Redhead’s Adventures Pt.2

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……….After swiftly completing her upper regions…………She said”No! you cannot do that,……………..”The Dr. replied,”“The hair on your head are one ones that want to go the most.”


Just as the Dr. completed his sentence Vani started to try and slip out of the clutches of the straps and started to shout and cry in helplessness. Upon listening to Vani’s screams the Dr. once again leaned in and this time kissed her, the deepest and the most passionate kiss Vani had ever seen or experienced. He then got his mouth to her ears and whispered, “try to move once more and trust me your haircut gets worse, I was going to maybe give you a undercut bob, but now you get a bowl cut.”

Listening to the Dr.’s words made her restless she continued to shout and move trying every possible movement to get free. On a nearby table the Dr. was removing his gloves and mask. As soon as Vani saw the Dr. face she instantly felt a tingle going down her spine and her pussy felt a strong feeling of arousal.

While these activities were taking place in the room the, assistant came in with a bag full of barber material, wearing a satin lingerie. By this time Vani had accepted the fate of her hair. She looked towards the Dr. somehow trying to stop her tears and gather the breath to murmur words, “Please let me free I’ll do anything you ask me to.”

The Dr. came closer to Vani and now started to play with her naturally round tits, with the stimulations from before and the Dr.’s face had made her super horny. Her tits instantly perked up, Dr.V was not late to notice this change and thrusted one of his fingers in her ass, Vani almost cried with pain, but the pleasure was too much to cry for. The assistant on the other side had set up the cutting tools on the table near the chair, she had now come to Vani and the Dr. and started to open up the straps.

She leaned in towards Vani and whispered in her ear, “come on, it won’t hurt you, plus you might even like the way you look with that bald look.”

Vani was settled in the seat and the Dr. started to play with her her. While the assistant stripped out of her lingerie and bent on her knees, she unbuttoned the Dr.’s pants and took out his large throbbing dick. The Dr. bent to Vani’s right ear and said, “I know you want it but we have some unfinished business first.”

He then took a pair of large scissors and chopped off almost 6 inches of her hair, the assistant caught the hair and tied it up in a pony. She then came around the chair and from the bag removed a weird looking glass piece, she bent to Vani’s thighs and spread her open, she put on some lube on the butt plug and inserted it in Vani’s ass. After the Dr.’s fingers the Butt plug almost made shiver with pleasure. The assistant then started licking Vani’s pussy, and it looked like she had a lot of experience, Vani almost stood up from the shaking orgasm.

The Dr.’s grip held her in the chair. With another snip of the scissor he chopped her hair to right above her chin, after the scissor he fired up the clippers. The Buzzing noise of the clippers made Vani’s moan with pleasure and did not want to stop at any cost. Mr.V left no chance to tease her with the buzzing of the clippers he moved them from right to left all around Vani’s hair in the air. And then all of a sudden Vani felt the bare metal plate of the clippers on her virgin nape.

He pushed the bare clippers almost to the top of her head. He then pun on a #1 and gave her a fade to the top.        This is when the assistant removed her face from Vani’s pussy and said, “Can i use the clippers on her.” Vani was deeply aroused by the constant buzzing of the clippers and moving up and down repeatedly her own head, and she could see all the hair falling on her soft white skin. The Dr. handed the clippers to the assistant and moved to the front, he kissed Vani deeply and thrusted his fingers in her pussy. The assistant instantly shaved Vani’s sideburns and now she had a bowl cut all over. Her hear would remind you of a dick head. Now the assistant put on the #2 guard and ran it all over Vani’s head.

Now you had a grown woman sitting there naked with a 3 inch butt plug and her hair cut shorter than most boys.     The Dr. now took the clippers in his hands and removed the guard. He said with a lustful smile, “now this is the final cut, and you will be bald to the scalp.” He then moved the clippers right down the middle exposing a patch of soft white scalp. Vani somehow mustered the courage to take the clippers from his hands and then she vigorously move it all over her head.

And before she could realize she had a bald head where once were long beautiful red locks. The assistant then brought a mirror and showed Vani her new look. She was weirdly aroused by touching her bald head and feeling the cold breeze from the AC in her head. The doctor kissed her on her bald head and said, “you have been a good girl.”

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