NYE shave 2022

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It was NYE day, and the urge for a barber shave was there. Fortunately I found a shop open. A very clean looking shop. 2 chairs one barber. I like the single barber shops. They are quiet, no distractions. I was the only one there. He trimmed my goatee, and proceeded with the hot lather shave. I was in a blissful state, it had been a long time for me. We spoke about shaving, types of lather machines. I confessed to him I love getting a shave, it is my guilty pleasure. He said he enjoyed giving them. I asked him his price, he said $15. I said really? I thought that was very low. I told him I come from a long line of barbers and hair dressers. As he came to the end I asked “If I paid extra would you mind lathering me up a few more times?” The shop was empty, he said “sure.” This is where he “turned it up a level” if you know what I mean. He finished up, we exchanged names. I said I know a lot of barbers only do shaves part of the day. I said “I’ll give you call before I come in the next time. Maybe you’ll have 45 minutes to an hour to take care of me and I winked, He smiled.

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