said “Okay.  Who’s going next?”  My grandma then said “Take Katie next.  They’re going to look just like twins”  I had no idea that I was going to lose my long hair, and I started to look for ways to get out of the haircut.  “Mom said I could keep my hair long as long as I took care of it”  My grandma was having none of that “Katie, get your dress off and on to the stool now.”


I pulled off my dress and sat on the stool in my bra and panties.  Mrs Miller again wasted no time, and my long hair was falling to the floor on top of Ruth’s.  I was getting the same haircut as Ruth got, and my grandma commented “Now there’s going to be two sets of twins around here.”  Mrs Miller and her were having a big laugh and then Mrs Miller said “Okay Ruth, you and Katie can go swimming now”  When I said that we didn’t bring our bathing suits Mrs Miller reached out and unsnapped my bra.  “There you go dear.  No need for anything else until you have something to see”  Ruth, sensing my discomfort pulled my arm “Come on Katie, lets get down to the pond”  After a short time I forgot all about losing my long hair, and being almost naked outside.  Ruth and I were becoming fast friends, and swam until we were called out for lunch.  After lunch, we put on our dresses again, then spent the day exploring the farm.  It was the best summer of my life, Ruth and I had become unseparable.  Before we knew it, the summer was over, and we were back at home and our normal lives again.


Every summer we would be sent to the farm, and we would always get new dresses and haircuts everytime.  I enjoyed my summers until I turned 16, that year Mrs Miller had a big laugh about me still wearing a training bra, while my 14 year old sisters both developed quite large breasts for their age.  This only brought Ruth and I closer, because like me she too had still not started to mature yet.  After years of exploring the farm and surrounding areas Ruth and I began to explore things that came natural to us, we even taught each other how to make out.  After that summer I didn’t want to go home any more.  I was in love with Ruth and I think my grandma had figured it out.


I went back home after summer, but all I thought of was Ruth.  We talked on the phone, or texted every day, but when it came time again for summer break, mom said that she had arranged a summer job for me as a lifequard at the city pool.  My sisters would be going to my grandparents without me.  Three days later my mom left to take my sisters to the farm, while I started my summer job.


I took my job seriously, even though I would often find myself daydreaming about being together with Ruth.  By the end of summer, my hair was the longest it had been since Mrs Miller first cut it.  It was several inches past the top of my shoulders and was looking as good as it ever had, but in reality I missed the severe chopped bob.  I knew that none of the salons would cut my hair in such a basic cut, so I just let it grow.


I keep my summer job for the next 5 years.  I had almost finished my Junior year at college and I expected I would work another year as a lifeguard before I graduated from college.  My hair was now to my bra strap.  I still had no reason to wear a bra, but I did it more out of habit than need.  Days before the term ended, my grandfather passed away, which meant I would be going back to the farm for the first time in 5 years.


I was surprised by the out pouring of love the community showed my grandma.  I must have met close to 200 people who came to pay repect to my grandpa, every one of them treated me like I was part of the community.  Later that evening my grandma started to tell my mom and sisters and I that she didn’t know if she was going to stay on the farm because it would be too much work.  I knew I had to do anything I could so she could stay there for the rest of her life.   I knew what I was going to do by the time I went to bed that night.


The next morning I was up early and out the door.  I made the walk over to Mrs Miller’s house.  I knocked on the door, and Mrs Miller smiled a knowing smile as she opened the door.  “Hi Katie.  I thought you might stop over today.”  She started walking towards the kitchen.  I followed, knowing what was going to happen.  I just smiled as we entered the kitchen.  Mrs Miller already had the stool in the middle of the room with her scissors and cape sitting on the counter awaiting my arrival.  Just like I had done 5 years ago when I was in her kitchen I took off my shirt and pants before I sat on the stool.  I had started wearing a very padded bra, just so it looked like I had at least something under my shirt.  Mrs Miller just laughed “You and Ruth are surely twins.  She tried doing the same as you to try and look like she has boobs.”  Mrs Miller went over to the stairs and yelled up “Ruth, Katie is here for her haircut.  Make sure to bring down those dresses I had made for her, and give her one of your undershirts so she can stop wearing this silly bra she has”


Mrs Miller put the cape on me and started to roughly comb thru my hair.  “You’ll be glad to get rid of all this just in time for summer”  and with that she wasted no time making the first cut.  The scissors  went in higher up the sides than I remembered from 5 years ago.  This time she was cutting the sides higher than my ears.  I was shocked to see 24″ of hair slide down the cape on to the floor.  I assumed that I would get the same cut as I always did.  Mrs Miller, sensing my nervousness said “Your not a child any more, you get an adult haircut just like Ruth gets”  Just then Ruth came down the stairs.  She looked the same as I had remembered her with the exception of her hair.  Gone was the lip length bob cut, instead she now a very short mushroom bowl cut, and I instantly knew that my matching mushroom cut was almost finished.  Minutes later Mrs Miller was buzzing the bottom of my head almost to nothing.


As she pulled the cape off Mrs Miller pointed to the trash bin.  “It’s time the bra goes in the trash.”  I reluctantly unhooked my bra for the last time and thru it in the trash like I was told.  “Ruth has some cute undershirts you can use until you can get your own.”  I felt like a child as I pulled the shirt over my head, but once I put the dress on and saw myself, I knew I made the right choice.  Ruth and I both look like a couple 15 year old twins again, but I didn’t care.


I went back to my grandmas house and as I walked in everyone was surprised by my new, old, appearance. “Katie, why did you cut off your beautiful hair?” my mother asked.  I then told her that I had decided that I was not going back to college, and instead would be moving in with my grandma if she wanted me here.  My grandma gave me the biggest hug she ever had “Oh Katie, this is your home as long as you want.”  My mother was quite upset that I was quiting college.  “How do you expect to make a living?” was the first thing she asked.  I told her that Mrs Miller had called the owner of the cheese company were Ruth worked, and I start my new job tomorrow.  I told my mom that from the first time we came here for the summer, I knew this was where I wanted to live.


I loved my new job, even though Ruth and I were both 22 years old, with bodies like 14 year olds and matching bowlcuts we were always treated like a couple of teen girls, but we didn’t care.  We were still working there 5 years later when my grandma passed away, then to my surprise she had given me the farm in her will.  The income that came from leasing the acreage was enough for me to live on, but i kept my job with Ruth, never wanting to apart from each other.  Her mother knew that we were more than friends, but never said anything to us about it.  Out of respect for her mother Ruth didn’t move in with me, but we certainly had many sleepovers..  Ruth had begun to to make our dresses like her mom had for so many years, the only clothes I owned from a store were socks, panties and of course undershirts.    Mrs Miller taught each of us how to cut each other hair, so now every couple weeks we sit each other down to keep our bowlcuts fresh.  We both felt like it was the perfect style for a couple skinny farm girls.







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