New year, clean slate

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“Are you girls ready?”Paul asked his two little ones. His wife smiled as they screeched out a,”Yes!”

It was almost midnight and the girls needed to be in bed at midnight. They went first, two chairs were set up and their parents happily caped them up. Their blonde girls bounced in the light breeze as mom and dad retrieved their tools.

Each adult commanded one clipper. The devices came live and the girls giggled as they went up their heads. Blonde tresses piled up on the ground, higher and higher, as the process continued.

Two freshly clippered scalps was the results, the stubble was very short and very fine. To start the year fresh, the girls needed to be bald. Mother and father lathered up their girl’s head and wiped them clean with a razor. Although they were bald, the parents still had more to do.

With the clippers, the girls’ eyebrows were no more. They didn’t mind to lose them as they knew their folks would look the exact same in the morning. But even though they promised, the girls tried to protest a bedtime.

With reassuring words and a kind smile, the girls went with their mom to get ready bed. Washed and dried, the bald girls were snuggly tucked into bed. With a kiss, their mom left them with an order of sweet dreams.

Coming back to the chairs, the wife saw her man had cleaned himself up. No hair laid on his head of covered his smiling face. He looked more handsome that way.

His arms hoisted up his blushing bride and plopped her in a chair. She laughed and applied the cape to herself as her man revved the engines of the clipper. He looked then kissed and buzzed off everything he could. Crown, nape, left, right, and every follicle he saw yielded at the power of vibration.

With the razor, he finished her shave and gave her head a good smooch. She hadn’t seen herself so smooth since they started this ritual and they all will never get tired of it.

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