Out of Line

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She wasn’t a girl accustomed to waiting in line. Her looks didn’t require it of her, her attitude would not allow it. Ella and her girls made their way down Main street to the club. It was Friday night, the city was live and loud. She walked with a feminine sway she knew would turn heads. Her long blond tresses brushed against the small of her back. Ella’s lips were ruby red and her eyeshadow dark. She would never admit it but tonight was only about getting attention.    

Behind her trailed her underlings. It may have seemed like these girls were friends but Ella could be very nasty when she wanted to. Being the prettiest meant she had the most authority amongst them. Ella had to keep it that way. When one of the girls, Jackie had come back from the Salon one afternoon with hair dyed a similar colour to her own she lost it. She’d gotten Jackie drunk the next night and convinced her to cut it short.

If any of the girls decided to leave the group the others, Ella especially would start horrible rumours. This group did have it’s perks however. On nights like this one Ella would lead her girls into all kinds of clubs and bars without having to wait in a single line. She was just so attractive and confident that when she pushed through the queue no one stopped her. The guys working security would be helpless to her charm. She was invincible.

The group of girls slowed down for a moment as they reached the end of Main street. Jackie opened her phone to check directions.


“Ugghh… Again Jackie?” Ella scowled.

“Sorry Ella, I’m sure we’re not far. I think it’s through this way”.  Jackie meekly lead them away from Main street and down an alleyway. The lights and sounds of the city became distant and were replaced by the hum of air conditioning units and the smell of urine.

“EWWW” Exclaimed one of the other girls.

“Oh my fucking god Jackie I can’t believe you are taking us through here. It’s disgusting!” Ella said.

Something moved in a dark alcove beyond them.

“AHHHHHH!” She screamed. The group of girls cowered for a moment against the opposite wall of the alley.

A husky female laugh echoed out from the dark opening in the building before them.

“I think we’ve frightened these pretty dolls” Spoke the voice. Suddenly the glow of a cigarette illuminated the speaker. The woman was reclined on a mattress with another girl straddled beside her. Ella wasn’t sure if they were goths or punks. They had black mangy hair and countless piercings between them.


“Sorry ladies, you look like you’re ready for a good night out.” She said.

Ella was embarrassed at how she had reacted and lashed out. “Don’t even talk to us gutter dyke!”

“What the fuck?” Said the smoking girl. “The fuck is your problem you stuck up…”


“Come on ladies, let’s get out of this toilet.” Ella exclaimed. She grabbed Jackie and the others and kept moving. Suddenly they could hear the sound of the city again, and then the low thudding of dance music.


“I think I can hear the club” Said Jackie.

“Oh shut up Jackie, I can’t believe you made us walk through there.” Ella was furious.

The other girls were nodding in agreement, some of them still scared.

“I’m so s-sorry I…”

“Save it, you can wait in line like everyone else tonight. Besides there is no way you’d get in with your hair the way it is. It makes your big ears stand out. Maybe you can listen a little harder next time someone gives you directions!”

Jackie burst into tears.

“Later” Ella turned her back and lead the rest of the girls towards the club.  Soon they were surrounded by the lights and sounds of the night again and stood outside the most popular dance club in the city. Sure enough a long queue of young patrons trailed back from it’s entrance.


Ella brushed a lock of hair back behind her ear and smiled deviously to the others. “Alright gals you know what to do!”  They marched up the back of the line and started pushing past people.

“Hey, watch it” One woman screeched.

“You watch it” Ella returned. Despite all the fowl looks she got she kept moving. She elbowed and she squeezed and soon she was halfway through. One woman even stood right in front of her and refused to budge.

“Out of my way honey!” Ella insisted.

“No way, wait your turn like everyone else.” She said.

“Oh please, you won’t even get in unless you lose 10 pounds before you make it to the front of the line” Ella laughed.

The woman went white and sheepishly moved aside. Almost at the front she turned around to see her girls were no longer behind her. They had wimped out and lined up with Jackie all the way at the back. Fucking losers. She thought. Oh well, I’ll be having a great time in there and they’ll be waiting in the cold all night.


Ella moved past the last few people in line. All that was left was to bat her eyelids at some meat head bouncer and she was….


“Where do you think your going?” asked a stern female voice.


Ella froze. A tall brutish woman stood before her in a security jacket watching the door to the club. She’d been watching Ella push her way to the front of the line.


“I’m meeting some friends inside” Ella smiled.  


“Actually you’re taking your bleached blonde ass to the back of the line Girle” Returned the security guard.

“Listen here, beautiful people like me don’t have to line up for anything. People give me what I want. And what I want right now is for you and your freakishly long legs and depressingly small tits to move out of the way so I can go dance.” Ella tried to strut past when the security guard caught her by the back of her top and pulled her aside. She leaned down to Ella’s level with an expression of unhinged rage. She was mildly attractive in a stern kind of way. Her thick dark eyebrows and short permed locks reminded Ella of a teacher she once had. Her small firm lips snarled back as she spoke. “You stuck up slut, you’re all the same. If I had my fucking way I’d…”


“Janet!” A man’s voice interrupted. The security guard released her grip. “What the hell is going on here?” An older man in a suit swaggered out from the side entrance of the club.


“She pushed to the front boss, I was…”.


“Janet, I think it’s time for your break. Go relax sweetheart!” He insisted.


She shot Ella another look of pure venom and walked back inside the club. Ella took a moment to breathe a sigh of relief. She quickly started fixing her hair and turned to smile at the man. “Oh I don’t know what that was all about.”


“I’m sorry if she was nasty to you. Janet can get a bit jealous, especially of a specimen as beautiful as yourself.”   


Ella giggled and twirled a lock of blonde hair around her finger. “That’s kind of you to say. I can’t wait to tell my friends all about this” She grinned.


“Oh yeah?”


“Yeah, they are inside already”.


“Well I guess you better go in and find them then.” He grinned back at her. “See you around Miss”.


It’s that easy! Ella thought to herself. She looked back to Jackie and the others still lined up all the way at the back. That’s what you get for being pushovers. She sauntered into the club alone. At the end of a long dark hallway she could see the neon lights of the dance floor. The music was deafening. She puckered her lips, mussed her hair and prepared to walk into the centre of attention.

But just as she was about to leave the hallway a door flung open in front of her and a pair of hands grabbed her around the shoulders. Ella tried to scream but the wind was knocked from her as she was wrenched inside. She tripped over and heard the door slam shut behind her. Ella was trapped in what seemed to be small break room for club staff.


“You think you can just go around doing whatever you like because you look the way you do?” Said Janet. The tall stern security guard stood over Ella ready to completely overpower her.


“N-no. I’m sorry I…” Ella stammered. She began to crawl away.


“I was bullied by girls like you. Pretty things that always got their way. I watched you cut past all those people like they were nothing.”


Ella timidly climbed to her feet. “I j-just wanted to go clubbing”.


“Well i’m going to teach you to wait your turn” Janet’s eyes were wide and hungry. She grabbed Ella by a chunk of her hair and hauled her further back into the breakroom.


Janet’s brutish hands fumbled for the zip of Ella’s dress. Ella seized up and tried to protest only to feel a great yank of force along her back accompanied by a ripping sound. Suddenly she and her dress were thrown aside leaving her flawless tanned skin covered only by a skimpy set of undergarments. Her fall was broken by grimy white tiles.


“Now the fun begins honey” Janet laughed  as she turned the knob. Great jets of water pounded onto Ella from the shower jets above. “Lets scrub you nice and clean.” With a harsh scrubbing brush in hand Jannet worked her over head to toe. “Have to make sure your skin is red raw before we apply your new beauty spot!”. Ella squirmed and wailed but was powerless against the jets of water and her captor combined. Soon the water turned bronze as it circled down the plughole and Ella’s skin returned to its natural pale white.


“HAH! I knew the tan was fake. I bet your hair colour is fake too!”She ran her fingers through the damsels damp blonde mane. “We better fix that while we are at it.”


Soon Ella was tired from squirming and resigned herself to being de-tanned by Janet. Finally her bra and pannties were tossed aside and Janet worked over every remaining crack and crevice.Ella had never been so violated in her life. “There, all done”. Both Janet and Ella were puffed out from the experience. “Wow Girlie, you are hideously pale you know that?”. Ella let out a sob at the comment. It was the first time anyone had ever said something like that to her.


Janet turned off the water and put down the brush. “Without all that makeup you are pretty average looking. I guess that’s a complement to your contouring skills” She grinned.


“Puh-puh-puh-please l-l-lemmie go” Ella stammered.


“Wa-wa what’s that Girlie?” Janet mocked. “Not so confident now are you?”.         


Ella froze in real terror, her stammer was back. The one blight on her track record of elegance and beauty, something she had worked tirelessly to erase. Her speech coach had cured her stammer over 10 years ago. Ella had been warned however that extreme stress may cause her to fall into old habits.


“Listen you stammering slut, we are not even close to being done.” Janet’s long feminine fingers firmly grasped Ellas chin and turned her head to face her. “I need to make sure you never cut in line again. Do you understand me Girlie? Ella could only whimper in response.


Still soaking wet Ella was forced out of the shower cell and into a large bathroom, just as dirty and dingy as the rest of the place.


“Dry yourself” Janet ordered as she tossed her an oily matted rag. Ella did as asked and began patting herself down. Meanwhile Janet wheeled an office chair off from another room and positioned it in front of the sink. Ella felt the old rag was making her skin greasy. She casually began dabbing her long blonde locks when Janet stopped her.


“Don’t worry about drying your lovely hair, come and sit please” Janet motioned to the office chair with a smile. Ella didn’t move, she touched her head protectively. “Girlie, in the next 30 seconds you will be in this chair! Either you come and sit like a good girl or I come and make you sit” Janet said through gritted teeth. Ella sheepishly walked forward and sat down. “Good Girlie, this will go a lot smoother if you do as I say.”


Janet firmly pushed Ella’s head back into the sink and ran some water over her hair. What Ella felt next caught her off guard. Fingers firmly worked over her scalp in a massage that was almost orgasmic. Janet slowly worked and relaxed her until she was like jelly in her chair. “There that’s better, isn’t it.” She said.


“Yu-yu-yu-yesss.” Ella stammered.


“Ohhh” Janet chuckled. “It’s ok, just close your eyes.” Ella did as she was told. “I see now that this isn’t all your fault Girlie. You were just like anyone else, until you became too pretty for your own good. Too used to getting your own way. That’s what turned you rotten now isn’t it? “ Ella could only moan in response.


“Now after all these years you have become a mockery of your true self. Fake whitened teeth, fake nails, fake tits?. Even these thick blonde tresses are the wrong colour. What are you really, a brunette, redhead?” Janet’s hands reached down from Ella’s scalp and began fiddling with her wrists.


“I r-r-r-really am a bl-bl-blonde”


“Shhh Girlie, I think something much darker will suit the new you.” Janet pulled the cord tight and tied Ella back against the office chair. Ella squirmed for a moment before Janet calmed her again. “There there Girlie” She patted her head. “Blondes have more fun but dontcha think it’s time you had a little less fun” She giggled.


Her captor produced a container of jet black goo. She popped the lid and cringed for a moment. The smell was so pungent that both women coughed and gagged for almost a minute between them. “We used to use this concoction to tar and feather girls back in college. The best part is it would take weeks to come out of their hair. You see along with the ammonia and the molasas the trick is to add some of this fungus that gets right into the roots. The downside is that you can’t get rid of the rotten smell.” She smiled and looked down into the container. “I made this especially strong for you because I know how much you are going to love your new look! Your hair will be pretty greasy afterwards just a heads up”.


Ella frantically started pulling at her restraints but to no end. “Let’s not drag this out shall we” Janet said. She raised the container above Ella and began to pour. The black vile viscous slowly gooped down onto her forehead and back into her hair. Janet threw the container aside and worked it through Ella’s pride and joy. The smell was unbearable, it overwhelmed Ella and made her dizzy. It even began to sting as it was worked into her roots. “Bye bye blondie” Janet muttered.


After a few minutes had passed the makeover halted. “This isn’t going as well as I was hoping Girlie.” She grabbed a handful of half blonde half black matted hair. “This mane of yours is just too long and thick for me to dye it properly. I’d need a sink double the size and a team of stylists to sort this out.”


Ella sighed in relief, maybe she could get out of here without that goop doing permanent damage to her hair. A few more tanning sessions again and she could be right back to normal.


“Actually…” Janet’s mouth crept into a fiendish grin. “I bet having all that hair is a lot of work, huh? I mean you must spend sooooooooo much time maintaining it. I bet it’s a nightmare!”. Insisted the brutish security woman.


“Puh-puh-please n-n-n-no” Ella stammered. She knew what was coming next, she had used the same line on her friend Jackie.


Janet produced a pair of scissors and a comb. “Relax, i’ve done this once or twice before” She laughed and plunged into Ella’s greasy goopy half dyed hair. At first she just snipped haphazardly at the matted bits. Her head was pulled and tugged back and forth with Janet’s comb. Tears began to well up in Ella’s eyes as she helplessly watched the clumps of damp hair rain down around her shoulders. She shivered as the cold steel of the blades occasionally brushed the back of her neck. Janet grew impatient and resorted to grabbing handfuls of hair and roughgly slicing them level with Ella’s neck. She worked her way around until it hung in a lifeless bob style.


“That’s better, huh Girlie? How about a bit of style now?” Janet asked. She didn’t wait for a response before she started again. Ella was inconsolable now, she was crying so hard she had started to hiccup. Janet was now cutting considerable length off the front. She chuckled as she cut thin wispy bangs across Ella’s forehead. Finally she brushed out the back that still tickled the base of Ellas neck and began thinning everything out.


After brushing wisps of shorn hair from her shoulders and lap Janet forced her head back into the basin and began running water through it again. Ella couldn’t see what had been done to her but she knew it was bad. The water instantly soaked through her thinned out hair and chilled her scalp. The black goo was poured once again and worked through vigorously. Janet even dabbed a hunk on her pinky and rubbed it into her eyebrows. Soon Ella couldn’t even smell the stuff anymore. She was unsure whether it was because it had stopped stinking or if she had just become accustomed to it.

“Hah, It’s working now. Can you feel it in your roots?” Janet teased. “Its nasty stuff, one last thing and we can put it away”. Ella had stopped squirming 20 minutes ago, her binds were just too tight. Her eyes were now red and puffy from crying.


Janet dipped a small utensil into the goo and held it up for Ella to see. Ella’s eyes grew wide and she began to squirm again.


“It’s time to brush your teeth Girlie, say AHHHHHH” She pinched Ellas nose with one hand and jammed the toothbrush into her mouth. “You had such pretty teeth, such a great smile. Oh well”. Once again she was helpless as the black tar was scrubbed onto her teeth. The taste was truly foul. Janet removed the toothbrush and stepped back to look at her handywork.


Ella coughed and spluttered and Janet grinned at the sight of her teeth. “I think they call that a smoker’s smile”. Janet laughed. Ella closed her mouth in embarrassment. “Get used to that Girlie that’ll be permanent. Don’t worry though, one last little thing and you are free to go.”


Janet washed her hands clean of the goo and walked out of the bathroom. Ella stared at the ceiling in terrified anticipation of what was coming next. She sat there naked tied to the chair covered in strands of her blonde massacred hair. Her skin was raw and her teeth felt strange. How had the night turned into this? Less than an hour ago she had been in her prime. She wondered what Janet had done to her hair.


She heard the footsteps of her captor returning. Ella wrenched her head out of the sink to look at what Janet had with her. She realised her head now felt dramatically lighter after having her haircut.    


Janet held what looked like a large tattoo gun with a handle. “When I first saw you pushing in line, I thought you looked like Marilyn Monroe. Just as much attitude as her i’m sure. That’s why I call you Girlie. But you are missing her signature beauty spot. Janet said as she took a slow step towards Ella. “This thing does beauty marks” she held up the device as she advanced. “Your skin may be pale but it’s flawless. So nice and clear. I thought maybe I should complete the picture though, you look so much like Marilyn Monroe already. How about it?” She now stood right in front of Ella. Ella’s eyes fearfully tracked the nasty device as it was brought closer and closer towards her face.


Janet pressed it up against her cheek and pulled the trigger. Ella winced as she felt a tiny needle penetrate her face and leave a mark. “There, all done” Janet smiled. She lowered the gun and moved around behind Ella to untie her.  


“Wuh-wuh-wuh-will you untie m-m-me now?” Stammered Ella.    


“Yeah I think I will Girlie….” Janet stopped playing with the restraints and stepped back for a moment to assess her work. “You know with your hair like that you don’t really look like Marilyn Monroe anymore.” She licked her thumb and rubbed at the beauty mark on Ella’s face. “Huh, looks like that’s permanent too. You know this thing can do freckles. Maybe now you are a bit more pale you could use one or two.” She raised the device again.


“Nnnn-n-no, puh-puh-please no m-more”.


“I bet Marilyn Monroe pushed in line too. I think some freckles will do you good” Janet grinned. She reached up and flicked a switch on the side of the device that set it to some kind of auto mode. Suddenly it whirred and hummed to life right before Ella’s face. Janet climbed onto Ella’s naked lap and held her chin as she brought the device towards her. “I’m almost done with you Girlie now just hold still…”


Exhausted, Ella limped out of the club back into the night air. The lights and sounds of the city returned but something felt a little different. Her neck felt the cold breeze, her bare feet felt the rough pavement. She had managed to find some ill fitting clothes in the break room after Janet had let her go. Her shoes were still missing though. Ella walked alongside the line she had cut through earlier that evening. She saw many of the same faces still lined up and waiting their turn.


She started to notice strange looks her way. Not the adoring and awestruck kind she was used to either. Whatever, she thought. These idiots are still lined up for that stupid club. Ella had almost forgotten her ordeal with Janet by the time she finally spotted her friends. There was Jackie and her choppy pixie cut, beside her were the others. She walked past the girls and without even giving them a look said “Come on girls we’re leaving.”


After taking a few steps she realised her minions were not following her. Worse still she heard one of them snigering.

“What did that freak bitch just say, was she talking to us?”

“Hahaha, the kinds of people you see around here” another said.        

Furious, Ella spun around and glared at them. “You bitches think… you… yo-y-you th-th-th-think…”. Ella saw her reflection in the glass wall of the club. The trauma of what Janet had done to her overcame her as she saw the trashy ugly hag that looked back at her in the glass. Ella’s mouth hung wide open revealing brown stained teeth. Her pale skin was covered in spots and freckles up and down her arms and legs, her face most of all. Worst of all her stringy jet black hair cropped into a short pixie in the front formed into a wispy mullet in the back. She looked sweaty and greasy and smelled of ammonia. She ran a hand back through her hair in grief for her once long locks.


“Hah, I think this druggie just realised someone fucked up her hair!” someone laughed. Suddenly the whole line noticed Ella.


“Uhhh, she stinks” One girl said.


“Ever heard of sunscreen” Someone else yelled.      


They all began to laugh and jeer. She looked like a gothic lunch lady Ella thought.


“Ella?” Jackie said with wide eyes.


“N-n-n-nooooo” Ella cried. She turned and ran far away from the club. She could hear them laughing in the distance.


The soles of her feet ached as they pattered the pavement. The long hair on the back of her head trailed in the breeze as she ran. Ella was unable to escape the judging looks and jeers on the street from strangers so eventually she found her way into an alley and sat down for some privacy.


This had been the longest night of her life. Exhausted, defeated and ruined, Ella the once beautiful idol fell asleep against a brick wall that smelled of urine.


The End







Night fell deeper and Ella continued to doze. The lights and sounds of the city quelled. Two figures came out of the darkness and wandered the alleyway. It was pitch black but for the light of a single cigarette.


“The little princess has had a haircut.” Spoke a raspy female voice.

“Yeah she has, it looks terrible but it’s kinda turning me on.” Spoke the other.


“She smells terrible, I wouldn’t even touch her. What’s wrong with her skin?”


“Doesn’t matter, hey do you think Vicky’s parlour is still open?”


“She’ll open up for us, what are you thinking?”


The woman took a long drag of her cigarette and looked hungrily at Ella. “I think we teach this bitch the definition of the term ‘Gutter Dyke’…”  

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