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Office Haircuts 2-

The blades worked overtime on Rimmi’s thick hair, the humongous bun on her head had detached itself from most parts of her head but still a chunk was being bitten off by the scissors. Raghav holding her bun tight as she cried her eyes out, she glanced at Nancy who had her ponytail in her mouth and tears flowing down her eyes giving her a look of sadness and anger at the same time.  Scrchhh Schhhh Scschhh loud noises and big pulls on the head followed a final hurray as he held her bun in his hand “It smells beautiful doesn’t it” he said bringing the bun closer to Rimmi’s face stuffing them in her mouth. She couldn’t look at it her face had drowned in tears, she loved her hair more than she loved anything but now they were in her mouth detached from her body.

“Take your clothes off both of you” he said pulling his pants up he went out to close the main door of the office, while returning he went to his cabin. Raghav had with time collected various hair cutting tools and had kept them in his office waiting for a day to ger a submissive subordinate so he could experiment his haircutting skils. He brought his tool box and kept it on the table. Both girls were standing naked trying to cover their bodies, the hair was on the floor he became furious when he saw it “I told you to take your clothes off not to remove your hair from your mouths” he yelled and stuffed their hair back in their mouths. “Kneel down facing each other and join your heads” he ordered the girls had no idea what was coming next. He took a bottle water bottle and emptied it on their heads, he then took out shaving cream and started emptying the tube on both their heads.” Massage your head with this like your shampoo your hair” he ordered them both girls looked at each other they were still crying in grief of their length not knowing all will be taken away from them they started massaging their heads spreading the cream all over their head. He monitored the whole operation to make sure the cream had spread in all areas of their head. “Nice now stop join your heads again” the orders continued. He took out the hair from their mouths and kept them on the table, he them unzipped his pants placed his dick between both mouths “Together at the same time” he ordered them. As the girls started sucking his penis again he took the safety razor out of his box, angling it back he started over Nancy’s head that was on the right. Nancy could feel something moving on her head but Rimmi had the best view of things her eyes opened wide she could see as he moved the razor the skin on Nancy’s head started becoming visible he tapped Rimmi’s head making her concentrate on the cock. The used the angle he moved the razor from Nancy’s head to Rimmi’s head moving up from her forehead stopping at her crown. He made sure her bangs weren’t touched by the razor. Now looking at Rimmi’s head Nancy knew what had just happened with her, she stood up crying inspected her head “why?” she cried “Just sit down and let me finish or I will send you out just like this. Also tag these clips to your beloved Instagram too I know how much you like it” he showed her the pictures he was taking of both girls naked and shaved on the forehead some with dicks in their mouth. Nancy gave up looking at the pictures she kneeled back down crying “it’s your fault” she yelled at Rimmi who had seen Nancy’s head and knew she must be looking same. Raghav went back to work on Nancy’s head again but due to the angle it was difficult for him. He went away for a few minutes “You made this happen look at us now” Nancy cried out she was angry at Rimmi strands of her hair draped in shaving cream were hanging from her forehead  “I’m sorry” Rimmi cried out as he walked back in with 2 foldable bed he had bought for the night workers. He orderd both of them to stand in a corner as he installed both beds adjoining one another. “You come lie down” he ordered Rimmi who had given up hope of any good outcome from her mistake followed his orders and layed down, he then took Nancy’s head asking her to lay down on her stomach to her Rimmi’s pussy. Nancy protested but was again shown the pictures, she felt disgusted as her mouth was stuffed into Rimmi’s hairy black pussy “lick it dear it will taste good eventually” he laughed and sat on her back now he had a clear view of her head so he started shaving her again. He made passes on the back of her head slow and firm passes making sure each strand was removed from her head cleaning the razor every pass with water. He made sure a chunk was left over her crown so he could use it later he shaved Nancy bald, she looked clean as a cue ball with just some hair over her crown. He used his razor to shave some of the hair over the crown leaving just 8-10 stands over her crown. “BEAUTIFUL ISN’T SHE” he said looking at Rimmi. “it’s time you taste her” he said picking Nancy up laying her on the back Rimmi did as ordered, Unlike Nancy she started eating her pussy properly. Leaving the bangs alone he started making passes all over her head making sure he shaved each strand with precision. Pass after pass continued as Nancy went into trance she had never been licked before in this hellish situation she was getting orgasms because of Rimmi. “I’m done now it’s your turn” he announced making both girls sit he again applied shaving cream on shaved parts of their heads, again Nancy’s turn was first but rather than shaving it himself he handed the razor to Rimmi ordering it clean her head leaving the strands over the crown. “Start Shaving” he said as he started filming the whole process properly, Rimmi was hesitant at first she had never done anything like this before and was guilty too knowing it was her fault that both of them were in this position. She started scrapping the cream of her head with the razor crying as she heard Nancy sobbing beneath her, Raghav filmed the whole incident watching closely as Rimmi removed the cream from her head with the razor making her head smoother. After making passes all over her head she looked at Raghav “Now you sit down” he ordered then handed the razor to Nancy. She too followed her friend’s deed shaving her clean with the razor making her head smooth.  He poured water over their heads as both of them cleaned it crying they had never touched the skin over their head before. He ran his hands over their head “So smooth so beautiful” he said then ordered the girls to give him a blowjob jerk him out to finish the day. The girls did as asked they gave him a proper blowjob this time rather than sobbing and crying, as he was about to cum he turned their heads down and cummed on their bald heads.

He ordered them to get dressed and handed them wigs to wear so they didn’t have to face their parents. The next day before he began proceedings again taking wigs off the girl’s heads he got better news when he heard Nancy’s parents were leaving for a different city to visit her grandmother leaving her to his mercy. They had already taken permission from Rimmi’s parents to leave Rimmi with Nancy in their absence. What had happened in office happened every day at Nancy’s home for the next few weeks. The girls got paid each time but the cost they had given was humiliation and hair.

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