No loitering

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Abril Flores sat in her barber chair, reading the morning addition of The Times. She was new to Wind drift and made a comfortable spot for herself in the town. Everything was new to her but she preferred to stay in her happy that was her barbershop on 2nd street.

Her job was simple, and she took it seriously and with pride. No dust accumulated on her floors nor did she like disarray. What was a bigger bother than the smallest hair lying around on her floors were the teenagers that loitered around her shop. She could see them, clear as day, outside her shop: smoking a joint or playing music really loudly. A broom always shooed them away.

One day, Miss Flores was in the barber chair looking through the morning issue of The Times. Her left eye started to drift off the page and out the window. The eye caught a glimpse of a girl with dishwater hair sitting idly against her shop. Flores pursed her lips and quickly closed her magazine.

She briskly walked over to the door, grabbing her broom on the way, and threw open the door.

”Can I help you, young lady”,Miss Flores asked sternly. The girl turned her head and looked at Miss Flores innocently.

”Oh, sorry”,the girl smiled,”I’m waiting for my mom and-“

”This is a no loitering zone”,Miss Flores interrupted,”You have to go”

”It’ll be a few more minutes, ma’am”,the girl replied meekly,”My mom’ll be…”

”No, no”,Miss Flores waved dismissively at the girl,”I’ve heard it all before and frankly, I’m tired of the lying. You know what?”

Miss Flores quickly grabbed the girl by the wrist and took her into the barbershop. She sat the girl in the barber chair and told her to stay in the chair. Obediently, the girl sat still in the chair as she watched Miss Flores leaned the broom against the door and put on a blue apron, tying the strings into a bow in the back.

”You teenagers never seem to learn”,Miss Flores turned the chair toward the mirror,”And now, I’m going to have to teach you a lesson, uhh”

”Please, ma’am”,the girl said sheepishly as a green cape was spread over her and tightened around her neck,”I meant no disrespect. My mother is just running a little late”

”Could you stop lying”,Miss Flores replied,”You and I know that’s a lie, no use in trying to convince me otherwise. Now, hold still”

The woman picked up her trusty scissors and a comb and started cutting the girl’s hair. Her hair that fell to her mid-back was now cut up to her earlobe. Switching gears, Miss Flores traded in her scissors for clippers, applying a red guard to it. Its hum seemed to terrify the young lady as her opened wide as soon as she heard the noise.

”Oh, please no”,she said softly.

”Hush now”,Miss Flores returned, surprisingly, tenderly,”And tilt your head down for me”

Miss Flores assisted the girl in that endeavor and then, she went up her head with the clippers: only stopping to the comb. Much of the girl’s hair was reduced to stubble. The girl had hair like a boy and her face couldn’t hide her dissatisfaction, even though the expression was muddled in blind obedience. She clearly wanted to scream, or shout, or cry, or somehow engage in some sort of protest but she dare not say anything.

The clippers were clicked off for the moment. Miss Flores trimmed up the forming boy’s cut style. She tussled the girl’s hair some and turned the chair around to inspect her work at every angle.

”Mm”,the woman pursed her lips, running her fingers through the hair,”I don’t think it’s short enough”

”Please”,the girl begged,”My mom will-“

”What did I say about lying, missy”,Miss Flores scolded,”It’s definitely not short enough”

With that, Miss Flores retrieved her clippers and removed its guard. She flicked on the device put the stubble and likewise excess hair down. The bits rained down onto the floor, completely blanketing it. That short hair was cut up and up and then suspended to shortened again. The girl had her hair almost obliterated on the side of her head and the top was flattened to a short field of short stalks.

“Here we are”,Miss Flores trimmed up the top of the girl’s head with the clippers, killing them afterwards,”One last thing before I say you’re done”

The girl turned her head to see that Miss Flores was mixing up some shaving cream. She said nothing a towel was put around her shoulders and tucked into the cape. With a brush that was in warm water, Miss Flores painted the stubble on the back and sides of the girl’s head.

She unfolded a razor and took control of the girl’s head. With the razor, all the cream was removed. The towel was removed and Miss Flores spritzed the girl’s neck and head with some aftershave.

”I hope you’ve learned your lesson, young lady”,Miss Flores loosened and removed the cape from the girl.

”Y-yes, ma’am”,the girl whispered. She couldn’t look at herself in the mirror. The girl just merely stepped down from the chair and walked out of the shop. Turning around when she reached the door, the girl looked at Miss Flores and said,”Thank you for the haircut”

Miss Flores nodded,”You’re very welcome, dear. Now, no loitering and no more lying. You got it”

”Yes, ma’am”,was all the girl said as she left the shop.


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