Part 2(rainy day,wet hair cut)

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 It was a rainy day, a girl with long locks was forced in by her brothers friend to a quite basement.

Ash was a teenager with hair fetish, no one ever knew about it as she was embarrassed and watched and read stuff on her own alone with a straight face.  She was not very cautious person often get wet in rain without checking weather forecast. Her brother had many frnds and often had them over for playing games, one day one of his frnds Jay caught her eye, she had been crushing on him for weeks imagining getting forced haircut by him- and being in love. One day she was wet because of the video of her fetish. She left the tab open and went to the bathroom to clean up, Jay came for the laptop her brother had asked him to bring…there were 2 laptops on either side of the room, to check he opend one of em, itwas the one with arousing hair fetish video- he was hard, wanted to try it as well . Ash came out and found Jay sitting in front of her laptop hard, she got flustered, Jay asked “do – do u watch this stuff?” Ash said “um..yah it’s my lil secret, shhh” Jay blushed and locked eyes with Ash for quite some time. Her brother called Jay and he went for the other laptop and left. Ash panicked and overthought a lot, about Jay knowing her hair fetish.

Meanwhile Jay heard one of his frnds saying “Ash is so obviously crushing on Jay , I doubt he would ever get it” Jay’s heart raced and he went to the washroom to hear more of their conversation secretly “Ash is so down for Jay, if Jay liked her back they’d be together by now”  .



One evening Jay found a huge empty basement with one wooden chair and nothing else. He thought of thing he’d like to do to Ash in there. He blushed at the thought, he was heading out and saw a salon auctioning their materials since they were selling out, he brought scissors, a rasor, shaving cream, clippers and no growth gel…he didn’t know why, but he wanted to. He took a professional hair cutting bag n stuffed it all in neatly. Suddenly it started raining, he was far from his or his frnds home, so he decided to head towards the basement he found- It was so quite there, with no network. He was waiting for the rain to stop and saw Ash struggling in rain, he pulled her in and took her to basement and gave his jacket to her. He stared at her for few mins and saw her long hair all wet from the rain- he hair was so long it’d take a thick cloth to dry them, he suggested “your hair- it’s too long and wet right now, it will take forever to dry you up. You will be sick in no time! “
She turned her eyes here and there looking for something that can dry her hair up. And she recognized the hair cutting kit- she had seen it in the videos. She blushed and just sat in the only wooden chair available there. Jay picked up the kit and headed towards her- “Hay um..would u mind a trim? Or maybe a shorter hair look? It could dry the hair easily” without resistance she said “I- um don’t mind at all” he clearly got red “so how much r we cutting?” Ash didn’t know what to say “I am not sure, can I- um let you decide?” Jay had been waiting for this since the laptop encounter…he got excited as she surrendered to him without hesitation. He coverd her with his jacket and started touching her soaking wet hair. He took the scissors out and snip snip snip snip snip long wet locks fell with a noise and water in those hair made noise as well. He hair got shorter with every snip feeling lighter, and aroused, she had her hair cut till shoulders “Fine if I go shorter Ash?” Jay asked with a grin and dominant voice. Ash replied “it’s up to you, I am not sure if I want to tho” Jay said “there’s no mirror or glass here let’s just do what I want and see later” with a naughty tone. Ash realized and panicked ” wai- ” snip snip snip snip snip snip snip snip snip Jay started cutting quick without letting her finish. She stopped resisting after a while, feeling the arousal, hair kept getting shorter and shorter till it was a bob a very short bob. He dried her hair with his shirt and she tried to stand, he pushed her back into the chair for further cutting, she didn’t resist much as she wanted to see what he wanted to do to her as well. He began taking out clippers and ran then on the sides and the back of her hair, only top portion was long now- he took the belt he was wearing and tied it on her forehead , and started snipping very hair strand above it- snip snnipp snip snip. It turned out like a bowl cut with shaved sides, she thought it was finally done. Tried getting up and was stopped again by his hand sating ” not so soon sweetheart ” hE pushed her back into the chair took guard-less clipper and ran through her whole scalp as she enjoyed the moment in the dark big basement. He then took out the shaving kit spread the foam on hee scalp as she moaned, started razoring her scalp till no stumbles left and whispered ” that’s my little gurl, you’ve been good, should I reward u with something?” HE then took the jacket that was on her (as a cape) off and found her fingering herself, trying her best, “can I help?” She nodded letting her fingers out as he slid his in , she enjoyed the feeling for quite some time and realized she had no hair left. She tried to touch her scalp but Jay took her hands and pressed against his. “Let me atleast feel it” “ah sure kay” she felt her bare scalp and said “it’s kind of humid and sweaty…do u hv a gel or something?” He said “I do but eh I don’t know how to use it” Ash replied “gimme!”
He took out no hair gel and handed it to her, it was dark and couldn’t read exact words written, she tool the gel out and spread it on her scalp and neck area like a normal gel. He then remembered what gel it was – he panicked but kept quite.

She is now bald after 2 years and waiting for her hair to grow, seems the gel was too effective. Jay and her got together after

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