Patty’s Big Changes at the Barbershop and Doctors

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Some sexual content. Please do not read if this offends you.

My father got remarried and my stepmother was very strict. I was about to graduate and just turned 18 with long beautiful blond hair that reached my hips. Jean picked me and my brother up from school and said we need to run a few errands.

We pulled in front of a barbershop and said time for your haircuts. My brother was 16 and had medium length hair which was pretty long and thick that covered his ears and below his collar.

I didn’t think too much of it but had never been in a barbershop and never imagined ever getting my hair cut in one.

Jean seemed to know one of the barbers and he said these must be your new kids. Who’s first, which I thought was an odd thing to say. My brother reluctantly got into the chair and the barber tied a tissue tightly around his neck. He said what are we doing with them today.

Nice and short flattops for the summer. Close and tight around the ears she said. The barber said we’ll have them both done in no time. Without any more discussion, he picked up his heavy duty black Oster clippers and plowed them into my brothers nape and up the back of his head.

When I heard him say, both done in no time, I said, oh I’m not having my hair cut today. The barber said, your stepmother had called and was quite clear that you and your brother are both to get flattops with whitewalls.

I said what are whitewalls? He said we shave the sides and back skin tight with clippers and than a straight razor. You and your brother will look like little boys when I’m done with you.

I was speechless, as I watched him continue to shear my brothers head and indeed he was skinning the side and back. My brother had a perfect flattop. He was not happy.

He said let’s go cupcake, you’re next. Get in the chair. You’re not leaving here without a haircut. I’ll strap you into the chair if I need to, and shave your head like a cue ball.

Jean said, you heard him, do as your told, or we will drag you to the chair and strap you down.

She stood up and walked over to the chair. He said that’s a good girl pumpkin. I started to feel very aroused from the vibrating clippers, and was getting very moist down below. The barber smiled and said looks like she is enjoying this.

The next day Jean took me to her doctor and said it’s time you had your physical. The nurse told me to get undressed and get on the table and put my feet in the stirrups. Jean watched as the nurse strapped my legs in the stirrups and my arms were restrained.

The doctor came in and examined by breasts and my vagina. He squeezed my boobs and said that’s quite a rack, we’ll take care of that. The doctor then spread the stirrups wide apart and inserted several fingers for what seemed like forever.

He then asked my stepmother how small are we going, which I thought was a strange question. She said A. The doctor then attached suction like cups to my breasts and another one to my pussy. He then switched on a machine and I could feel the suction on my boobs and pussy, which was quite arousing.

I said what are you doing. The doctor smiled and he said we’re reducing your boobs and tightening your vagina to restore your vaginity. Jean said this should cut back on the boys hitting on you.

After an hour, the doctor said, I left them on a little longer, looks like you’re a double A cup now. A big change from your double D’s. Crying I  said, I’m flat as a pancake.

The doctor said this will slow down the boys. With that flattop you really look like a little boy now. You can get a new training bra although you won’t really need one, but you won’t need this, as she picked up my double D bra and tossed it in the trash.

My brother said, oh my god, what happened to your big boobs. You could be my brother with those tiny tits. The other girls started to call her Flatty Patty.

Two weeks later Patty’s Stepmom took her and her brother back to the barbershop. This time wearing jeans and a t shirt everyone thought she was a boy. As the barber was tying the tissue tightly around her neck, he realized she was a girl and said, I cut off all your long hair a few weeks ago. You look a lot different, what happened.

She just sat there, completely embarrassed and said my stepmom took me to her doctors. He said, wow, that’s some difference, I bet the boys don’t bother you anymore. She said no they don’t as he picked up his Oster clippers and skinned her high and tight.

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