New Family Member, The younger sisters

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Michele had not seen , Emily her Foster daughter, since she kicked her out of their house, but there she was at the counter, and Emily was going to wait on her.  At first Michele didn’t even recognize Emily, the once 110 pound beautiful girl with the long brown hair and porcelain skin was now a homely looking girl with pale greasy skin and weighed closer to 180 pounds.  She was also shocked that Emily’s long brown hair, that she would spend so much time on every morning, was now reduced to a short head of curls.  They exchanged pleasantries and after a few words with each other Michele was on her way out the door.

The following Sunday Michele saw Emily again, this time they were at church.  Emily and all of the other employees from the donut shop were seated in a group in the front of the church.  Michele was surprised that Emily was wearing a dress and proper Sunday Shoes, and more surprising was that Emily was actually paying close attention during the service, singing the hymns and saying prayers out loud.  For years it was always a fight for Michele to get Emily to even go to church let alone dress for it.  It made Michele extremely happy to see that Emily had finally changed her ways.  It also made Michele think about the two teenagers who weren’t with her in church today.


After the services, as many of the parishioners were gathered outside, Emily introduced Julie, her boss to her “mom”.  Michele was surprised at how well Emily was doing and thanked Julie for what everything she had done.  After a few more minutes of talking Michele asked Julie if she had any need for another girl.  Julie said while there were no openings now, she could always make room for another girl who required “Special Attention”.  She then told Julie about Marybeth, her seventeen year old daughter, and Andrea, the sixteen year old.  Michele explained that both girls were becoming discipline problems, staying out way past curfew, not doing their homework, and skipping school. Julie asked Michele how strict she wanted to be with the two of them.  She told Julie she needed to get the girls back on track before they got into real trouble, and perhaps a good dose of strong discipline is what was necessary.  Julie agreed and then gave Michele some instructions for her to handle.


The two teenagers had not seen their older sister since she had been kicked out of the house, so they had no idea what had become of her since she started working for Julie.  They were not happy when their mother told them they both had a job interview after school.  They were laughing between each other how they had no plans on trying to actually get a job, but would make it seem like they tried just to keep Michele off their backs.


Julie interviewed both girls at the same time.  She had found out everything she needed to know from Michele, so this was mostly to lay out the rules of working in the donut shop.  The girls were somewhat stunned, that even though they weren’t being serious during the interview, Julie was going to hire them.  Julie showed them around the shop and then took them to the locker room so she could give them their first uniforms.  Marybeth was of medium size, so Julie had no trouble finding an old uniform for her, but Andrea was a small girl so Julie had to search thru several lockers of old uniforms to find one in extra small.  The girls were put off by the old polyester uniforms, but Julie was unfazed, telling the two of them “Your mother has already been told what undergarments are required, and the grooming requirements as well.  You will come to work directly from school.  I will arrange with your school for you to ride on the bus, number 27 stops in front of the shopping center.”  “You will work until 8:30 each school day, then 6am to 2:30pm on Saturdays.  You get paid on Sunday, right after church services.


The girls were having none of this, as they waited for their mom to pick them up. Marybeth started with “There’s no way I gonna wear this uniform.  My friends would never quit mocking me, and did you see those fat cows working there, that’s not going to be me”  Andrea saw things a little differently “We’re going to be paid for doing nothing”  Just then Michele pulled in the shopping center.  “Don’t get in, you both have a hair appointment in 20 minutes.”   “What do you mean a hair appointment?” Marybeth asked.  “Yes.  Just right here at the Hair Hut” Michele responded.  “Mom, Candice always cuts our hair, she knows just how I like it” Marybeth said, sounding a bit shaken.  Michele walked up and opened the door and said “In you go, I don’t have all day”  This was a tone that the girls were not used to, so they begrudgingly made their way into the salon.


As the girls entered the shop, they were greeted by Helen, the owner, “Hello, You must be Marybeth and Andrea.  I’ve been expecting you, come on over and we can get started”  Both girls were confused.  “How does she know our names Andi?” said Marybeth.  Andrea had no answer, and just sat in the salon chair.  One of the other beauticians came out from the back and Helen stated “Okay girls this is Carly, we know what you need done, so lets get started”  This time it was Andrea who spoke up “Mom, what are they going to do to our hair?”  Michele just told her “Just going to get you tidied up a bit”, but in fact all she knew was Julie told her that Helen knows what to do with new hires.


The girls were both faced away from the mirrors at each station and each stylist began by cutting both girls hair off just at collar length.  This brought a wave of shock through the girls, but unlike Marybeth, Andrea began to smile when she saw a foot long clump of hair slide down onto her lap.  Marybeth went in to full blown panic attack “Mom, why are they doing this to us?” Michele just answered “You needed a trim, and this make it easier while you’re at work”.  The stylists by this time had taken the length down to 4″ all over.  Andrea still seemed to be enjoying having her hair cut, her smile getting bigger as the cut proceeded.  The bangs were next, the junior stylist Carly telling Andrea “Lets keep this hair out of your face for work”.  With that Andrea now had short bangs, just over an inch long.  Marybeth happened to see what had happened to her sister and started begging her mom to have Helen leave her hair long in front “Mom, please, I’ll look like a 12 year old”  Helen gave a quick glance to Michele, who told Helen to keep going.  Marybeth soon sported a matching set of short bangs like her little sister.  Helen then told Marybeth “Okay, lets get the back cleaned up and we’re done.”  Helen brought a pair of guard less clippers up to the back of her neck.  Helen then shaved the bottom and undercut the bottom 2″ of Marybeth’s hair.  Andrea was getting the same treatment from Carly, but she was enjoying the feelings of the buzz.  As Carly finished with the clippers and was starting to do a final combing of the cut Andrea surprised everyone by asking her mom “Can she cut it shorter?  I really like how short hair feels”  Michele smiled to her daughter and told Carly “Go ahead give her what she asked for”


Carly grabbed her clippers again, she loved doing short cuts and told Michele “How about a nice short pixie-cut?”  Michele nodded for Carly to proceed.  Helen, not wanting to be outdone by the junior stylist asked Marybeth “How about you Marybeth?  You want to be as brave as your sister don’t you?”  Marybeth wanted nothing to do with a shorter cut.  She told her mom “Isn’t this bad enough?”  Michele didn’t like the way her daughter was speaking to her to she looked at Helen and just said “Give her the pixie-cut, same as Andrea, or a little shorter would be better”  Within a few minutes both girls were the owner of a buzzed pixie cut.  Andrea was smiling ear to ear when she saw the finished cut, however for Marybeth she was having feelings of dread.  She couldn’t fathom what everyone would say at school the next day.


When the girls got home, their mother told them about another surprise she had for them.  “I got the two of you new bras and underwear that will be suitable for work.  Marybeth went to her dresser, and when she saw what was there she ran to her mother “Mom, what happen to all my nice panties?  And what are these bras you bought?”  Marybeth was holding a pack of nylon briefs and a box with a rather huge looking Playtex bra.  “What did you do with my thongs and matching lacy bras?”  “Those won’t work for you anymore, so I got what you will need for work” Michele responded.  At that point Andrea came into the room wearing her new garments “Mom, These are cool and so comfortable”  Michele then shocked both girls with “Okay girls you have a big day tomorrow, so I want you in bed by 10:00”


The next day of school was a nightmare for Marybeth, all of her friends were now making fun of her new look.  The worst part of the day was gym class, when she had to change clothes.  Without thinking about it she started to change into her gym clothes, when all of a sudden one of the other girls spotted her new white undergarments.  That started a whole new round of ridicule that only got worse the rest of the day.  Andrea fared much better, she had a different attitude towards her new look, so whenever anyone said something to her about it, she just told them how much she loved the new look.  As the day ended, both  girls found their way to bus 27 and it was straight to work.


When they entered the shop Julie immediately started on the 2 of them, “Hello girls, hurry up and get changed.”  Julie then directed Andrea to the rear area, where she would be working in the finishing room, and to Marybeth’s horror, she would be working at the front counter.  Marybeth dreaded working out front, where all her friends would see her when they came in for coffee.  The short hair was hard enough to explain, but being seen in her uniform would be her breaking point.  Andrea, on the other hand, fit right in, she quickly learned the various tasks she was given and was enjoying working with the 3 girls with her.


It didn’t take long before the first of Marybeth’s friends came into the shop.  They all had a laugh at her expense which made her a little mad.  Then Chad, the boy who she had been seeing occasionally, and his friends, came through the door.  To her horror, Chad was much meaner to her than her girlfriends.  He didn’t want any his friends knowing that he had at any point dated a girl that looked so homely.  Before he left the counter he told Marybeth not to call him anymore.  Marybeth seethed at her situation, one day at this crummy job, and she was already ridiculed by her girlfriends, and her best shot at high school romance was gone.


Several weeks went by, and while Andrea loved the job, especially the girls she worked with, Marybeth was still trying to get out of working.  Julie decided it was time for her to work in the back, away from customers, so she put her in the back with Andrea.  Marybeth loathed the 3 other girls who worked in the back.  They all came from the neighboring school, and all were considered the biggest dorks in the school.  Everyone of them had short greasy hair and poor skin, but what Marybeth hated the most was that they were all chubby.  This was the one thing she hated the most.  Marybeth couldn’t believe that her sister had already gained 15 pounds since working there, looking bigger than she was, but in just a few days she understood why.  Working in the back, they had times when they waited for more donuts to finish.  All of the girls, including Andrea had a habit of eating donuts while they waited.  They also would continually refill their cups of soda at the fountain.  Marybeth tried hard to keep her skinny body, but soon also picked up the same habits as the other girls.  By the end of the school year Marybeth was up 20lbs, now weighing 145.  Andrea, who really liked eating donuts, was up 35lbs, now bigger than her sister at 155 lbs


The girls worked different hours during their summer break.  They had worked at the shop for almost 6 months before they first saw their sister Emily, only she was no longer the person she remembered.  Their once beautiful sister, who they always wanted to look like was now over 200lbs.  Marybeth was horrified when she saw Emily’s hair, once long and beautiful, now a super tight bunch of curls, above a shaved bottom half.  Andrea, on the other hand thought it looked cool on her and asked her how she got it that way.  Emily explained that the girls she lived with gave each others perms to save money at the salon, and they would just clipper of the bottom every few weeks.  The thought of doing that to yourself made Marybeth sick.  Emily thought this would be a chance to get another convert to her curly perm told Andrea. “All of the girls I live with and I are giving each other perms nest Sunday after church.  Why don’t you ask mom if you can get one too?”


Marybeth tried to talk her sister out of telling their mom she wanted a perm.  She knew that if the idea was put into her mom’s head, there was a chance her mom would want them both to get one.  Andrea wasn’t going to change her mind, and that evening told her mom about Emily’s offer to perm her hair.  Michele asked her if she was absolutely sure about it, reminding her that it is a permanent choice, but Andrea was all in.  Michele then looked over to Marybeth and said “We should see if Emily can perm yours as well”  Marybeth turned pale, how could she get out of this?  “Mom, I have senior portraits next week.  Can’t it wait?”  Michele quickly shot back “Oh, won’t your grandmother’s be so happy to see you with your hair all curly?  If Emily can’t do it for you, I’ll see if Helen can fit you in next week”


The following Sunday Andrea sat as Emily gave her the same tight perm as she had.  Emily told Andrea she should perm her whole head the first time, so she didn’t shave her neck.  Emily didn’t have time for Marybeth, and so Michele, true to her word, got her an appointment with Helen.  Michele gave Helen full control, only telling her she wanted it to be good and tight.  Helen then proceeded to give her an old school poodle perm, very tight, and shaved halfway up the back and sides.


Marybeth’s senior year was not what she had planned on.  She was forced to become friends with a new group of people.  Her bad attitude had been broken.  As the year came to a close she was surprised when she was given a full scholarship to a private college for girls.  While the old Marybeth would have been put off by such a school, the new Marybeth was looking forwards to it.  She still worked every summer at the shop, and still had her curly hair when she graduated Magna Cum Laude from college







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