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After experiencing a disappointing haircut, I let it rest for a few days. Maybe I should not focus on the way the barberette acted. She was not interested in me, guess she was having more than a bad hair day that afternoon. Not that the result was very bad, well maybe it was, but just not what I had hoped for. An average style, nothing special or eye catching.


Reactions from a few friends were positive though. But that was mainly because it was a lot shorter than these past few years.


After two weeks it was still on my mind to get it cut the way I had wished for. Really short on the sides and longer on the front and top. Like a pixie. So I did  a spontaneous walk in at a small salon nearby, operated by two beautiful barberettes.


They were both busy. The blonde one left her client for an instant and approached me. I told her that I didn’t have an appointment, yet that is. But if she had two minutes to hear and see my idea about a haircut.

I showed her the same pics as I did the other barberette, weeks ago. And explained that her reaction was ‘That’s 1/8 of an inch on the sides. That will scare you or rather it will completely freak you out.’


I asked the blond if she was thinking the same. Or in more polite terms, that in her opinion it would not suit me or the condition of my hair was not okay for such a style.


The blonde was pulling a face that said it all. ‘I am confused. The only thing I can think about is that she might have been thinking it was a little feminine or maybe something about your age.’


‘It is a bit feminine in this picture, but guys have their own version of it.‘ For me personally there would be absolutely nothing wrong with to cut your hair inspired on that picture. No problem at all. ’


I told her I was happy to hear so, and I was going to make an appointment soon.


‘We can do it right now if you want. This client is almost finished and the next one just called to reschedule.’


What else could I do, I complied and waited my turn with a cup of coffee.


Ten minutes later I found myself in her chair. She had washed my hair and was blowing it dry, combing it.


‘You do know that if you go that short on the sides … you will have to go shorter in the back too?’


I said I was thinking it was quite short in the back already. Her answer was ‘It will look so much better having the sides and back the same length.’


‘Okay if you think that’s best.’


‘Are you ready then? A lot will come off you know. No way back once I start with the clippers.’


I didn’t reply. She pushed my head to my chest and clicked on the clippers. OMG what was I letting her do. It felt cold and she pushed the machine really high. She had not exaggerated , a lot of hair fell in my lap on the black cape she had put around my neck.


I did not take her long to buzz the back of my head. She then pinned most of my hair on top of my head, so it would not get in her way doing the sides.


In the mirror I saw her buzzing well above my ears. More hair fell on the cape. Seeing my image in the mirror I did not know if it scared me or …


‘We can go shorter if you like?’  I told her she was the expert. She changed the blade and started once again at the back.


‘Don’t worry, I will blend it with the hair on top. Let’s decide what we do before we come to that. The difference in length is huge now. My advice is, cutting it a shorter on top and certainly in the front. What do you think? ‘


This was not what my intention was when I walked in, but gave a her green light.


She held my top hair firmly and tilted it upwards. With the scissors not hesitant to cut a really big piece. Bye by bangs.  She continued to cut the rest to about two inches length. I was very surprised she did this. At the same time I really enjoyed it. Finally she blended the sides with the clippers. Well finally … I thought. She once again took the scissors to take another ½ an inch of the top.


This was shorter than I had in decades. Actually I can only remember it to be that short when I decided to stop coloring my hair and let it be grey.


She unbuttoned the cape and mad a swing with it, letting all hair slide on the floor. Lots of hair. Never seen so much of my own hair on the floor.


So I was thinking she was finished. How wrong can a person be. Guess I wanted her to be finished. At least in that moment. To my surprise she again fastened the cape around my neck.


Clippers in her hand she started blending the sides with the top, clippers over comb. What I saw in the mirror was not like the picture I had shown her but a very short version of it. It resembled more the pictures I had on my phone and did NOT show her, simply because I would never had the nerve to go that short. Imagine me showing, and she agreeing to do it such a style.

I guess the universe or another not explainable phenomena led to this after all.


Third time in a row, I expected her to have finished my haircut, cause she now was brushing all loose tiny hairs from my neck and the cape. She came standing behind me. Not speaking a word. Staring me in the eye in the mirror.

She crossed  her arms and assumed a position that non-verbally said ‘Well, I am waiting …’


Her eyes wide open, she let out a sigh and spoke: ‘So are YOU going to say it, or should I?’


‘Say what?’


‘That you never ever had it this short.’


‘That’s true.’


‘But now you have come this far ….. for once in a lifetime … you wanna go ALL the way, right?’


‘What do you mean, all the way? ‘


‘Let me show you.’ She took the clippers,  removed the guard and placed them on my forehead.


‘I know this is what you want.’ I heard a loud click and without any warning or hesitation she moved the clippers right down the middle. I stopped breathing. She leaned over me, touching me with her body while she moved the clippers over the top, to go down to the base of my neck.


She took a step back and gave me a very naught smile. Pressing her lips together and blinking her eyes. She continued to shave the rest of my hair slowly, very slowly. It felt like ages.

She put down the clippers after that and rubbed my head for quite a while. Getting rid of the small hairs that were stuck on my head and my skin.


Staring at me, she said ‘This one is on me dear. See you next week.’











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