Observing Laurie

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Observing Laurie


By Shorngirl



I remember hearing my older sister talking with one of her closest friends, Amy. They hung out in Laurie’s room a lot. I was putting my homework out to tackle, as I always did when things got very quiet next door.

Curiosity got the better of me and I snuck into the closet to find out what was going on. Oh, how I wish I didn’t. I pressed my eye up to the little peephole, and witnessed something that changed my life forever. Laurie and Amy were sitting on her bed, kissing.

Now, I’m not talking about a friendly kiss amongst friends here. This was necking if I ever saw it. Tongues were involved, and everything. The strange thing was, I just couldn’t stop watching. It was simply the most fascinating thing in the world to watch my sister, the girly girl that she was, making out with whom I had always assumed was her best friend.

I suppose I should explain the hole. It was just there when we moved into the house, and never got patched. When we were younger, Laurie and I used to whisper to each other at night after we were supposed to be in bed. Years passed and the hole was forgotten; until then.

I only pulled away from the evil little hole when they stopped, seeming to have reached some threshold that I was unaware of at the time. Of course, I knew where they were because hands had started to wander, if you know what I mean.

The thing was, I wasn’t all that upset. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I hadn’t known this about her. This was my sister, the one I thought I knew so well, and she was gay! The fact of the matter was, I was actually intrigued. For a second, I imagined it was my own lips that were kissing my sister’s.

Of course, I had to analyze that, because I should have been more interested in Amy than I was in my own sister. The fact was, I was more enamored with Laurie than her friend. This, as you might have suspected, bothered me enormously.

Their meetings after school seemed to become a regular thing, and so did my covert perusals of their amour. I was seventeen, and I knew when something felt good, and this made me feel very good.

Things had progressed beyond kissing, and it was all I could do to keep my fingers from strumming my own pleasure. Well, I didn’t succeed in refraining all the time, but if they ever caught me watching, I was certain they would take it out of my ass.

On one particularly gloomy day, I noticed they were a bit noisier than usual. I figured they weren’t doing anything interesting, but had a look, nevertheless. What I saw that day, was almost as much of a shock as the first time I saw them kissing.

Amy, who was standing behind my sister was busy with a pair of scissors. Laurie had the most beautiful blonde hair, that hung all the way to her ass, and here this girl was chopping it off to her shoulders. They seemed to be having a great time doing it too.

Each time the scissors closed hundreds of silky blonde strands would fall to the carpet. The floor was already covered in her hair, surrounding and partially covering my sister’s bare feet. Amy seemed worried, more than anything, but I’d never seen Laurie with such an amazed look on her face.

Each hank of hair that Amy severed seemed to widen the grin on Laurie’s face. My sister had had long hair for as long as I could remember and she had never mentioned anything about getting it cut short, ever.

As I watched the hair fall, a small part of me was sad. Sad, because that image of my sister would be gone, replaced by whatever Amy left behind, as she indiscriminately snipped at Laurie’s hair. By the time she was done, all that remained was a sort of uneven bob that didn’t even reach her shoulders.

As sad as I was, that same strange feeling crept back through me, the one I had felt as I watched the two make out. As they both amazed themselves over what Amy had done, and what Laurie had allowed her to do, I was caught up in what I had seen.

This time, I couldn’t hold back, allowing my fingers to find that sensitive spot under the crotch of my jeans and press, back and forth, shuddering as a quick and almost spontaneous orgasm rippled through me.

I let out the tiniest gasp, and all sound in the room next door ceased. Knowing they had heard me, I quickly tumbled out of the closet, trying to appear normal as I pretended to look for something under my bed.

Of course, I had to seem surprised, when Laurie popped her head in, sporting her new haircut. “Mom’s gonna kill you,” I said, as I jumped up to examine the roughly shorn cut.

“I don’t think so. It’s my hair, you know.” Laurie insisted.

The next day, and after my mother had calmed down, it was off to the hair place to straighten out the mess. I tagged along for moral support, but I had an ulterior motive.

The place we got our haircut was sort of a unisex barbershop, that catered to men and women. It was fairly inexpensive, and they did a decent job. Unlike Laurie, I had kept no secret of my wanting shorter hair, and immediately began bothering my mother about it in the car.

“First Laurie and now you too?” My mother questioned. “Well, I guess it will be easier to take care of, anyway.” She settled, realizing that she wasn’t going to talk me out of it.

Laurie went first, and after a bunch of somewhat insulting remarks over what she had done to her hair, Robert and my mother settled on a style that would cover up the shortest parts of the haphazard bob.

I could tell that Laurie wasn’t upset at all as Robert began to sheer off two-inch hanks of hair from her already off the shoulders bob. What she ended up with, probably wasn’t what she had in mind. I’m sure she was hoping that he would just whack it into a pixie or something. What she ended up with was something akin to an inverted bob, with the nape trimmed close with clippers.

Of course, my mother loved it almost as much as Laurie hated it. I think what she was after was something a lot less feminine. Laurie had a scowl on her face as she climbed out of the chair, and Robert signaled that it was my turn. As he wrapped the cape around my neck, he turned to my mother.

“Cut it however she wants. She’s been bugging me about this, so I’m washing my hands.” My mother turned back to Laurie who was busy complaining about her new do. Neither of them saw what was about to happen in the chair.

“So, Paige. You want something like your sister’s?” Now I didn’t have the long hair that Laurie had, but it was still nearly to the middle of my back, and about the same silvery blonde color.

“Not on your life, Rob. I leaned up out of the chair, and he leaned down to meet me. “I want a really short boy’s cut,” I whispered. His eyebrows shot up, and he looked back towards my mother who was still in a heated argument with my sister. “She did say cut it however I want.” I reminded him.

He knew, deep down, that what I was asking for was way outside what my mother meant when she had given him her instructions. He leaned down. “You want short, or short?” He asked, poignantly.

Feeling brave, and knowing this was probably something that was going to really piss my mother off, I answered. “The second one.”

He grinned. Almost in sympathy for what I was undoubtedly in for. Rob picked up a set of clippers from under the counter and attached what looked like some sort of comb.

I worried that whatever spat my mother and sister were having would resolve before he could start, I pulled my hand out from under the cape and made a motion with my fingers to run them straight down the middle.

He shook his head, almost woefully as he acquiesced to my suggestion. So as the whirring blades came to rest at my hairline, my mother’s shout was a split second too late. I smiled widely as the center part I had worn for years disappeared, widened considerably by the path the clippers had mown.

“Paige Elizabeth!” My mother managed, as she dashed up to the chair to assess the damage the clippers had wrought. In my estimation, there was no going back. My white scalp shone through the fraction of an inch of hair remaining, almost obscenely.  “What the hell’s gotten into you girls?”

I looked over at Laurie, whose mouth was agape over what I had done, or what Robert had done.

“What possessed you to cut her hair like that?” My mother scolded the man.

“Mom! Stop. I told him to do it.” I shouted; the entire shop now privy to our little family quarrel. “You did say anything I wanted.”

All she did was throw her hands up and walk back to the chairs in the waiting area. Both she and my sister seemed riveted to what Robert was going to do next, but there was nothing to do but finish.

I looked up at him and sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“No worries, kid.” He smiled, firing up the clippers once again, and continuing what he started. The bald patch, on the top of my head, grew wider and wider as each strip of my hair was peeled away. I later learned that he had intended to fade the back and sides first, and had placed a number one guard on the clippers. It was a lot shorter than I expected, but everything I actually wanted.

With my light blonde hair, what I ended up with looked as though I had been shaved totally bald. Just the slightest halo of hair was visible at the edges of my head when I looked at myself in the mirror. The look was stark, shocking, and ridiculously exciting. I couldn’t wait to get home.

“What the hell, Paige.” Laurie hissed as we sat in the back seat of the Jeep.

“Hey. It looks a lot better than yours.” I tugged on one of the longish points that hung down on either side of her face.

“Shut up.” She moped, crossing her arms and flopping back in the seat. She looked over and cracked a smile, finding it hard to stay mad at me. Running her hand over my head, Laurie felt the minuscule stubble the clippers had left behind. “I want that.”

Raising my eyebrows, I mischievously and leaned over to whisper in her ear. “I know where Dad keeps his clippers.”

Nothing was said or done for a few weeks, and Amy and Laurie continued their romantic encounters, but I had stopped spying. I had seen all that I needed to see and knew all I needed to know. What I knew most, was that I wanted what they had.

I had always suspected that I was more attracted to girls than boys, but it was just a shock to learn about Laurie’s little secret. I had never suspected.

And so, after putting off something I had been dreading for months and months, I approached the girl of my dreams. She was Laurie’s age and had graduated school with her. As a senior, I still had the stigma of that environment clinging to me, and even though I had turned eighteen just the week before, I worried that it might stymie my chances. I was so wrong.

Her name was Bonnie, but everyone called her NeeNee. I had watched her from afar for so long. Her skin was golden brown, and she wore her tightly-curled jet-black hair, cropped low. It was only when I saw her in an affectionate embrace with a female classmate that my heart raced with joy. She had to be a lesbian, and that simply opened the door.

When I saw the other girl paling around with someone else, I realized that NeeNee was no longer attached. I had to be brave and make a move.

She was sitting alone in a café, sipping a cup of tea, when I propped up the courage to talk. “Hello.”

She looked up from her cup, her wide brown eyes enveloping me instantly and I thought I might actually hit the floor. “Hi, Paige, right?” She asked.

I nodded, having lost the power of speech, suddenly.

“Didn’t your hair used to be a lot longer?” She grinned, sympathetically running a hand over her own cropped head.

I forced the answer out of my frozen mouth. “Yes… it did. I needed a change.”

“It looks good on you.” She fawned, indicating the seat opposite her in the booth.

I thought I had died. There I was, sitting opposite my crush, and with a mouth that barely functioned. That soon changed, however, and before long we were laughing and talking a mile a minute. What changed everything, was when she mentioned that she had always wondered about me and whether I was her sort. I questioned what she meant, but I had a vague idea.

All during our conversation, I couldn’t help but notice how NeeNee seemed to dominate the narrative, and I seemed to acquiesce to that. It felt natural for me to fall under her spell; it felt wonderful.

We walked out of the café arm in arm, and I felt fulfilled, with the girl of my dreams at my side. We went back to my house, knowing that my mother was gone for at least another two hours. Of course, Laurie and Amy were there and came out to check on me as I climbed the stairs with my friend.

“Paige… oh, hi… Bonnie, is it?” Laurie asked, her eyes showing every bit of the surprise she was trying to hide.

“NeeNee. Everyone calls me NeeNee.” She said, as I quickly pulled her into my room, closing the door to any further inquiry by my sister. Amy had remained silent, but the single look from her spoke volumes. She knew.

For a moment, the air that hovered between us would have spontaneously ignited, then as if an irresistible vacuum had been left in its wake, we flew into each other, our lips colliding, tongues lashing, and hands grasping for purchase. It was the most erotically charged moment of my life.

There is all that follows, the sex, the relationships, the love… but nothing compares to that first encounter, when everything you’ve known about yourself is confirmed, without question, and so utterly irrevocable.

As we stroked one another, our clothes long since shed and littering my floor, I imagined what my mother’s reaction might be when she learned that both her offspring were lesbians. We were both in the most glorious afterglow, the room certainly scented with our combined passion.

Of course, that was when Laurie walked in, unannounced. The scene must have been a shock, because she was unable to speak. NeeNee’s dark legs, arms, and torso were wrapped intrinsically around my own, pale white in comparison, as we lay on my bed.

Without really acknowledging the scene before her, she asked what she had so desperately wanted to ask, when she walked in without so much as a knock. “Where’s Dad’s clippers?”

The comedy of the question in light of the revelation of our position, brought an uncontrolled round of laughter from NeeNee and myself. When we got ahold of ourselves, I raised a finger. “Give us a minute.” I managed, still trying to subdue my amusement. With an exaggerated stare from Laurie, she closed the door.

“I am so sorry. My sister…”

“Don’t worry about it. Something tells me she was going to find out sooner or later, anyway.” NeeNee leaned up on an elbow and kissed me gently on the lips. “What do you suppose she’s up to?”

“I’m pretty sure I know exactly what she’s doing. She’s been envious of this haircut of mine, ever since the barber’s.” I explained.

“Well, then, I guess we should help her.” NeeNee mused, slipping away from me, her sudden absence almost painful to me. After we dressed, I rummaged through my father’s closet until I found the square plastic case I was looking for, the name WAHL scrolled on its cover in raised lettering.

“You know, I am training to cut hair.” NeeNee shared, as we walked towards Laurie’s room.

“For what she’s planning, I don’t think there’s much skill involved.” I chortled, knocking on Laurie’s door, in stark contrast to her own rude intrusion.

“You found them?” She asked as her face popped into the opening. I could see Amy behind her on the bed, her top conspicuously missing.

“Yes, I did.” But failed to hand them over. “I think you owe us an apology.” I insisted.

“Paige, it’s okay.” NeeNee calmed from behind me.

“You’re right. That was incredibly rude, and I’m sorry. I’m not surprised, but I’m sorry.” She added. So apparently, my own sexual orientation wasn’t as much of a secret as her own.

“You know, NeeNee cuts hair,” I informed her.

“You do? Hair like mine?” Laurie asked.

“Laurie! That’s so…”

“No, she’s right. Black hair is very different than straight hair, but I can cut both.” NeeNee didn’t seem insulted, but I was for her. At that moment, I wanted her to skin my sister to the bone for such a ridiculous question. “Would you like me to do this for you?”

Laurie looked us up and down, and opened her door. Amy was still topless on the bed, but in light of all that happened that day, it didn’t seem out of place. A chair was pulled away from Laurie’s vanity into the middle of the room.

“Have a seat.” NeeNee insisted, indicating the chair. She opened the box containing the clippers, shaking her head. “These are very old, but they should be okay.” She lifted the chrome encased clippers from the box and plugged them in. She flipped the switch, and a loud buzz rattled through the room. “They need adjusting.”

Going back into the box, she found a small tool and tightened some screws on the face of the blade. There was a tube of what looked like oil, which she applied to the business end of the things. This time when she turned them on, they hummed quietly. “Much better.” NeeNee turned towards my sister. “So, what do you want?”

“Off. I want it all off.” She insisted, running her hand over the top of the A-line bob, in disgust. I looked over at Amy who simply rolled her eyes, as if she had been railroaded into performing the cut, and relieved that the responsibility had been rested from her.

NeeNee went back to the box and examined a few of the guards as she called them, explaining to Laurie the length each one cut the hair to, everything from an eighth of an inch to a full inch.

“What happens if you don’t use those,” Laurie asked, defiantly.

“Oh, that’s very short. No guard will shave your head to almost nothing, and with your pale hair, you’re going to look bald.” NeeNee giggled.

“Do it.” Laurie insisted. “Quick, before I change my mind.”

NeeNee shook her head, but turned on the clippers, the bare steel blades whirring invisibly at the top of her forehead. “Sure?” As if in a bold act of self-destruction, Laurie pushed NeeNee’s hand, so the blades cut into her hair. “I guess that answers that question.”

Unimpaired by any indecision on my sister’s part, NeeNee began peeling Laurie’s bob from her head, leaving almost nothing behind. She hadn’t been lying about the length. I looked closely, trying to spy the length of the hair that was left in the clipper’s wake, but failed to see anything at all.

“These clippers may be old, but they are well made. They’re cutting it as low as balding clippers.” NeeNee explained, continuing the sheering. There was something so perfect about NeeNee taking my sister’s hair from her. My Nubian goddess, stripping the white girl of her offending locks, I imagined. It made me wish I was sitting in my sister’s place, my own cut beginning to grow in. I saw the superior look in NeeNee’s eyes as she worked, and I felt myself shrink in her presence. A dynamic had shifted in that single moment.

Laurie was watching the entire haircut in her mirror, and the look on her face was priceless. I think she had no idea how short her hair really was, if there was anything at all. Once again, her carpet was a sea of blonde as the last of her hair fell away from her naked pate.

Laurie looked up at NeeNee, as she switched off the clippers, and the illusion of submission was complete. It was perfect. “Am I bald?” She asked.

“Bald as an egg, girl. I hope you like it.” NeeNee laughed, placing the machine back in the box and closing it carefully. Laurie retreated to the bed, where a shellshocked Amy ran her fingers tentatively over her exposed scalp.

“Do you like it?” Laurie asked.

“Well, you certainly are bald.” Amy winced slightly, as she cupped her lover’s head in her fingers. “I do like it, because it’s you.” They kissed and, hopefully, all was well.

NeeNee and I retreated from the room, but not before she had gathered up the box under her arm. I closed my door and kissed her passionately. “That was perfect.”

“I’m glad you think so. Now, shall I make you perfect as well?” NeeNee asked, mischievously.

We stripped off our clothes once again, pulling a chair to the center of my room. I was shaking as I sat in the chair, naked and in awe of my lover. “Make me perfect, my Goddess,” I admitted to her.

She smiled, running her fingers through my longish crop. “You will be mine after this, Paige. Are you ready for that commitment?” A serious look spread over her lovely face. I looked up into her eyes, and all that I was became a visceral sensation, settling in my center as an irresistible force.

“Nothing could make me happier.” I felt the bare blades slip effortlessly over my head, and with each pass, any resistance I ever might have felt slowly melted away. I was hers, and all these years later, I still worship the ground she walks on.


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  1. I love the budding romance at the end of this, and, actually, at the start, too, even though it isn’t the main character who is involved. A great story of exploration and discovery — really liked this one.

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