Older woman outdoor episode 2

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After we were done with her hair in the jacuzzi she told me it was my turn for her to shampoo my hair. I got out of the jacuzzi and got the garden hose to rinse her hair. Once all the shampoo was rinsed I got out the jar of the beauty pack deep conditioner she had bought for us and started to apply it through her hair. It was very thick and rich and smelled wonderful. I had used most of the jar on her hair and worked it in. I then pulled her hair into a ponytail and wrapped it into a bun on top of her head.

The cream had to stay in for 30 minutes before we could rinse and set her up in rollers. She stood up and got out of the jacuzzi and had me get in and sit down where she was sitting. She had me lean my head back and saturated my hair with the hose. She grabbed the bottle of shampoo she had bought from Miss Judy and poured some on my hair and then in her hand. She rubbed her hands together then placed them on my hair and started to work the sweet smelling shampoo into a rich lather.

Her hands felt good in my hair as she shampooed me. She said ” I have been waiting to shampoo your hair since you got your perm and run my fingers through your curls.” I had just closed my eyes when I felt her pull my head back ever so slightly and kissed me. Her bare breasts were in my hair and she got shampoo lather all over them. She continued to kiss and shampoo me for quite a while until she was ready to rinse me. She turned on the hose and rinsed the shampoo from my hair slowly. It felt so good to have her rinse and run her finger through my curls. She turned off the hose and got out the other jar of the beauty pack deep conditioner and applied it through my hair just like I had done to hers.

She worked it in just like a thick rich shampoo and then got back into the jacuzzi. She knelt forward on the other seat and told me to get behind her. She grabbed me and pulled me to her bottom. She told me to push myself into her from behind. I guided myself to her vagina and began to thrust as she pushed backwards. She said “you can put yourself in my other hole if you want, I kind of like that.” So I withdrew and inserted slowly as she pushed back and let out a loud moan. We went on for a while until I climaxed and she had me stay there until she caught her breath. I drew back out and she turned around and kissed me hard and said “Now it is your turn, bend over the side for me baby.” So I knelt over where she was before and she got behind me and started to put her finger inside me. First one then two then three. She reached over on the corner and took out a black bag that had a long slender pink dildo in it. She rubbed some baby oil on it and inserted in me. She got behind and began thrusting with her hips using the dildo next to her as well. She kept going until she had climaxed twice. She pulled out and I turned around to kiss her. She asked “was that OK? Did it feel good for you?” I told her that I did not expect that but enjoyed it very much.

By this time it had over thirty minutes and we grabbed the hose and rinsed each others hair while standing outside the jacuzzi. If felt very nice to be naked and wet while we held each other and rinsed our hair. She turned off the hose and grabbed some towels. We wrapped our hair in one towel and began to dry each other off with the other towel. She said ” are we ready to get set and go again?” I laughed and told her I was ready to get us rolled up again.

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