No More Tangles

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Jahnvi had taken a bath, and now sat in front of her dressing table, combing through her wet long tresses. As she attempted to comb out the tangles, she accidentally pulled on a few tangled strands too harshly.

‘Ouch!’ Jahnvi exclaimed upon the pull. She glanced at her comb, and saw the few pulled strands stuck onto the comb teeth. That brought thoughts to Jahnvi’s mind. If she had short hair, she could be relieved of having to comb out tangles whenever she washes her hair. Furthermore, short hair is the trend for girls these days. That put Jahnvi’s thoughts into motion.

She headed for her mum’s room, and asked, ‘Hey mum, can you drop me by the salon tomorrow morning?’ Her mum thought good of her initiative to visit the salon so as to look more presentable, and welcomed her request.

Next morning, she was all buckled up and her mum drove her to the salon downtown. Her mum said she would come get her in an hour or so, before Jahnvi went into the salon.

Upon entrance, Bindu was just by the door, drinking some water off the dispenser. ‘Hey Jane, here to get a trim?’ Bindu asked Jahnvi.

‘Well, not really. I was thinking of getting a pixie haircut.’ Jahnvi replied calmly.

‘What, are you serious? You have such beautiful, long locks…’ Bindu mourned, knowing that her efforts in keeping Jahnvi’s hair long and healthy is about to become futile.

Seeing that Jahnvi is convinced she needs a pixie haircut, Bindu did not ask further, and guided her to a salon chair. Bindu brought out a Redken hairdressing cape, and draped it around Jahnvi, tightening it snuggly around her neck.

‘Alright, let’s take the ponytail off, before we cut the rest of the length.’ Bindu told Jahnvi. She tied Jahnvi’s hair firmly into a ponytail as close to her head as possible, and placed it between her shear’s jaws. ‘You ready?’ Bindu asked Jahnvi once more, hoping that she would change her mind. Jahnvi gave a steady nod, and Bindu knew the verdict had been given. ‘Schnick, schnick, schnick!’ sounds can be heard as Wendy’s shears sliced through Jahnvi’s ponytail.

Before long, the entire ponytail had been cut off, and Bindu placed it on the table. Jahnvi’s remaining hair now cascaded around her chin area.

Bindu brought Jahnvi to the back to wash her up, before sending her back to the chair. She combed out Jahnvi’s locks neatly, so that the cut will be even.

There was no delay as Bindu got down straight to work. She made an inverted V-section at the back of Jahnvi’s head, and worked her way to the front. Each time she segmented out pieces of hair, and snipped it about an inch from the scalp. It gradually got longer as she worked her way to the front.

Bindu then proceeded to connect the length on top with the sides, so that the hairstyle looks blended and clean on Jahnvi. Jahnvi’s loose hairs had already littered the entire cape, as Bindu continued with the cut.

Midway, Jahnvi had commented that the fringe was quite long, and got into her eyes. With that said Bindu came forward, sectioned out Jahnvi’s fringe, and snipped off half the length! She combed the cut fringe to the side, and only barely reached her temple. The fringe can now barely touch even Jahnvi’s eyebrows.

To finish up the haircut, Bindu brought out a hair trimmer, and shaved away the loose hairs that are visible since Jahnvi’s hair is now so short. As the trimmer shaved away the hairs, the vibration sent chills down Jahnvi’s spine as she was unfamiliar with the cold touch.

Bindu then completed the look with some hairspray, just to lock the shape in further. The cut already looked great on its own. She unfastened the cape, and Jahnvi paid her at the counter. It was then her mum had come in via the front entrance.

‘Oh my gosh! You look great, honey!’ her mum exclaimed upon sight of her. Jahnvi reached up to caress her freshly cropped pixie, and loved the touch. Jahnvi felt amazing sporting the pixie haircut, and instantly booked Bindu next month for a trim. Looks like Jahnvi isn’t growing her hair back anytime soon.

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