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Following a haircut ritual on Tuesday (other story) I went to visit a nearby salon the day after. To get things fixed. Cause the ritual, though it was a very intense and beautiful experience, left my hair uneven, a lot shorter but kinda strange style. Or should say, no style.


I had taking this into consideration in front, so before doing the ritual I gathered a lot of pictures on my cell, of hairstyles in different lengths. This because I had no idea how much would be cut in the ritual. It ended in just below my ears, but at the back it was cut rather high. Higher even than the sides.


I entered the salon, which was not very busy at that moment. The (new) hairstylist of my choice walked towards me. Guessing I was her three o’clock appointment. She didn’t ask me. Neither did she properly introduce herself. She probably had a bad hair day.


She pointed me to a chair and I briefly explained what happened to my locks the day before. She didn’t react. When I got out my cell phone, she looked surprised ‘Oh you got pictures ..’

The salon’s website promises not only a well treatment, blissful experience but tells you to bring pictures of the style you like.


We kinda hurried swiping. The longish styles were no longer possible now, so that was an easy elimination of a bunch of pictures. With the other pictures I tried to express my feelings with them and admitted I realized I was not a model and my hair has limits to what can be done with it.


First picture was a very short cut. ‘I like this but I don’t have the guts for it.’

Her response was that such a style was not possible with my hair, because of my receding hairline in the front.

Next one. A bit longer style, her reaction was ‘I do not like that one.’

The last picture I showed her had very short sides. Above the ear.

‘Oh you will not like that, that’s done with clippers, to only 3 millimeters length. It will scare you.’


I had hoped this stylist would help me to go short, but no.


I quit the photographs and tried to discuss what to do. Then we got into a sort question and answer game. Would I like the sides just over my ears or just above?


As my bangs were rather long, she asked me to point where she cut. This as a reaction to me saying I did want to keep some of it. I probably annoyed her.


She finally started cutting. Didn’t ask me what to do with the sideburns, same with maybe correcting my eyebrows and most crazy of all … The first stylist in decades not asking me to take of my glasses.


To summarize all this, she was just not interested (in me).


After a mere 20 minutes I left the salon. This was not what I had in mind. Wishing now, that in the ritual clippers were used, even though that did scare me just thinking of it.


Frankly the result of this haircut is worse than that of the ritual. I will give it some time and then, sooner than I anticipated will go to another salon. In front do a five minute visit just to check out what another stylist thinks of the style I intended to get. Worst case I have to let it grow for at least six months to broaden the range of choices. Or ask someone I trust to shave it all.

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