One braid too many

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Martina and Francesca are two old friends. They have known each other since elementary school and grew up together as sisters. They look very much alike as they both have light blue eyes and long blonde hair that reaches down to their waists. It was summer and they often tied their hair up so they wouldn’t suffer from the heat and did the same hairstyle because they loved the feeling of being similar to each other.

“It’s really hot today, what could we do?” Martina began as she tried to fan herself by waving her white T-shirt.

“We can play some board games and make ourselves a couple of cocktails,” Francesca replied as she got up from the couch.

Martina took some boxes containing the games and set the table while Francesca brought everything needed to prepare excellent cocktails. Despite the heat, the girls were having a great time and the drinks were fresh and refreshing but not alcohol-free and the more they drank for thirst, the more the effect of alcohol increased. After an hour of play the girls were in the grip of laughter and teasing and there was no shortage of spite towards the other.

“You cheated! Martina said as she continued to sip her tropical-flavored drink and waved the glass as if it were a flag. “It’s not true that you don’t know how to play and you always lose” Francesca repeated new match.
“I’m very good and I’ll prove it to you” Martina said as she filled her glass again. “If I win this game you will have to swim naked in the pool”

“perfect, but if I win, you’ll be the one to undress and dive in!” Francesca replied.

The two girls played another game and Martina lost again.

“Ugh” said Martina while Francesca laughed and clapped preparing for the scene she was about to see. Martina had some difficulty undressing because she couldn’t balance well and Francesca got up to help her. While she undressed Francesca took off Martina’s bra but before throwing it on the ground she squeezed one of her friend’s boobs with one hand. It wasn’t the first time that Francesca had seen Martina naked but she in the throes of alcohol she couldn’t help but play with the other girl’s chest who was now naked but she kept staring at Francesca who wouldn’t let go of her breasts. Francesca began to go down with one hand towards Martina’s navel and ended up going down even further and touching Martina’s pussy. Just for a moment Martina thought of stopping her but she couldn’t and Francesca slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy. Francesca was going very slowly because she didn’t want to get her friend wet right away and with her other free hand she squeezed Martina as close as possible. Martina leaned on Francesca’s chest and despite the precarious balance the girls continued to stand hugging each other and shortly after Martina kissed Francesca’s lips. Francesca was now completely in love with Martina and increased the pace with her fingers in Martina’s cunt which began to release the first verses of pleasure between one kiss and another. Martina with a quick gesture tore Francesca’s shorts and panties off her, revealing her intimacy and bent forward to lick Francesca’s pussy. Martina was at the limit and she was about to reach orgasm when Francesca accelerated and made Martina reach the climax of pleasure who, in the throes of orgasm, gave a few bites to Francesca’s wet pussy.

“Don’t think about getting away with it, blondie. I won’t give in so easily” Francesca said while Martina worked harder and harder to make Francesca reach orgasm who tried to resist as much as possible seeing her friend bent between her legs and began to pass her the hands first on the neck and then on the head. Francesca was at the limit of pleasure and grabbed Martina’s long braid pulling it forcefully upwards while she was reaching the climax and screamed with pleasure “AAAAAAAAHHHH SIIIIIIIIII !!!!”. A little later Francesca too had given up and her juices had completely wet Martina’s face who, exhausted, relaxed and lay down on the floor and there Francesca began to caress Martina’s head when her eyes noticed a glow coming from the nearby table: a couple of scissors. Noticing that Martina was relaxing leaning against her abdomen a strange ideal crossed her mind, she wanted to give Martina a new haircut and so she reached for the scissors and picked them up from the table. Martina was so tired that she didn’t notice anything and Francesca brought the blades to the end of the braid to get a few tufts but before cutting she thought that such an opportunity would not happen again and therefore she wanted to earn as much as possible. She positioned the scissors at the nape of her neck where the braid started and trying not to make any noise she started to cut. SNIP SNIP SNIP SNIP

Martina’s hair was very thick and it took several minutes to cut it but in the end the blades had the upper hand and Martina’s blonde braid dangled between Francesca’s hands. Shortly after Martina woke up and initially she didn’t notice anything until Francesca showed her what she had done.

“WHAT DID YOU DO!? MY HAIR!!!” Martina was shocked and immediately ran to the mirror to look at the damage of hers even if she did not her amazement saw that she did not mind this new hairstyle.

“How about we take a nice dip in the pool first and then I take you to a salon to fix it?” Martina was shocked but she thought she accepted the proposal and ran to dive into the pool. As promised Francesca accompanied Martina to the salon to finish her hair and when she came out of the hairdresser she had a beautiful cut that slightly exceeded her chin.

“Yours was a low blow” Martina said as they walked home

“I know,” Francesca repeated

“How could you?”

“I was hooked on the alcohol and the moment and felt like cutting it out for you. Sorry.”

Martina pouted but she couldn’t be mad at her friend so she forgave her.

“Do you want a rematch?” Francesca asked

“Fine, but be careful, this time it could be your braid that disappears” Martina answered while she stuck out her tongue.

“We’ll see” Francesca smiled and they went home.

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