Paige Loses a Haircut Bet

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*Note: I’m not using any plot material, death of characters or major events from the show “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. Everything is fan-made*


Emma, Manny and Paige both had their 10th Grade Science Exams coming up and couldn’t find any tutors. They asked their friends for notes but couldn’t risk blemishing their grades.

Emma asked Manny if they should make a bet with Paige to see who could get the better score. Paige was a princess and not much of a risk-taker, but she agreed and ignored what Emma and Manny said about what happens to the loser.


The next day Paige was the first one to receive her grade. Her smile turned into a frown when she saw a D-plus. Emma smiled when she got an A-Minus and Manny pumped her hands into the air when she got a B, much higher than she expected.


They all agreed to show their grades after class. The trio went to the girl’s room and looked at each other’s paper. Paige said she didn’t study as much as they did. Manny said that the loser would have to get a haircut. Paige shuddered, but Emma finished the sentence. Emma continued and said in barbershop, winners choose the cut.


She sighed and agreed to the terms. Seconds later, the final bell rang and walked through the doors of the school to where the guys got their haircut. After a 20-minute walk, they were in front of Luke’s Unisex Barbershop.


As they walked in, the girls noticed seven chairs lined up in a row. The shop was busy with barbers using scissors, clippers and razors to clean up their customers. There was a customer next them, waiting his turn.


The barber closest to the window asked who’s next. The teen next to Paige went up and was caped as asked for a Butch Cut and a Face Shave. Paige didn’t know what haircut she was going to get. Manny and Emma were near the first barber chair and talking about if Paige should have short, cropped hair or a bowl cut. She couldn’t hear them as she was thinking about the barber giving her a mullet or boy’s haircut.


A barber near the back of the shop announced for the next customer and Paige went to him. He had a neatly shaved beard, ½” long hair, big biceps and triceps, military dog tags, a camo shirt, olive green pants and black combat boots. His dog tag said Sgt. Cutter on it.


Cutter pointed to the chair and she sat in it. He asked if she wanted a trim. Manny intervened and asked to give her something “Serious” since she failed her Finals. Cutter took a piece of tissue and a red and white cape. He put it snuggly on her.

Cutter smiled and gave Manny some pictures to look through:

  1. Induction Cut.
  2. Butch Cut.
  3. Eton Crop.
  4. Short Bob.
  5. Bowl Cut.
  6. Pageboy-Style Bob.
  7. Liberty Spikes.
  8. Mohawk.
  9. Short Back and Sides.
  10. Mullet.

Manny and Emma knew Paige thought her hair was special, so they asked about the Butch Cut. Cutter said that should leave about a ¼” to ¾” of hair. They then changed their minds and decided on a Short Back and Sides with a about 3.5” of length on top. Paige wanted to run, but she was too nervous.

Cutter sprayed her hair until it was wet. He then took out a large pair of scissors and a dark-blue handled-comb. Cutter grabbed a section of hair and cut it about 3” from her scalp. He continued this procedure until her hair was a short, uneven mass of waves and curls.

Cutter put down the scissors, then he picked up and turned on the clippers. She jumped as she heard the whirring of the Oster 76 clippers as they were going through her golden mane. Cutter was using a #4 guard on the clippers. He kept standing in front of the mirror and kept turning the chair as he used the clippers to shave her sides and back to about 1” in length. Paige felt the cold air on her neck as Cutter used his scissors to shorten the top part of her hair to 3.5”.

After that, he used the Cut-Over-Comb method to start cleaning up the sides a bit, Cutter then used thinning shears to get rid of the bulkiness up top. Paige was unable to see anything other than Manny and Emma in the waiting area giving her the “sarcastic” thumbs-up and smile. He used a smaller pair of clippers to clean up the sides and back. He used it to reduce her hair to ½” and picked up the straight razor to make the edges even and to clean around the ears and temples.


Cutter then put down the razor and took out a small, squeezable tube of product that said, “Rock-Solid Hair Wax”. He took his sharpest, thinnest comb and used it to create a Pompadour-like hairstyle.

He put everything he used down and picked up a small mirror. Cutter asked if she was ready to see her new haircut, Paige nodded slightly and close her eyes. He turned her to the large mirror. When she opened them a few seconds later, she saw a P!nk copycat. She was stunned as the sides and back were closely shaved to the skin and how the top had an updo-effect.

Paige was then uncapped and showed her hair to Manny and Emma who thought it was very cool.

She thanked Sgt. Cutter. She told him that She’ll be back in a month. The three girls left the barbershop. Manny and Emma asked if they could go with Paige again next time. Only next time, Paige chooses THEIR haircuts.


The trio laughed and agreed.

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