No Hair Left

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As my mum finishes my brothers haircut she cleans the apron off and ushers me to the chair. When I sit in the chair she asks; “what haircut do you want? You want the same one as Zac?” Zac had just gotten his head shaved to a two all over. “Yeah.” I respond without thinking about the long term repercussions. My hair was about three inches long at the top.

She cleans the guard and puts them up to my hairline. The vibrating clippers hum as they touch my forehead. As she plunges them through the hair like a wheat harvester the hair that remains is so short my white scalp is clearly visible. The short hairs look pearlescent as they reflect the light. As my mum puts the clippers at my hairline again but just a little offset from the previous stroke I remember I had school the next day. What were my friends going to think? How would my crush react? As these thoughts were racing through my now much lighter head, I realised the haircut was almost done. My mum was now just going over my head looking for stray hairs.

The constant sound of the clippers would change every so often to indicate another patch of hairs being shortened. “Ok, all done” my mum said before rubbing my buzzed head. “Oooh. It feels even nicer than Zac’s. Your head feels softer, whereas his head was more like a wire brush. As I moved my hand up to feel it I felt the anticipation in the room. When I finally touched it I realised just how short it was. It felt about half a centimetre long. But my mum was right it felt so good. When I finally looked in the mirror I was relieved, it actually looked really good. My head was perfectly round except for the sides which came out and were more like corners than rounds edges. My ears were also not as big as I thought. I got the clippers from outside and took the guard off. Then I used the 0 guard to take what’s left of my hair down to a zero. This felt even better. My veins could now be seen and when I clenched my jaw the muscles in my temple could be seen tensing. I hopped in the shower and used the razor to shaved my entire body including my eyebrows. I started at my feet, shaving the little hairs on my toes and foot. Then I shaved my legs, going over them a couple times. Then I shaved my genitals. My butt hair was next to go. My snail trail was a one stroke deal. And my arms took about one minute. I shaved my armpits smooth. My nipples took a little longer. I shaved my facial hair then shaved my eyebrows. I managed to pluck out all my eyelashes but what took the longest was my head. The razor scratched at every stubble that was on my head leaving it dolphin smooth. My head felt like an almond, it was so soft. I soon started to just rub all over my body searching for any hairs, if I found even one I would shave the area again. Touching my body was addicting.

Looking in the mirror I didn’t recognise myself. When I hopped out of the shower I didn’t even need to dry myself. When I put my clothes on the sensation was like nothing else. It felt as if I wasn’t wearing any clothes I felt so exposed. When I opened the door I was surprised to see everyone in my family was waiting outside.

They were probably more surprised to see that I had shaved my eyebrows and my head bald. The surprised turned into laughter which soon turned into everyone feeling my head. All of their hands were so cold but I put up with it. I also had to put up with the jokes like, hey professor x or Humpty Dumpty comparisons. I later masturbated at the thought of all of this and a came so hard it landed on my head. Every morning I shave my head in the shower.

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