Nikki Gets Cleaned Up at The Barbershop

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Nikki Gets Cleaned Up at The Barbershop

In 1988, Nikki Williams came onto the scene at Walter S. Miller High School and quickly became a schoolwide sensation.


Nikki is one of the most popular girls at her high school. She is 6’1”, has bluish-green eyes, fair skin, large breasts and an athletic figure. However, Nikki’s top feature was her red, curly calf-length hair.


Some girls wished they had long hair like Nikki, while some others were unsure about it or jealous because long hair was supposedly a “guy magnet”.


Nikki noticed after her last class that Class Pictures were tomorrow afternoon @4:30 and forgot to book a hair appointment. She went into her locker and found her phone. Nikki called the salon she went to, hoping to make an appointment. However, no one picked up and the answering machine said that the staff would be at a statewide hair competition for the next few weeks; as well as other salon staff from the surrounding counties.


She sighed and went home, hoping to find an alternative.


After getting home to her apartment, she changed into a tank top and shorts. Nikki then checked the yellow pages to see if there was a place she could go to. The yellow pages book was about ten years old. The salons in the book appeared to have closed down or didn’t take appointments.


However, she found barbershops that were able to take appointments. Nikki was hesitant to go into a barbershop, but she thought about it for a minute and decided on going for a new look.


She then called the number and was able to connect, Nikki was able to make an appointment for 2:30 tomorrow.


The next day, Nikki told her friends about her appointment and they were a bit surprised. She said it was the best option since the salons were closed.


At 2:00, the bell rang, and Nikki walked to Drew’s Barbershop.

She came in and saw two old-school barber chairs facing away from the mirror with one being occupied by a teenage boy getting a crewcut by a barber in his 60’s. Across from it was a row of waiting chairs where she went to sit.


After a few minutes, another barber in his 20’s named Chris came out and asked if Nikki was next. She nodded and sat down.

Nikki asked what haircuts they provided. Chris showed her a variety of names:


Induction Cut (Shaved Smooth All Over).


Butch Cut (Back and Sides: ¼”, Top and Hairline: ¾”, Tapered Fade to Make Even).


Crewcut (Top: ½” – 1”, Sides and Back: ¼” – ½”).


Flat Top (Top: ¾” – 1 ½”, Sides and Back: ¼” – ¾”, Sides and Back Optional Fading).


Bowl Cut (Top: Earlobe Length, Sides and Back Shaved or Trimmed Slightly).


Bob/Long Bob (Anywhere from Lip-Length to Collarbone-Length).


Crop/Pixie (Length of ½” to About 2” All Over).


Mohawk/Fauxhawk (Spiked Strip of Long Hair from Forehead to Nape and The Rest Is Shaved or Shorter Strip for Fauxhawk).


Pageboy (Bob Haircut, but Longer in The Back and Partially Around the Sides W/Bangs).


Mullet (Neatened or Shaved Sides and Long Hair to Just Below the Shoulders, Medium-Length Spiky/Teased Hair on Top).


Shag (Semi-Short, but Extremely Layered Hair).



Nikki wasn’t sure which style to choose, but she chose a Pixie. The Pixie and the Bob were the only styles she knew of, so she decided to play it safe.



Chris nodded and put a strip of tissue around her neck, which he then wrapped Nikki in a pinstriped cape.


After wetting down her hair with water, Chris used his largest shears and a comb to cut Nikki’s hair at chin level. He started to cut bits of hair all around Nikki’s head until the ends reached the bottom of her ears. Long stresses and small clumps of red hair laid on the tiled floor below.


Chris then took out a pair of Wahl clippers and put on the #8 guard. He started over on Nikki’s right side and finished on the left side of her head. Chris replaced the #8 guard with a #6 guard and used it to start a fade on the sides and back. He did the same with the #7 guard as he went higher on Nikki’s head. Nikki wanted to look down, but she wanted to be surprised.


Chris then returned to use the shears and a comb to take down the length of the hair on Nikki’s crown to 2 ¼”. He then used the comb-over-shears technique to fade Nikki’s hair to about 1 ¼”.


Chris took out a tube of shaving foam and rubbed some on Nikki’s neck and behind her ears and cheekbones. He used a straight razor to quickly, but safely, get rid of any stray hairs or stubble.


Lastly, Chris took a fine-toothed comb and a tube of styling gel to keep Nikki’s hair in place.


Nikki was turned around and Chris held a handheld mirror to see the back. She thought it was a bit short, but it was a good haircut.


She paid and thanked Chris for the haircut, saying she’ll be back real soon. Nikki grabbed her bag, got out of the barbershop and ran back to school for her Class Picture.


She had enough time to put on a bit of make-up and make it for Class Pictures.


Nikki’s friends loved her new look and her Picture, which she kept for a very long time.



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