Nicola: The barberette who was barbered in her own chair!

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This is a true story.

I met Nicola in my local & very charming late 15th Century tavern a few years back & we hit it off instantly as like me, she has dogs, likes a cheeky glass of ale, loves art & dabbles in painting & drawing herself, wears her hair short in an Annie Lennox sort of crop & is a barber herself & has a chair & large mirror set up at home in her art studio as she mainly works from home these days as she has a son she home schools!

The day we met I commented on her uber short cut that was virtually a nigh on bald fade at the lower nape & sides graduated to about one inch on the crown & peroxide blonde in colour which looked good on her as she is naturally a light mousey brown lady!

She told me that the cut she wore was cut on her during a model shoot that very same day as a friend of a friend got her a bit of walk on acting work & the male stylist/makeup artist asked her whilst on set if she would like a free cut & colour…& she didn’t refuse as she hadn’t been cropped for a good few weeks!

I gave Nicola one of my cards that I always carry on me & told her to contact me in the near future when she needed a trim up & was hoping that sooner rather than later she would contact me to pencil in a shearing session with me….but alas, said call never came!!

September 2021 I was food shopping at a local delicatessen & I bumped into Nicola…she still looked hot, was still pixie cropped short, was very charming & we ended up going to a local cafe for a cup of coffee & a chat! She had recently moved closer to my nape of the woods & was still home schooling her son whilst dabbling in painting & drawing as well as barbering at her home!

She told me she was having trouble finding a competent stylist or barber that cut ladies hair short & once again pondered calling me but as we hadn’t seen each other for a few years thought that I may not have remembered her….how wrong was she!!

This time I was very pro-active & told her I would pop round the next morning & crop her grown out pixie shorter as it gave her time to colour her locks that evening in preparation to which she agreed!!

That night I decided to pixie shear Nicola as short as I possibly could as a sort of playfull punishment for not calling me sooner & I knew that she loved being shorn short so I had my new Babyliss Volaire Ferrari motor inspired Raven hue clippers on a long charge as I wanted to spend at least 45 minutes shearing Nicola whilst in her chair!

When I called at Nicolas house the following morning she was waiting for me, had a hit brew on the go & showed me some of her artwork before she eagerly jumped into her own barbers chair…albeit it was more of a salon chair placed in front of a large mirror with close at hand plug sockets for her clippers & drier!!

Nicola told me I could do what I wanted to her hair but didn’t want to be faded at the sides as it was the Autumn season & wanted to keep a bit of length which was fine by me as I was still taking a good inch off the sides, cutting round the ears leaving the all important pixie sideburns that in my eyes soften a crop & makes it a tad more feminine!

I caped her & quickly brushed through her grown out crop, picked up my gorgeous Babyliss Volaire clippers, placed a 2 guard on the exposed teeth, placed my left hand on her crown & without warning gently but firmly pushed her head down into her chest & whilst keeping her in this highly submissive cutting position….sheared that bitch until the lower perimeter of her nape & sides were cropped down to 6mm!!

Following her dominant clippering & after I cleaned up her natural hairline with a razor comb which I sensed she enjoyed, I reached into my bag for my trusty & gorgeous 8” Japanese Matakki barber shears & commenced blending in her crown & upper sides & point cutting her fringe to about one inch into the sort of edgy Annie Lennox crop that both I & she loves!!

Needless to say that Nicola loved the cut once she inspected my handiwork with the small mirror whilst looking into her large mirror she was facing & told me she had never imagined that she would be cropped in her very own chair!!

I have trimmed Nicola up twice now since September 2021 & each time I have told her that next spring I am going to clipper crop her to a number 4 all over & simply run the texturing shears through the whole cut to add a little bit of softness & she seems very excited at the prospect just as much as I am!

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