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hello sorry my english is bad because i’m french

Hi, my name is john, I am 16 years old, and since I was little boy, I have fetishism about having my hair cut very short or even buzzed. Every time I go to the hairdresser it’s a moment of happiness and stress, I never ask for a big hair change and then I regret. I have rather long hair, 6 inches on the top and 5 inches on the sides and has always been.

It’s been almost 6 months that I haven’t had my hair cut, being afraid to make an appointment alone, I instill in my mother my desire to go have a haircut. I ask her if she could make an appointment for me, I repeat to her for a week and she ends up making this appointment for me.
It’s good, this Saturday I’m going to the hairdresser, I knew it was going to be like every time
“a little bit on the sides and just a desepessisement above”, a little refreshment in short.
The appointment is in a week, it is hot, we are in the middle of July in Florida.
The next day my mother informed me that the hairdressing salon had changed owners, but I didn’t worry.

During the whole week, I fantasized about my future haircut, I took pleasure in imagining myself going out with an undercut, then a buzzcut and then bald. I even prepared to ask for something short, shaved but short, something like 1 inch on the sides and 3.5 inches on the top. I had so avoided asking the hairdresser about it but I was afraid of the reaction of others to their comments.
It was Thursday and I only thought about my appointment at the hairdresser, it invaded my mind, I was constantly watching videos where guys with long hair cut them short, shaved them, I would have liked to have had as much of courage that they but no I had a barrier which prevented me from doing it.

Saturday arrived, my stomach was shaking, my heart was beating and my dick was hard, I left my house, I walked 20 minutes, they were stressful. I saw the hairdressing salon in the distance, it had changed I saw the barbers shop panels with the blue and red badge, this is not the kind of place where we cut our hair long and where we just do a refresh.
I hesitated to go inside, the living room was full of young boys of my age, redoing their buzzcut, their undercut or any other short haircuts.
I couldn’t resist I went home, after all I had a date and I almost begged my mother to go.

I was afraid for my long hair that protruded in my neck, which covered my eyes and my forehead, my dear shaggy hair.
I entered, a pretty lady with long hair greeted me and asked me if I had an appointment.
I answered yes, I am John Faggy.
She then said, “oh yes follow me” and sat me on a large barber’s chair next to a man getting his side shaved.

Usually my hair was washed before I cut it but not, as if she knew if there was a need to wash it.
She put her hands on my shoulders and said “so what do we do today ?, a clear-cut undercut on the sides and a little length on the top will suit you”
I got scared when she said these words and when I saw the row of clippers in front of me;
I replied softly “no, just a refreshment, take off an inch on the top and 1.5 inches on the sides”
I had never asked a hairdresser for something so short, and yet it was still long.
then she replied “I suggest you cut them shorter, it’s really shaggy”
As she told me she was fiddling with my brown strand on the back of my head, I didn’t know what to say and she kept repeating “so, what do we do?”
And the only word that came out of my mind was “a little shorter”, it didn’t mean anything.
The hairdresser, samanta said to me, “yes it’s a fact but how shorter?” she added just after “don’t answer, let me do it”
I kept quit once again, terrifying of losing my long hair but at the same time exiting , horny to death.
She spoke discreetly with the barber next and I could hear the words clear-cut and refresh.
Then she came back, said “you want a summer refreshment, right? I’m going to refresh your head, don’t worry”
That’s what I had to ask, a refreshment, my brain was telling him to talk to tell her that I wanted to keep my hair long, that I had to make it, my dick said let you do it.I was terribly stressed.

Samanta took a red clippers and took off the hair clipper comb guide, she took a smaller one, but I didn’t see her attach it to the cliper, on which “Baldwin” was written. I wanted to scream, I squeezed my fingers, my cock was at the maximum of the erection under the cape, I looked at myself in the mirror I got nervous.
I then look at samantha, she told me to de-stress that everything was going to be fine and turn the seat in order that I can’t see me.
My brain took control for a moment, motivated by fear just long enough to say, “not too short, hum”
Then she replied “none haircut is too short”
I was terribly scared I knew I was going to go out with a short haircut and I wanted to.
A quick moment passed and then.

BZZZZZZZ, I felt something in the back of my neck, it does not touch my hair yet but it was going to be soon, Samanta was interrupted by a co-worker who wanted her a comb.
Moment of respite, then she said “damn this hair clipper comb guide is too big” and I heard the click as if she were removing it.
She told me head down, chin on chest please, I was scared and I complied, tetanized by the fear and the excitement that was taking over.
She put the clipper without hair clipper comb guide, or maybe , I hope, she put one back on .

BZZZZZZZ, she advanced in my neck and on the back less I felt several strands fallen, it’s so good I was going to have short hair.
She then took the clipper and placed it on my forehead, I was at the point of the ejaculation, and she passed it on the top of my head, my long brown strands tumbling on my knees.
She continued on the rest of my head, she drew a line in the center of my head, a second next to it, she went slowly and quickly at the same time, she drew a third leaving a hollow on the top of my head. I was back to the mirror, I did not control anything, she removed the hair around my temples and then around my ears, then on the sides and ended up behind by going to join the first hole she had done.

She then tells me after finishing, “and here is a nice refreshed head, 0.03 inch all over, perfect for summer”
she then created a layered cut.
I was relieved, I had no more hair, a moment that I had dreamed of so much.

She turned me to the mirror, I was amazed at the length of my hair, then I touched, it’s an unimaginable and super pleasant feeling. My dick was shaking with joy. I was in paradise
Samanta saw that this is what I wanted from the start and said “come back every two weeks to keep this feeling”
I will, I made my dream come true, no more hair.

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