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Emily was a girl who had always had long, thick hair. She loved the way it cascaded down her back and made her feel like a princess. But as she entered her teenage years, she started to notice that her hair was getting harder and harder to manage. It was always getting tangled and knotted, and she was tired of spending so much time brushing and styling it every morning.

So, Emily decided it was time for a trim. She went online and searched for a salon near her house that offered haircuts. She found one that had great reviews and an easy-to-use online appointment system, so she clicked on the “book now” button and started filling out the form.

As she scrolled through the list of available haircut options, she noticed that the cheapest one of them was called “buzzcut.” She had no idea what that meant, so she hovered her mouse over it and read the description. It said something about using clippers to shave the head down to a very short length.
Emily’s eyes widened in horror. She definitely didn’t want that!

Quickly, she clicked on the “trim” option instead, which is what she wanted – a small, quick cut without going too short. She filled out the rest of the form, entered her payment information, and hit “submit.” She was relieved to see that her appointment had been confirmed, and she was excited to make her hair healthy again.

A few days later, Emily walked into the salon feeling excited and a little nervous. She gave her name to the receptionist, who typed it into the computer and then gestured for her to take a seat. Emily sat down and waited for her name to be called.

Finally, a hairdresser came out and said, “Emily? I’m ready for you.” Emily stood up and followed her to the chair, where she wrapped a cape around her.

The hairdresser nodded and said, “Okay, I see that you requested a buzzcut. Is that correct?”

Emily’s heart sank. She hesitated for a moment and frantically tried to recall the details of the online booking form. She remembered scrolling through the options and seeing the buzzcut, but she had definitely clicked on the trim option. Had she made a mistake? She also didn’t remember what the buzzcut exactly was. Her mind was racing with thoughts: “Wait, was that the one with the clip-?”
The hairdresser interrupted Emily’s long silence and stream of thoughts as she was getting impatient “Alright girl, no need to be shy now, here we go.”, “No, I meant to choose the trim opt-,” she said quickly, trying to explain herself.

But it was too late. The hairdresser couldn’t hear her as she had already picked up the loud clippers and was running them over her head, shaving off all of her beautiful, long locks. Emily couldn’t believe what was happening. She had never wanted a buzzcut!

Emily tried to pull away and stop the hairdresser, begged and pleaded with her to stop, but the hairdresser just laughed and told her it was too late to turn back now as the top of her hair was already buzzed. Emily couldn’t believe it – she was trapped in the chair, getting a haircut she didn’t want.

As the hairdresser continued to buzz away, Emily closed her eyes, trying to block out the sound of the clippers and the feeling of the cold metal against her scalp. She could feel the weight of her hair lifting from her head as the clippers made their way through the strands, cutting them away from her scalp. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she realized the full extent of what was happening. All her long, flowing hair was now all being shaved off.

When the hairdresser finally finished the cut and brushed off the excess hair, Emily looked at herself in the mirror and gasped. Her head was completely shaved, with just a thin layer of stubble left behind. She looked like a completely different person.

Emily was devastated. She had always loved her long hair and now it was gone, thanks to a simple mistake. Emily paid the hairdresser and left the salon feeling embarrassed and disappointed. She knew it would take a long time for her hair to grow back, and she wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to rock the long locks she had again.

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