New haircut for blonde

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Michela is a simple and sunny girl with a smile with 32 teeth and hyperactive. She has an athletic build, light eyes and long blonde hair that reaches beyond her breasts. She works as a TV presenter and in her free time she likes to train and take long walks that help her maintain her sculptural physique. In addition to training Michela takes great care of her long hair that she loves to keep loose and alternates between straight and curly but never trying new hairstyles because she does not like her face without her hair to cover it. In recent months she was working a lot on TV and to make her always on top they entrusted her with a new makeup artist Kell. Kell era was almost the same age as Michela with black hair that came to her shoulders and was of short stature. She loved to make up her girls and always wanted to try new styles and new hairstyles to keep in fashion with the period and change constantly. The relationship between the two was perfect and they loved to talk about everything they did and even on television evenings and kell teneva One day while they were working Kell asciug was drying Michela’s hair and asked her “today would you like to try a beautiful French braid?”Michela was always reluctant to hairstyles that forced her to have her hair behind her back and that prevented her from showing them off in all their splendor and then swallowing replied “No, thank you. I prefer my usual hairstyle”. The days passed and Kell prov tried to convince Michela to show off new looks but with little success and even when Michela needed a finish she was always afraid of losing more than 2 cm. Kell adored Michela but was convinced that her phobia of appearing in public with a new hairstyle had to be overcome and she began to come up with a plan. One day the editorial team invited a famous hairstist The next day was festive and kell chiese asked Michela if they wanted to see each other to eat something together and Michela agreed and decided to invite her house for dinner. Kell attesa was waiting for 20 and arrived on time at the house of her friend who welcomed her with household clothes and the perfumes she had just finished washing them. Dinner passed quickly and despite the fun Kell pensando is thinking about how he could implement his plan without Michela being able to block her and soon after the enlightenment came. Michela was talking about the new purchases she had made that morning and wanted to show them to her and as they went to the bedroom kell disse The phone was just an excuse because Kell had brought along a pair of scissors he uses at work and hid them in his pocket before returning to the other room. When she arrived in the bedroom, Kell saw the new pair of shoes and asked her to wear them so she could make a judgment on the new purchase. As Michela ducked down to wear them Kell col took the opportunity and pushed Michela on her stomach on the bed and catapulted onto the blonde locking her arms with her knees and sitting on her back. Michela was surprised at what was happening and replied “What are you doing!?”and Kell assicur while making sure not to allow any movement to the blonde replied “Something that I have wanted to do for a long time”. Kell raccogliere began to collect all the long hair of Michela and form a ponytail behind her head and taking an elastic band that had on her wrist made her tail and began to pull it to her. Michela could not move and feeling her hair pulled she began to despair and begged kell lasciarla You’re hurting me.”Kell str after giving her a few more tugs at the ponytail pulled the scissors out of her pocket and opened and closed them continuously to make Michela feel good about the noise. Michela began to cry at the sound and tried to convince Kell fermarsi to stop “please, I love my long hair” but Kell importava did not care “quiet, you will also love your short hair” and so as he continued to pull her ponytail placed the scissors between the elastic and the scalp. The terrible sound of scissors filled the room as Michela tried to break free and kell continuava SHINK SHINK SHINK was the worst sound Michela could hear while kell cont “Even if you have very long and thick hair in the end I will be able to cut them all” and so after a few minutes there was the last scissor stroke and finally the blonde ponytail hung from a hand of Kell. Michela had stopped wriggling although she couldn’t stop crying and kell pos laying her tail on the bed ruffled Michela’s new short hair and said to her “now will you allow me to continue the cut or do you want me to leave?”Michela did not answer but just raised her head and so kell tagli Kell took off from Michela and allowed her to move and look in the mirror and although she did not like short hair she thought that the new cut was very cute. “If you like it that much you could try keeping it or getting your bangs,” were Kell’s wordsy Shortly after kell andando was leaving when turning around he asked “if you’re going to grow them back will you have other hairstyles done by me or do you prefer me to repeat myself or do you shave directly?”Michela smiling said “For now I’m fine so then I’ll leave you carte blanche”. The two girls said goodbye and while Michela returned to the bedroom I find her ponytail still on the mattress and picked it up to put it in the drawer and remember this experience that had upset her but that she wanted to repeat.

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  1. Nice to have another storia of you here.

    I’m a bit of a meddler, sorry, just want to help (if accepted).
    Please read your stories attentively before you post it, there are still some annoying translation residues in the text, which makes it hard to follow the development. From experience I know it costs a lot of work writing, translate and make corrections (and following the writing instructions the edit-program offers…), but it is worth the effort I think.
    Makes your storia more bella, and from that we all benefit!
    Try It dear Blondie…

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