No more nice Miss Briggs

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Miss Briggs was new to the state of Colorado and a new face to Hedger High School. She wanted to do right by her students and expected to not have any trouble with them. But her colleagues weren’t positive that her expectations would be met. They knew the incoming year’s class were not the best well-behaved bunch but didn’t have the heart to crush the twenty-four year old’s dream.

Briggs woke up early on the first day of school. She spruced herself up with perfume, she let her auburn hair hang on her breast and she pushed it back with a headband. Her mind had set a navy blue dress out for her to wear the previous night, she applied a necklace to complete the look.

Prepped and ready to go, she danced her way to school. Her room that she was assigned to was spacious and her predecessor had left most of the interior ornaments up. Briggs had first and second period to prep and she made the most of her room in that time.

She couldn’t wait to teach her first class, when the time came, she stood at the door with a beautiful smile and her eyes gleamed. The traffic of pupils went into her room, they didn’t greet her and sat silently in their seats. Briggs understood their awkwardness, it was the first day of school.

”Hello, class”,she said,”I’m Miss Briggs and welcome to English 9”

”I never took you for an English teacher”,said a girl in front.

”Well”,Briggs replied,”I am pretty young but-“

”You look more like a whore”,the girl interrupted her.

Briggs was shocked at what came out of the girl’s mouth but she tried her hardest to try and understand why she said what she said. She tried to reply but the girl kept talking. “You like to get fucked in the ass, teach”,the girl mocked her,”Or do you always dress like a slut”

She looked to the rest of the class, no one said anything and they were concentrated on their phones. Briggs asked them to put their phones away but they didn’t. The glass was impossible to get through and when the class left, the teacher wanted to break down in tears. But she forced herself into composure to get through the rest of the day.

When she returned home, she couldn’t hold it back and balled her eyes out in the shower. The next day, she tried to get on the right track but the girl that had insulted her the other day continued her abuse on the poor lady. Briggs should’ve sent her to the office and had her expelled but her kind nature prevented her from doing so.

After another crushing day, she decided to wander the streets in town. Again, she teared up as she walked. She didn’t know what to do. No one would give a damn.

She walked for a good ten minutes and then, Miss Briggs saw in the distance a small barbershop. Something in her mind told her to change something, anything, she knew she nothing better to do so the young teacher made her way over to the building.

The place was warm inside when a quick breeze reigned out. Only one hairdresser was in, a woman about fifty years older than Miss Briggs. The barber lady was small but her handshake seemed so strong when she shook her customer’s hand. She looked at Miss Briggs quizzically,”What can I do for you, ma’am?”, she said as she sat the younger lady in the styling chair.

”I need a drastic change”, Briggs said,”A serious change. I must confess that people think I look like a prissy”

”You want to look masculine?”the old stylist,”You want to be taken seriously, am I right?”

”Yes”,Briggs nodded.

”Alright”,the hairdresser nodded back, taking out the headband from the woman’s head and dropping it to the floor,”Well, you won’t need that when I’m done with ya”

The teacher gulped as the barber lady wrapped her in a dark blue cape. The hairdresser took from her belt a comb and scissors. Combing through the lady’s hair, the barber started to cut all of the teacher’s hair up to her chin. In a bob, the teacher looked cute but the hairdresser didn’t think so. She was intent on making a hardened woman.

The hairdresser put away the shears and combed again through the bobbed hair. With her crown pinned to the top of her head, the teacher watched the barber lady take the clippers from their hole and switch them on. The clippers aimed and went up her right sideburn and around the back of her head. Her sides were just short stubble and Briggs was surprised to see herself with such short hair.

”I-I don’t know about this”, the teacher began to stutter.

”Another word like that out of you and I’ll shave bald and shave off your eyebrows and pluck off your eyelashes for good measure”,the stylist eyed her customer.

Briggs shut her mouth and watched as the barber lady turned off the clippers and took out the clamp holding her hair. The hairdresser grabbed her scissors again and started chopping away the lady’s hair. She cut it really short and ruffled it when she had decided it was the proper length.

”You, Miss. You still look like a wuss”, she mocked her client,”You know what, I think I will shave you bald”

Those words made Briggs snap, she rose from the chair and yelled,”You are not shaving me bald!”

The hairdresser started to laugh heartily which surprised Briggs, this was what the hairdresser wanted; to make Briggs stand up for herself. When she told her this, the lady began to laugh herself. The two women began to talk as Briggs’s hair was swept into the trash, the barber lady gave her tips on how to deal with rowdy children and Briggs gave her some book recommendations.

Back at school the next day, the class was surprised to see Miss Briggs with short hair. They took photos, which she posed for, and the girl in front began to speak,”Your pimp make you get that shitty haircut?”

”Miss, you have insulted me and degraded me. I won’t tolerate such disrespect and give your phone”, Briggs replied, swiping her phone,”Come, we going to the office”

”Give me back my phone!”the girl roared,”And I’m not going anywhere, bitch”

With that, Miss Briggs left the room, with the girl following her screaming, to talk with the headmaster. The racket caused caused the headmaster to meet them at the door to the office’s door. He was not thrilled with the girl’s antics and she had no other choice but to join him and her teacher in the office.

The girl’s parents were called and they were not thrilled. When the headmaster said that the infraction would make the girl for being expelled, the girl’s mother raised her hand to slap her daughter across her face and berate her but Miss Briggs piped up,”Mister Smith, she committed the offense in my class. May I give her proper punishment, with her mother’s consent of course, and make her swear she will never act up in class again?”

”I think that’s a good idea”,said the girl’s mother.

”Mom!”cried the girl.

”Enough”,her mother shushed her,”You are to do everything Miss Briggs asks of you, is that clear?”

With the consent, Miss Briggs picked up the girl early on Saturday morning. The girl had headphones on but Miss Briggs ordered her to not wear them in her car. She told her teacher to go fuck herself under her breath as she did so. At this point, Miss Briggs ignored the girl’s potty mouth as she drove her to the barbershop.

Seeing where they were headed, the girl refused to go in. Miss Briggs went in alone and when she came out, the hairdresser came out with her. The barber lady opened the door and ordered the girl inside. When the girl insulted her, the hairdresser took hold of her ear and dragged her inside. The girl began to cry and begged to be let go so the barber lady did so and ordered her to sit in the chair.

All the girl could do was shiver in place so Miss Briggs prodded her to the chair. The hairdresser pushed the girl down into it and wrapped her in a cream-colored cape. She looked to her new friend and asked,”Want me to shave her head?”

The girl screamed and tried to run when she heard the words. When she was back in the chair, Miss Briggs replied,”No. A bob should do”

Her friend nodded and cut the girl’s long, black hair up to her chin. When Miss Briggs walked around the chair, she looked at girl’s face. The girl returned her gaze with fear in her eyes, Miss Briggs felt big as she smiled,”She would look much better with bangs”

The hairdresser obeyed Miss Briggs’s suggestion and cut the girl’s hair into a straight fringe. A bob with bangs didn’t seem like enough to Miss Briggs, she wanted more. She asked the hairdresser what would spice up the girl’s look.

The barber lady smiled,”I know exactly what she needs”

With that, the hairdresser separated the girl’s nape from the rest of her hair. The clippers became live and the girl closed her eyes as the 00 blades buzzed her nape bare. Bob, bangs, and an undercut was enough for Miss Briggs. She allowed the cape to come off the girl but before she allowed the girl to rise, she told her,”Insult or bully me or anyone in the school, we will be coming back here and I will allow this lovely lady to shave your head completely, am I clear?”

”Yes, ma’am”, the girl replied.


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  1. I think next dispensary trip to the barbershop should be a Chelsea style. Keep those bangs shave the rest of it bald, and a military horse shoe crewcut with landing strip to the cheerleader after the screaming, yelling lunchroom fight. LOL

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