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Rimmi and Shakshi had no clue what Hair Fetish actually meant before the lockdown started they both worked for separate courier companies based in same complex. Because courier companies were allowed to function during lockdown they had both been told to come to work. Both were very good friends and loved spending time with each other in between intervals. Morning hours during the lockdown period were very busy as they had to ensure and manage all deliveries but once all delivery boys had left they had nothing to do. Shakshi’s Boss Raghav had a strong fetish he had previously taken advantage of some girls working at her firm to satisfy his fetish. He was a very clever man he always stayed friendly with everyone working in his office building whether they were his employees or other offices, everyone liked him because he was very polite and friendly with them. He always knew how to tighten up the screws for what he wanted to be done.

Rimmi’s was a loose character and most people in the building knew it Sakshi wasn’t a saint either just like modern teens she too wanted everything fancy but didn’t have enough money to get them so depended on means to get them. Unlike Rimmi who was a little bit famous among some people always ready to earn some extra cash from whatever means possible Sakshi relied upon making makeshift boyfriends not giving anything from her side but always ready to take advantage of the boys who were behind her for her beauty. Both girls were very beautiful, Sakshi was very fair in complexion and had very beautiful hair that hung just above her waist, while Rimmi was a little dark in complexion but had very beautiful thick hair below her buttocks.

As the lockdown moved forward the number of consignments dropped, Rimmi was always alone in her small office while Raghav made sure all delivery boys are always on field making a rule that only 2 people will be allowed in office making him alone with her for most of the time. Before the lockdown had begun and people had started talking about it, he pitched the idea to Nancy telling her “A friend of his was offering cash for hair”. Sakshi being Sakshi didn’t give as much importance to it until he told her she could earn something if she indulges others to cut their hair. She gave it a try but could never succeed so she dropped the idea, tho she had told this to Rimmi while everything was going her way Rimmi too had refused the idea. Things changed for both of them tho no other office in the building was open other than Rimmi and Sakshi’s because of which Rimmi had no one she can earn her extra cash from, Sakshi’s mother was strict and didn’t allow her to go anywhere but office so she too was facing issues as there was no extra cash for them which they were dependent on. Both girls while having lunch together were busy scrolling things online looking at pretty clothing with hefty discounts, their greed for those clothes and accessories were making them drool but suddenly Rimmi closed the app “Why?” Sakshi asked “Do you have money to buy them?” she replied to which Sakshi nodded very sadly expressing her pain. “I don’t know when this lockdown will end so we can both get the things that we love” Said Sakshi. “I think we still can” replied Rimmi, Sakshi gave her a puzzled look “Hear me out, we earned from our boyfriends and well I don’t mind to taste a cock if I get paid for it. Currently you can’t go out neither can anyone come to meet you, there are no men available here to earn for me either apart from 1 man. That 1 man is in your office and he is rich enough for making both our lives easier” said Rimmi. Sakshi stood up walked around her office thinking what Rimmi had said while Rimmi stared her “He won’t allow it to happen I don’t think so, beside if you want to earn anything for it you will have to lose them” she said holding her humongous bun. “I can’t let my hair go but I need this cash I have other commitments too, I will give it a try. I’ll try seducing him for a blowjob or something to get something and I think you should leave your good girl thing too or the boys you carry will stop giving you stuff too. There’re only a few things a guy likes” she stood up poked her finger in Sakshi’s mount then grabbed her breasts and caressed her pussy. “ONLY THIS” she said “I don’t know you give it a try then I will decide” she replied. “Okay then, for next 2-3 days we will pretend we are not having lunch together you will tell your boss you’re having lunch at home while I will try seducing him, if I succeed and you have the guts to do it you can join in” Rimmi.

The next day after delivery boys had left Sakshi told her boss she’s going home for lunch. Raghav too took this time to watch haircut videos and to jerk himself fantasising about these girls, as Nancy came to her office “Okay wish me luck” Rimmi said and left. She was walking towards her office she saw him sitting at Sakshi’s place watching something on the laptop, she was a bit nervous as he carried a very strong clean personality around the building and didn’t knew how to start the conversation. “Sir, where’s Sakshi?” she asked “She went home for lunch” he replied. The reply was very straight left Rimmi with a very few choices, she started walking back towards the stairs to go back to her office but returned again “Sir if you don’t mind can I sit here and have lunch? Actually I’m all alone in the office floor and don’t know why I don’t feel safe there” she asked. He took a minute to think “Okay, but please sit in the other room” he allowed her “Thanks sir, I will bring my lunch” she replied. Rimmi ran back to her office to grab her lunch box “What Happened? Asked Sakshi “Nothing yet but I found a way to sit in your office, will now try moving forward” she replied picking up the tiffin box. Rimmi sat in the room beside’s where raghav was sitting and started eating her lunch thinking of ways to start a conversation. The 3 rooms of Raghav’s office were all separated by large glasses earlier these were covered by foldable curtains but now they had been removed so it was easier for people to look from one room to another. Raghav was very busy looking into the laptop Rimmi was looking at her trying to see what he was upto so she could start a conversation. She stood up without wearing her sandals she walked back into the room so she could see what he was watching. She was surprised but at the same time she was quite excited she had found her way to this Man’s wallet, she saw him watching porn but she didn’t knew the porn included haircuts. Without making any noise she walked into the room where he was and stood behind him, her face tho when she saw the hair of girl giving blowjob was being hacked. She got in 2 minds but could see the bulge in his pants from behind. Raghav had undivided attention he was into what he was watching, Rimmi took advantage of the situation and kneeled beside him then slowly started moving her hand reaching out for the bulge. She caught his bulge Raghave got shocked and stood up “What are you doing?” he yelled. Sakshi was done waiting was on stairs waiting to listen is something happened heard her bosses voice, hiding herself she tried to see and listen what was going on?.

“I like this too, don’t mind Sir please sit” said Rimmi holding his bulge in one hand and his belt buckle in another. He gradually sat down Rimmi moved in front of him opened his pant buttons then took the pant down, she then pulled down his shorts reliving the monster which was as hard as a pole. She looked at him then started sucking his cock, for a few moments raghav was sceptic but he too started enjoying he grabbed Rimmi’s bun and kept pushing her face forward. Rimmi who was too busy trying to impress him with his blowjob didn’t realise he had picked up a scissor in his other hand. Saksh had slipped into the other room and was watching the proceedings getting a little horny herself but was very afraid when she looked at him holding the scissors as he was closing in on Rimmi’s bun Sakshi ran into the room stopping proceedings. “What are you doing here?” he said quickly pulling up his shorts and pants. “Sir we can give you blowjobs and do whatever you want but we need to be paid for it” said Rimmi very blatantly without wasting any time. He walked towards Sakshi ran his hands on her head all the way down caressing her pony then pressed her butt. He pushed Nancy to where Rimmi was sitting “Okay, I will pay you for the blowjobs, for letting me fuck you and for removing your hair” he said. “Please sir not the hair” both girls said at the same time “One thing doesn’t happen without the other, I know you need cash its upto you to decide what to do next” he said and sat back on his chair. “Our parent’s won’t allow it, you know my mom she will get very angry” pleaded Sakshi. “I know your mom and I know she will be very happy to know you offered to give blowjobs to earn money. You know how much she listens to us” Replied Raghav. Both of them looked at each other for a few minutes then Sakshi started unzipping his pants again “So I think you both agree” to which both nodded in agreement. Okay then let’s start with you he pointed towards Sakshi, he stood up let his pants down Nancy who was new for this barely knew how to hold his penis “Teach her” he said. Rimmi got up and started showing Sakshi, they took turns as Sakshi finally understood she started increasing her pace. Inside she was disgusted she hadn’t tasted someone’s cock before, but it was the only thing that could bring her out of her misery so she continued. He held his scissors and placed them on the base of Sakshi’s ponytail scrchhhh scrchhh scrchhh tears started welling up she closed her eyes, she could feel her head jerking as the scissors ate her hair. Everything went silent after the final few jerks she could feel lighter in the head her hair or what was left of them came crashing down over her ears. Rimmi had a horrified look on her face Raghav was holding Sakshi’s ponytail high “You’re turn” he said. Rimmi was stuck at her place Sakshi crying her eyes out with his dick still in her mouth she somehow managed to move herself towards him and kneeled. She pulled his cock from Sakshi’s mouth and stuffed her fresh cut ponytail in it. “I love buns” she heard as took his cock in her mouth the scissors was placed on the base of her bun scccrhhhh……scrchhhhhh……scrcchhhh the noise was loud her sobbing could be heard too in between the blades closing and opening beneath the base of her bun. Sakshi still holding her ponytail in her mouth looked at her’s friends ordeal with teary eyes.



To be continued……..

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