New Summer Cut

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The summer had been a good opportunity for Emily’s hair to grow. After having summer cuts that reduced her hair to above her shoulders throughout her childhood she finally put her foot down and convinced her mother to let her hair grow out again. Her mother respected her wishes, even though she thought short hair looked better and was easier to take care of. However she knew that if her mother wanted to, she could cut her hair short again and that whenever she sat in the chair, she was completely at the whim of her mother.

School ended a few weeks ago and so she wasn’t surprised when her mother called her and her twin sister Eliza down to the salon after hours. She sat on the chair in silence as her mother busied herself in the deserted salon, grabbing some plastic and a towel to put on her neck along with her special apron. The apron had special sleeves in it and was used to render the client unable to move. Her mother used it on the clients who would most put up a fight or in Emily’s case just overly ticklish and twitchy.

“Just trim off the split ends,” Emily told her mother as she begun combing out her long dark hair. The hair tickled her neck and she fought the urge to twitch. As she sat here looking at her reflection in the mirror, she realized how long her hair had gotten over the past few years. It reached her waist and had a slight wave to it.

“I was actually thinking of taking it a bit shorter this time. You spend a lot of time taking care of it, I constantly noticing you tying it up to keep it out of your face and complaining about headaches. Something lower maintenance would be good for you.”

“Short hair is more comfortable anyways!” Eliza added unhelpfully from the side of the room. Unlike her sister, Eliza had always enjoyed keeping it short and had worn her hair in a variety of styles over the years, never letting it get longer than her shoulders.

Emily protested a bit but there wasn’t much she could do as she was essentially stuck in the chair until it was over. She gathered the hair into a ponytail and attached hairbands on both ends. She reached for the scissors and began cutting through my hair fairly close to the head. The only thing I heard for several seconds was the sound of cutting and just as quickly as it had started it had soon ended leaving her hair in a stunned silence staring at the uneven mess around the shoulders. Her mother bagged the hair, presumably to donate it and began to wet her remaining hair.

“Don’t look so glum. This is for your own good her mother told her.

“Just don’t make it too short then,” Emily sighed. She wished she were anywhere but here right now, this reminded her too much of the summer cuts from her past. Back then on the last day of school, she would take Emily and her sister to a salon and tell them to give them both something to keep them cool for the summer, leaving it up to whoever was there to choose a style. Sometimes it had ended well, but often times it hadn’t leaving Emily with something shorter and uglier than she desired.

While Emily had been thinking about the past she hadn’t noticed the progress on her cut. Her mother had spun her away from the mirror so she could no longer see the progress. Her head was progressively becoming lighter and the sound was loud and very near her ears as her mother made  small precise cuts. With the way she was cutting it, Emily had no idea how short her hair was other than the fact that she could no longer feel anything on the back of her neck. She felt her head tilted forward as her mother cut the. Back shorter. This time she could feel the cold steel brushing her neck right above the hairline as whatever length was left was reduced to nothing. Her mother snipped at the hair in the back a bit longer before stopping.

“I’m going to let your hair dry for a bit while I work on your sister. She got Emily up the chair and had her sit under a hair dryer. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and audibly gasped. Her long hair had been reduced to a short bob slightly above her chin. It was shorter than she had expected but she’d admit that she didn’t look completely terrible.

Through the noise of the hair dryer, she heard Eliza excitedly telling their mother about what she wanted her latest cut to look like. Her mother nodded and began working on cutting her messy shoulder length bob. She started in the back making short layers until her hair had been reduced to a couple of inches of length in the back. She then began to start working on the side closest to me, standing so that I couldn’t see any of the progress other than a few inches of hair falling each time. She then spun her around and presumably repeated the process on the other side. She then went around to the front and combed out a section of hair that she snipped across the middle of her forehad to form bangs. She then finished up the cut by taking clippers and running it along the nape of her neck a few times. Eliza stood up and stood in front of the mirror to admire her new pixie cut. While mother brought Emily back to the chair.

“I thought I was done already,” Emily asked nervously as her mother pumped the chair up some more.

“Not quite,” her mother said as she tilted her head forward and began to cut the back again. She felt more hairs tickle her neck as the back of her head became even lighter. As her mom began to work on the right side, bringing the comb up and snipping the hairs on the end of it, she realized her hair was being cut neatly around her ear, leaving it fully exposed, she realized that her hair was probably being cut the exact same way as her sister. Her sister looked fairly nice after the cut so Emily decided to wait and see what happened even though she had no choice in the matter and slowly watched her transformation in the mirror as the right side of her hair kept getting shorter compared to the chin length locks on the other side. Her mother then started working on her left side and she watched her hair be reduced to the same length as the other side wisps of short brown hair fell with each snip. Both ears were fully exposed now as Emily regarded her new appearance for a few seconds before her mother stood in front of the mirror to cut her new bangs. Less than a minute later, Emily was finally free. She brought her hands up to her head and began to feel her head, running her fingers through her hair and trying to get used to the fact that her hair stopped earlier than what she was used to. Once she got used to the cut, Emily thought she would actually like her new hairstyle. It fit her much better than the previous cuts did and she knew that the shorter length would be much more comfortable especially in the hot summer months.

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